Hidden Pasts Chapter 7

By Katie Herdman

Squall decided that it was best if he told no one what he saw when he had collapsed. After all it might not come true. He did however want to ask Andria about Sati.

After spending over an hour looking for her, he found her in the basement, looking at Norg’s pod.

“It’s funny how people become corrupt. Sometimes it’s not even their fault,” she said sadly.

After about 5 minutes staring at the pod, Squall had enough courage to ask her, “Who is Sati?”

Andria stared at him wide eyed. “How did you know about her?”

“She came to me, when I was unconscious,” he said hesitating slightly.

Andria was furious. After she had told her that she wanted no meddling, Sati had done it anyway. Andria knew how predictable Sati was, so why hadn’t she connected Squall’s unconsciousness with Sati sooner.

                “Sati is an old friend,” Andria said finally, “well sort of. She saved me when I was 5. It’s complicated, but she took me to Vincent’s family and, I stayed there for a few years.”

Squall could see the pain in Andria’s face, that she didn’t want to talk about it, but he had to get some more answers.

“Why did you never tell us about Abaddon.” A tear then proceeded to roll down Andria’s cheek, stirring up forgotten memories. She tried to wipe the tear off without Squall noticing. 

Suddenly Andria turned on Squall, venom in her voice, “She told you about that too? What else did she tell you?”

Squall was taken aback with her demanding tone.

“About your mother, how Leraikhe was possessed with a demon … Babalel and how you were there at my graduation.”    

Squall was certain that he heard a growl escape from Andria’s mouth. Her face looked like thunder, which was something he had never seen in her before.

She walked away from Squall and started shouting Sati’s name.

“What can I do for you,” came the reply from behind Squall.

“What the hell have you been telling him,” she yelled, pointing to Squall.

Sati was very cool and collected as she answered, which upset Andria even more, “Only the whole story, which you have been keeping in the dark. What are you afraid of Andria?”

“I am afraid of nothing,” growled Andria. She knew that wasn’t true, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“Yes you are. You’re afraid of your dreams and what will happen if you get them. So you’d rather not try for them in case something bad happens.”

Andria stalked off. She was through talking.


            Seifer rushed into the Quad where Ling, Selphie and Rinoa were sitting, enjoying the sun.

“Come on, get up,” he shouted excitedly, “there’s been a report of some demon’s attacking people in Deling City.”

They looked at him disgustedly, he was glad that there was something killing people right now.

“Well it’s finally some action, instead of sittin’ on our butts here.” They just walked away from him.

“What,” he called out, and then ran after them.


            Coming off the Ragnarok they decided to split into three teams. Andria, Vincent, Seifer and Selphie would make up the first team. Squall, Rinoa, Ling and Zell would be team two and Quistis, Sia, Irvine and Raijin and Fujin would be the last team.

“Everyone be careful out there, no one gets dead, okay. We meet at the Shopping Arcade in two hours,” Andria said trying to make them less tense for the upcoming battles.

“Lets go and kill some demons,” yelled Seifer swinging his gunblade. Rinoa and Selphie narrowed their eyes at him, Andria laughed glad that he wanted to kill the bad guys now.


Seifer couldn’t believe it. Over two hours and only a couple of measly three-foot demons causing trouble. Where had all the really bad monsters gone?

“Looks like we’ll have to go back now,” said Andria.

“A bit longer,” Seifer pleaded, trying to make it sound nothing like a plea.

“No, we really have to get back. The others will be waiting for us,” Andria said, looking round for some nasty demon to give them something to do before they left.

There was something strange going on though as the streets were practically empty.

The few people that they had met said that a horde of horrible creatures had past through, but there was no blood anywhere so they hadn’t killed.

“Well the buses still aren’t running, so we’ll have to walk back,” Vincent said, so they started the walk to the Arcade.

“Do you think the others are doing any better than us,” asked Selphie.

“I don’t know. Maybe they’re keeping away because they’re frightened of Andria,” Vincent replied.

Selphie giggled at the thought of a big, ugly monster running from Andria.

Seeing Selphie laughing Vincent said, “Hold that thought Selphie.”


                “Where are they, they should have been here before now,” complained Quistis.

“You don’t think something happened to them, do you,” said Ling.

“Na, Seifer knows how to take care of himself, ya know,” answered Raijin.

Sia then added, “Besides they’ve got Andria, she’ll look after them.             

Rinoa had a strange feeling that she couldn’t completely explain. She’d felt it since they’d entered the city and found not a single monster. Something had been here and it was still here. Squall must have felt it too she thought, as he had looked really tense and edgy. Something was bothering him. Rinoa assumed that he also wasn’t so sure that everything was okay.            

As soon as they had entered the city, Squall was filled with the feeling of dread that his life would be changed inside this city soon. If he closed his eyes, he would see the wound and Andria falling down, dead. Why was he remembering this? The scariest thing was that she had died at the Shopping Arcade and Andria had said to meet at the same place. Maybe it wouldn’t come true; it was Leraikhe messing with his mind. Yes! He decided that it was just that.       

A familiar howl broke Squall from his thoughts. About 20 huge demons ran for them.

Their magic spells didn’t have much affect on the beasts and only made some stronger and angrier. Even triple Ultima didn’t work well against these demons.

Squall suddenly saw a sight that made his blood run cold, the demon that Squall saw kill Andria was standing at the back. He was not attacking though. Instead he was standing, waiting.


            Andria heard the noises before Seifer, Selphie and Vincent and knew that there was finally some action.

She raced to the Arcade, the others in pursuit. Arriving there she saw everyone engaged in combat. One demon stood amongst the crowd beckoning to her. Andria couldn’t say no.


            Squall saw Andria start fighting the demon.

He finished fighting the wolf faced demon by stabbing it in the heart and tried to get towards Andria to stop her fighting the demon, but a huge demon which was a great hairy beast and stood on four legs slammed into him sending him flying into a wall.

He tried to get up, but promptly fell back. He couldn’t stand. A wailing suddenly penetrated his ears, it was high pitched and eerie. Squall couldn’t tell if it was his imagination or not, but he wished it would go away.

Just as the beast was about to bite into him, Seifer and Fujin came to his rescue.

They started battling the fierce creature. It was strong and fast, but no match for them.

Soon it turned and ran, badly hurt and beaten. Seifer knelt down next to Squall and whispered, “You owe me one. I just saved your life.”

Squall looked wearily up at him and croaked, “…save her.”

Seifer didn’t understand what he meant.


The demon was almost too fast and strong for Andria to keep up. Her arms were bleeding from its razor sharp spines. It was slowly gaining the upper advantage.

A blow from its powerful hands sent her spinning backwards. A warm sensation filled her mouth, she could taste blood.   

Completely mad now, she gave a loud battle cry of rage and started pummelling the demon. It took blow after blow with no effect.

Suddenly it gave its own war cry and lunged for her.  She felt the arms rip through her flesh, it felt strange to her.

Holding the wound, she staggered back, and fell. There was a look of pure disbelief on her face that she was going to die.

The demon that had slain her, stood above her grinning in its evil way.

Andria heard a wailing and knew what it was, a signal that it was now time. She looked straight up at the stars. How far away they seemed. That was the last thing that she saw. Her friends got to her too late for she had already died.

Author’s Note

The wailing that Squall heard when the beast hurt him was the sound of the Banshee. It is a woman who cries when death is imminent.


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