To See Another Day Chapter 24

The Faces Blur

By Kain Servant

“He first met Kuja in Burmecia I think. Zidane didn’t really know who Kuja was…but he saw that he was with Brahne…saw the look in his eyes – and immediately stereotyped him as evil.

“To be truthful…it’s hard to really understand Kuja. From one side to the other, he is fickle…if he really wanted to destroy the earth he could have – he didn’t have to wait for Zidane and his friends to come to him. He gave them so many chances from beginning to end…that is why he failed. Maybe that was the reason behind his words to Zidane at the end.”

“But Kuja isn’t dead.” His secretary corrected him helpfully, and N looked up from his reverie.

“Yes…I know. His first death caused him to go into even a wilder swing of the scales. He wanted reform, then wanted destruction. He didn’t know what he wanted. Zidane talked to him in Burmecia once…it was hard to tell he was the same man.”

Once again his secretary prodded helpfully, “But this isn’t about Kuja, is it? Zidane was a different man at that point, anyway.”

“Yes…he was.” N massaged at his temple for a moment, scrunching his eyebrows in thought, “His life is so confusing, like a puzzle. None of it really makes sense, follows any linear pattern. He’s so lost…”

“Well, I guess that’s why we’re doing this assignment – to sort out his life, let people look at him objectively. Decide what and who he really is…”

“People…” N stared at her for a moment. “Be serious, I’ve been here for…hell, I don’t know how long – and there isn’t another soul here. No one but us will read this.”

The secretary shrugged with a knowing smile, “Oh, don’t be so sure about that… it’s his life – people can read it from Zidane, if they try to get close to him. He really is a boy still, jumping at every chance of attachment…but he has the faith of a child and trust as well.”

N sighed and shook his head, “Well…we’ve gone through his history pretty well, what else do you want to write about? I’m ready to be done and never hear about Zidane ever again.”

She fell silent. N looked at her for a moment, but her head was down and her expression was hard to read. Finally, her head raised again, “Well, why don’t you take a break. Go out and rest in the gardens for a while, it will relax your mind. I’ll call you in soon.”


“I know…” Dinner had come and gone without a word between them, and a few moments of silence had past since. The sun had gone down, and the glimmer of candlelight stood between the two at the table, Kate leaning back with her arms behind her head and her head toward the ceiling, Kain with his head down on his forearms. But the silence had loomed so long, Kain felt something had to break it.

He didn’t know the girl…the woman, he had only met her that morning. And it felt like he had only met himself two nights before…”I know I might seem odd to you.” He raised his head slightly to look up the noble rise of her chin, “I don’t quite understand myself…and I apologize again for intruding on you – but I will be gone to Tyen in the morning – so you’ll never have to see me again.”

“But even though I may seem crazy to you, you don’t know me. I’ve lived my whole…life on a canopy of lies, smearing colors…it’s the people who have driven me to what I am now…it’s not my fault.” The last part he mumbled, and put his head back down again. There he went, blaming others again…he needed to be a man and take the blame for something – it didn’t matter anymore. Nothing seemed to matter anymore…what was his promise again?

A deep sigh came from Kate’s end of the table, and he looked up to see her eyes leveled at him. “Okay…sure, and I apologize for calling you crazy. Maybe it was a bit harsh.” She rose from the table and grabbed their plates with a quick smile, “But, you know, I call them like I see them!”

“You know, I could grow to like you.” Kain called at her as she crossed the room to the sink. She simply laughed and began washing, returning to the table a few moments later to find Kain still sitting with his chin on his arms, looking at her with a confused expression on his face.

“What’s up? Can’t you go to sleep now, so I can get to sleep sooner?”

“I keep…telling myself something, but then my body doesn’t want to agree with my mind, and so I keep contradicting my thoughts, and I’m going to make a fool out of myself if I can’t get it together.” Well, just lay your whole damn heart on the table! Kain moaned.

“I was right, you’re crazy.” Kate chuckled and touched his head gently. “I know what you mean… I’ll get you a blanket, you’re sleeping on the porch.”

Kain shook his head and looked up at her mournfully, “The porch?”

“I said I know what you mean…I’m not having a strange man struggling with his hormones sleeping in my house. You can sleep on the roof if you want, or in the woods…but you’re sleeping outside.”

“It’d be a night to remember…” He said softly. She retorted with a soft slap to his cheek,

“You like taking advantage of young women, don’t you?” Ouch. “I have enough men screwing up my life right now – I don’t need you thrown in.”

“Other men?” Kate moved away from him quickly, and Kain stood up, “Ahh…so that’s why you’re out here by yourself? Running away from someone, are you?”

“You want your bow shoved up your ass, big guy?” The statement was not a joke, and Kain retreated slightly…choosing his words cautiously,

“Is something wrong? Something I could help with?”

Kate sighed again, moved to the window, and gripped the sill tightly. “I…are you sure you’re leaving tomorrow?” She didn’t wait for him to respond before rushing forward, “Yes. Something is wrong.”

Kain took a step toward her, “Alright…with men?”

