Redemption Epilogue

By Katie Herdman

“It’s a beautiful day, uncle Laguna,” Ellone said, trying to cheer Laguna up. They were visiting Raine’s grave once more. Since Laguna had woken up, he had been quiet and reserved; Ellone knew he was upset about Squall.

“I miss her, you know,” he said finally.

“Andria,” she asked, unsure about what he meant.

“No,” he replied, smiling, “Raine.”

“You’re afraid Squall will make the same mistakes as a father, as what you did, aren’t you.”

Laguna nodded then bent down. He rubbed his hands slowly over the marble stone, Raine Loire. Maybe Rinoa hadn’t been the one for him. Maybe, history had repeated itself with Andria.


Quistis took in the fresh breeze; she had needed time to think, so she had come to the balcony. Everyone else was grieving in his or her own way.

“Need any company,” Seifer asked, materialising in the doorway.

“Do what you want Seifer, I don’t care,” she replied. Seifer shrugged and stood next to her.

“You feel sorry for judging her Quistis, don’t you,” Seifer said.

“Yes,” she said finally. He was right. Because of her, Squall was alive. She had sacrificed herself, for him. She had loved him as much as Rinoa. Fate, however, was tricky.

“I miss her,” muttered Seifer.

“Yeah, I miss her too,” said Quistis.


Sia and Vincent sat in the cafeteria, neither speaking. Jake slept on Sia’s arm. Squall had asked her to look after him for an hour. She had willingly agreed, hoping it would pre-occupy her, however he had slept all the time.

“Do you think she’ll come back,” asked Vincent, breaking the silence.

Sia shook her head. She thought it impossible.


Walking through the golden fields, Squall didn’t notice how beautiful they looked, nor did he notice the second set of footsteps behind him.

Coming to the stone tablet, Squall produced a red rose and placed it on her grave. She was finally buried there.

Squall sat down on the grass and thought. Truth was, he missed her a lot. He had never really though of her as dead last year.

Rinoa came and sat down on the grass beside him. She had followed him from the Garden, wondering what he was going to do.

Rinoa put her arm round him and hugged him. Squall was tense at first, but then stopped resisting. He let her hold him; he needed to feel reassured.

“Grieve, for her Squall, I’ll be there at the end,” she whispered.

Quietly they watched the sunset, shrinking away for the dark to take over. Squall didn’t feel frightened of the dark, he felt broken inside.

The End

Ok, basically this is technically the end, BUT I might consider making another sequel IF enough people write to me reviewing it, asking for another sequel. If not, then, this is it, the end.

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