Redemption Chapter 7

By Katie Herdman

In the quiet dead of the night Squall hid in the shadows. He waited for the esthar guards to pass by. It wasn’t a good idea to let people know he was here yet, that would disturb Ria’s plans.

Silently, but swiftly he moved. Andria was close by; he had to get to her. The door to her room opened noiselessly.

She slept on, unaware of the danger that invaded. Jake grunted in his sleep. Andria had put his crib next to her bed, to keep him safely nearby; still he was not safe.

Squall sat on the bed and played with Andria’s hair, as if he was playing with her life, deciding whether or not to kill her, she was of no value any more. Still…

Squall pulled his Griever ring off his finger and delicately slipped it on her finger. “Sleep well love,” he whispered.

Quietly he slipped out.


Waking from her heavy sleep, Andria slowly opened her eyes. Jake squirmed in his sleep. Andria wondered what he dreamed of. His blanket had fallen off, so as Andria went to cover him back up, she noticed to ring on her finger.

Shocked she pulled it off. It was Squall’s Griever ring, the one she had given him. The image of the lion glinted in the early dawn light. The cold metal made her shiver, it reminded it her of the night they decided to…

Andria quickly got ready; it was time to talk with the guards about watching for intruders.


“We are ready now to move,” Squall said.

Daina stood next to him and held his hand.

“Lets go now and meet our destiny,” said Ria, “it’s time.”


Andria drummed her fingers against the desk. It was getting her nowhere, what did Ria really want with Squall? Why paralyse Laguna, why not kill him, it was so much simpler.

I’m an idiot, she thought, the answer is right in front of me and I can’t see it. What do Laguna, Squall and the monsters have in common?

“Of course,” she shouted, the truth finally hitting her, “Esthar.”

The comm. suddenly buzzed to life, making her jump. Ling was on the other end. “Andria, we have a problem.”


“They’re all over the place,” Ling said, as Andria arrived at Odine’s lab.

Seifer had come with Andria; it had been a long way for them to travel with the city, brought to chaos with the monsters. Vincent was also there.

“When did they first appear,” Andria asked her.

“About an hour ago, we picked them up on our scanners outside. We don’t know where they came from, but they’re the monsters that attacked our base.”

“Ria sent them, she’s about to attack us,” muttered Andria.

“What are we gonna do?” asked Seifer, “we don’t know anything, so we can’t prepare ourselves for her.”

“That’s right, you can’t.”

Ria stood there in the doorway, blocking their exit.


Irvine sighed. “This is useless, they just keep on coming.”

Selphie grunted in agreement next to him, her Strange Vision cracking into anything daring to come near her. The monsters, however, were increasing.

“Just like last time isn’t it Irvy,” she said.

“Hey, there’s Zell and Quisty,” Irvine said, running to them, Selphie in pursuit.

Quistis turned to face him and Selphie when she heard them call. She stepped back in horror.

“Why do you look so scared, dear Quistis,” Squall said menacingly, “is it because of me.”

Irvine and Selphie also turned shocked; they had not known that he was there.

“You must come with me, it is time for you to see.”

Daina stepped out from behind Squall and stretched out her mind. Yes, she could control them, they had weak minds, and they would follow like lambs to the slaughter.


“It is wonderful that we are all now together,” said Ria.

Scanning the room of Laguna’s office, she frowned, something was not right.

“Where is Rinoa Heartilly,” she demanded.

“Are you having problems,” asked Andria, slyly.

Ria ignored her question. “Squall,” she commanded. Squall stepped in front of her and knelt.

“Go find Miss Heartilly and bring her here. If she resists, you know what you must do.”

Squall bowed and left.

Ria then turned her attention to Andria.

“For centuries I have hidden, afraid for my life. Afraid that a child like you would destroy me. I have bided my time and waited patiently for when I could rise again, and now it has come, you cannot stop me.”

“Do you really think so,” said Andria.


“Then let’s find out.”


Rinoa walked along the Esthar road, she had needed time to think. Then the monsters had come.

She had generally not met many; they had left her alone.

Rinoa pulled her blue coat tighter around her; the air had gotten a lot colder suddenly.


Andria jumped back; Ria had almost kicked her in the head. She tried to kick her in the head, but Ria blocked it and countered with a kick to her ribs. Andria flew back, winded slightly, but jumped back up to guard.

“Still think you can beat me?” Ria taunted her, inviting her to try again. Andria could never resist a challenge; that was what made her so reckless.

“You cannot kill me Andria, I am eternal.”

Their legs and arms flew as if possessed by some other force. Out of the corner of her eye, Andria saw movement, then nothing.

Seifer stood above her comatose body, the broken chair in his hands.


Grunting, Andria slowly opened her eyes. Pain rippled through her head. Hands grabbed her arms and pulled her up, but held her tightly so she couldn’t move.

Slowly Andria looked to the left and right. Zell and Vincent had hold of her. Seifer, Quistis and Sia stood behind Ria.

“Sad isn’t it, no matter how strong they think they are they’re still lambs willing to be led over the cliff.”

“I will destroy you,” Andria said groggily.

“You might destroy me, but what about your great lover Squall, how will you save him. He’s already dead, remember.”

Andria bowed her head and summoned all of her strength. With her mind she pushed them away. Zell and Vincent flew to the sides, Seifer, Quistis and Sia toppled backwards, they were all unconscious. Only Ria remained standing.

“This is it then, judgement.”

Neither held back. Blow after blow they received from each other, ignoring the pain. Finally Ria beat Andria back against the wall. Grabbing Seifer’s fallen gunblade, she pressed it to Andria’s throat.

“I win,” she said simply.

“You are not as safe s you think you are,” whispered Andria.

The hidden dagger she kept hidden sunk into Ria’s heart. Surprise on her face, she slumped down to the floor. Andria stood rooted to the spot, breathing hard, the bloodied dagger, still clasped in her hand.

Daina slowly walked to her and kneeled next to Ria’s corpse.

“She is not gone,” muttered Daina, “she will gather her power, whilst I am here. I was her daughter, when we were alive.”

Andria also kneeled, partly to hear Daina more clearly, also partly from exhaustion. Daina reached out a hand and stroked her mother’s face.

“We should have died a long time ago, maybe it is now time for us to leave.”

“What happens now,” asked Andria.

“You will save Squall,” replied Daina. Andria frowned at this statement.

“How, it impossible. Babalel will only leave him on the point of death. I can’t bring him back from the dead.”

“All the answers are inside. You will know what to do.”

Daina then collapsed onto her mother, both together in death.

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