Kate’s hand flew up, “No! Bastard…why am I confiding in you?” She stooped to pick a thin blanket off of the rocking chair next to the window, and flung it into his arms without looking at him, “Sure…I’m in trouble – but I can deal with it, I’m strong. You can be quiet and mysterious, then so can I…except you’ll be outside where you don’t bother me.”

“I don’t want to push myself on you…” Kain started…but her hand clenched into a fist in the air, and he swallowed his words sadly, “Alright. Goodnight.” Kain strode silently across the room, pulled the door open and closed behind him, and flung himself onto the rough boards in front of the door, pulling the blanket on top of him.

She was right, completely right. He was muddled, confused in his own world and not letting her in – she had every right not to let him into her own, espeically since he was the intruder. And…he had promised he wouldn’t try to seduce her, but he had already broken his promise.

He was a bastard. That was why he was a loner… no one could live around him without shirking away from his inconsistencies. This was why he had no friends…no family…no wife. Kain shuddered and pulled the blanket closer – hearing the cold click of the lock on the door sliding into place. He wouldn’t try to move on her again – he would protect her door through the night, and before she woke, he would be gone.

That was a promise.


Light was beginning to fade from the sky. But not just the valley, no the whole world was turning gray. Dark clouds of dust still swept the sky from the travesty of the hour…the hour that may well be the end of the earth.

It was hard for Steiner not to be sad. He was an honest man living in a world of hatred and cruelty, one where he had been decieved and used too many times, one where his trust had finally settled on a love, and she had blown away from his life like chaff in a disintegrating world, and like Blank, had no clue if he would ever see her again.

This was a scenario of sadness, one that could easily be reacted to with heartbreak, which was his reaction. The brigands he travelled with obviously never understood the concept of mourning. It wasn’t feeling sorry for himself, it was mourning! He wasn’t depressed, he was sad! Why did no one take him seriously!?

The wyvern smiled condescendingly at him, spreading his great, wirey wings. Steiner was almost pressed back by the hatred seething from the figure. It held an intelligence above that of most monsters he had fought, and coupled with hate, that intelligence was frightening. Slowly the wyvern advanced, its claws out and ready. Steiner almost wished Beatrix was there to battle with him – but then that would put her in more danger than he ever wanted her to be in for the rest of her life. Slowly he struggled with logic.

His allies were readying their weapons and staring nervously between the two new arrivals. But mainly at the emerald-haired beauty. She circled around Blank, purring softly from deep within her, her hand held out enticingly to him.

She was stalking him. Steiner’s eyes narrowed as he called out a warning, “Blank…keep your head about you – no reason to give in to your foolish ways now.”

“Mmhmm…” Blank wasn’t listening. He was merely eyeing the woman up and down. Probably trying to figure out if he was dreaming or not.

The wyvern suddenly swept a wing out to obscure Blank from Steiner’s vision, and the knight turned angrily to face him. Alright…it was time to hone his skills on some fresh meat. Steiner took up a solid defensive stance. The wyvern was still smiling, as he spoke eloquently,

“You shouldn’t be worrying about your friends right now, Steiner. They should be the ones worrying about you. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tenason, your personal Angel of death. I know quite a bit about you.”

And it spoke. Steiner’s nerve cracked a bit…he wasn’t used to monsters speaking to him, “And…so, you’re after me?” Stay strong. He was a big, strong knight, not some shivering baby…and not some star-eyed thief, like Blank.

“Of course. Your group of heroes has been split and weakened. Now they will be shredded and killed. Blame whoever you want – you were at fault many mistakes. You betrayed your allegiance so quickly from Garnet to Zidane, because Zidane’s seemed the more pitiful side. And the whole group went romping around, following Zidane’s emotional tumbling as he fretted about Garnet.”

Steiner bit his lip. “I-“

“And where was Garnet? Garnet was left open and vulnerable for anyone who wanted to take her. All her friends and servants abandoning because of one sin. Oh…how many times you have sinned as well. Filthy hypocrite.”


“And your last and most grevious error, you left Beatrix, your own love, in Alexandria, even though you knew danger prowled around the world with no set striking point. A fool could have lived your life better simply relying on emotion and base instinct. But you are less than a fool, Steiner. You are an imbecile. The scum of the earth. A knight with no honor.”

Steiner shuddered once…trying to raise his sword. But he couldn’t. Slowly it fell from his trembling fingers, and with it his whole form slumped. “I…” There was nothing he could deny. It was all true.


Kuja looked up at her…then turned away from the gate, following along the outer wall of the city. Eiko followed him, calling his name, until he stopped near a group of tall trees.

“Sorry. My name is not one to be thrown around lightly.” Eiko stared in horror as he stooped to wipe a coat of fresh red blood from his hand onto the ground. Dusting his hands off with a look of accomplishment, he turned to face her, “Hmm, you know me? I’m sorry…your face doesn’t ring a bell.”

“I’m…” Eiko struggled for words, her mind torn between anger and fear, “I’m…Zidane’s friend. I helped defeat you over ten years ago.” That sounded really weak. She cleared her throat and looked back to Kuja’s bloodstained hand, “Wh-what did you do?”

