Hidden Pasts Prologue

By Katie Herdman

All Hail The Wings Of The Winds & The Power Of North

“…when I stand in the midst of battle, I am the heart of the battle, the arm of the warriors. My father gave me the heavens, he gave me the earth. I am Inanna. Who knows the will of the gods in heaven? Who understands the plan of the underworld gods? Where have mortals learnt the way of a god? He who was alive yesterday is dead today.”



The wind howled through the trees, screaming, searching for it’s next victim. The trees bent their gnarled branches even further than usual trying to catch the next person unlucky enough to walk into their traps. The forest came alive with the evil lurking there.

In a clearing in the forest;

Evil shimmered into being.

The soft laughter of the dammed; the shrieks of their freshly captured prey.

The hellhounds’ battling over the scraps.

Dogs stopped their barking, lay down, and whimpered.

Cats’ arched in fear and hissed at shadows.

Babies awoke, inconsolable.

All of a sudden a flash of white broke through the heavy, settling of evil. A child! Running as if she feared something would catch her. Behind her the evil took form into a huge wolf, sent to capture this girl as if she was just another prey.

The wolf ran after her though trees and over streams. It’s panting breath never showing in the black night, for death can never get the chance to breathe again once it has changed and become slave, bringing destruction wherever it goes.


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