Hidden Pasts Epilogue

By Katie Herdman

Sati sat watching the simple ceremony on the Alcauld Plains. After a lot of talks, they had decided that a plaque should be put up in her memory, well Seifer demanded it as he’d had a lot of respect for her, more than he’d had for anyone.

They were putting the plaque on the plains, Sati didn’t know why. Maybe Rinoa had wanted that. Naturally neither Squall nor Rinoa had attended, Rinoa hadn’t wanted to come and no one had wanted Squall there.

He had loved her, in his own way.

                “A lovely day for a funeral,” a voice said from behind her.

“I was wondering when you would show up,” Sati replied, “you frightened me.”

The voiced laughed. A figure stood beside Sati, “You didn’t think all the prophecy would come true did you?”

“I was sure you would die Andria, why didn’t you.”

“My God’s decided that there was still something left for me to do, so the sent me back.”

Sati smiled slightly, “So, the story is not yet finished, there are still some chapters to read, what will you do.”

“I don’t know, finish where I left off. I have powers I never thought I had, maybe I should start using them. Good bye Sati, you’ve been a good friend”

                Andria then walked off.

It was better that Squall didn’t know. She would miss him, but she could still watch him from afar.

Andria turned to the Garden to say her last goodbyes. That over she walked on to her new life.


                Squall was sitting in Andria’s room. Somehow it didn’t seem right that she was dead, Squall couldn’t believe it.

“Squall.” Rinoa knocked on the door, “can I come in.”

Squall nodded and Rinoa sat down on the bed next to him. There was silence as Rinoa tried to come up with the right words to say.

“I won’t pretend that nothing happened between you and her, and neither of us will get over any of it easily, but Squall, when you’re ready, tell me. I do forgive you, but before anything happens between us, you have to let go of her.”

Saying that she walked away from him there was nothing left to say for now.

Squall sat and thought of what Rinoa had said. A pillow from the bed fell down.

Squall bent down to pick it up when he hit something solid, a chest. Grabbing the sides, Squall pulled it out. It was locked though. Overcome with curiosity, Squall looked closely at the lock.

Checking through his pockets, Squall found what he was looking for.

Holding the pendant like a key, Squall opened the chest. Inside were all of Andria’s things, but these were from her childhood, when she was with Squall at the orphanage.


                Late that night, Squall stood where everything had started, on the balcony. The pendant clutched in his hand.

Squall stared over the sea. Standing for a few minutes, Rinoa’s words echoed. Suddenly Squall threw the pendant into the sea, throwing away his memories, what did it matter, she was gone. Squall turned his back to the sea, and left, the pendant falling to the icy depths.


To Be Continued…

Well that’s my fic. Hope you liked it. If you let me know what you thought then my e mail is miss_jell0@hotmail.com but please don’t shout at me for ANYTHING to do with Squall or Andria having sex because if they hadn’t then the story would be a lot less dramatic and harder to write.


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