“Someone pulled a knife on me back there…” Kuja answered casually, taking a step toward her and holding his hand out. Eiko continued her solemn glare, and he raised his eyebrows, “Don’t believe me? My my, you hold a grudge as well as the rest…even though you were so young back then. Eiko, isn’t it?”

Eiko stiffened, “That’s right.”

“You are something special. Hmm… The last summoner left on Gaia. How does that make you feel?”

What? Eiko shook her head in confusion, “N-no…there’s Garnet too, she’s a summoner, except she had her horn remov-“

“Garnet is dead.” Eiko gasped, raising a hand to her mouth in shock. “She was taken…two days ago. Too bad we missed it – I’m sure it was quite a show.”

“No…No!” Zidane…oh poor Zidane. Where was the world going? Eiko bit her lip, “It was your doing, wasn’t it? You killed her!”

“On the contrary. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Humans and the like, their insatiable lust for power pushes all moral codes aside.” Kuja smiled sadly, “It’s shocking the things I’ve seen people do…just so they can transcend sin.”

Eiko’s memories of Kuja came back to her in a rush…her hand didn’t move from her mouth. “Wh-what happened?”

“I will let your friends fill you in on the details…I’m surprised you are not with them now. Did they leave you alone?”

“Don’t be condescending with me, Kuja! I’m not six anymore, I can stand on my own two feet!”

“You can be sure I’m very proud of you…but you should stick with your friends. You wouldn’t want to get hurt.” Kuja smiled and began walking away, toward the grass plain that flanked the city.

“Wait! Wait, dammit!” Kuja stopped as Eiko grabbed his sleeve, “I…I can accept that you’re not my enemy, Kuja. Just tell me…how are you alive – and how is Garnet dead? What’s going on? Please…?”

“Hell.” Kuja murmured, “The rain of chaos floods the world, and death, her twin, hunts down mankind. The doom of your kind, and all others, approaches, and I…only I, can save you.”


“I am alive. And she is dead. Your pathetic little mind’s doubt can not change the truth. Why does how matter? Good day, Eiko…I will see you on a brighter day.”

And he was gone.

Eiko shook her head. “Why…?” Garnet was dead. Why? How could she die…where was Zidane?

“Miss?” Eiko turned. There stood several of the townspeople, and ahead of the rest was the knight in white. Eiko sighed,

“What do you want now? Can you…please leave me alone.”

“I would obey you. After all I did promise, didn’t I? Well…sorry, but these people were kind of curious as to why you were talking to that man.”

“Who?” Eiko looked around into the sober faces of the people that had formed a crowd before her. She shrugged and bit her lip, “Oh…I was just…catching up.”

“Tell us, traitor!” An old woman from the crowd shouted as she stepped forward, “That bastard just killed my daughter!” Murmurs of assent backed the woman up, and Eiko gasped,

“I-I’m sorry.” Of course Kuja wasn’t good. What had she been thinking? What was she to think anymore, “One of my friends was killed as well…and…I asked if he was the one who did it.”

“And?” Someone prodded.

“He didn’t do it. But you should be careful in the future. If you see him in the city, hide.”

“No need to worry.” Savior-man cleared his throat and turned to face the crowd, “I will go rid the world of that scum right now. On my holy sword, Gabriel, I swear I will slay him.”

The crowd cheered, and Eiko rolled her eyes. Tapping the man politely on the shoulder, she beckoned for him to come to her. Quietly she hissed, “Nice job, hero, maybe you want to know who you’re fighting?” The knight eyed her in confusion as she went on, “Remember about…ten years ago, when the mist started going haywire, and there were a few wars, and a bunch of big flashes and dragons flying through the sky?”

“Ah! The War of Worlds?”

“Right…well the man responsible for all that chaos…he sort of singlehandedly brought the world to the edge of ruin and killed countless innocents. Remember his name?”


“Yeah. Kuja. That’s the man you just promised to kill.” Eiko patted him on the back as his eyes went wide, ‘So…good luck. You might not want to come back to this town. I hear Treno is really nice this time of year.”

“Kuja? B-but he’s dead!” Eiko shook her head and the Knight groaned and stepped away from her, putting his fist up on the city wall. “Well…dammit. I thought it was just some murderer…the women here are mighty attractive too…I think they like me…hmm….mmm…” He tapped his fist a few times, shifted his feet, cocked his head, and murmured under his breath for several moments, until Eiko couldn’t stand it anymore,

“So…savior of the world. What are you going to do?”

Savior-man turned and waved his finger at her, “You know, if you weren’t so terribly sarcastic I would say you were the prettiest girl I’ve seen here.”


“Oh well, I suppose another city will have just as many lovely ladies. I’m too young to die and everything. Thanks for the info!” He began walking back toward the city gates, and she followed him. They quickly passed the crowd still mingling by the path, and they cheered once again for the knight. He threw them a broad smile and a wink.

“Off I go! I’ll bring his head in soon, don’t you worry a bit!” They cheered again. Eiko sighed, slightly amazed,

“You’re quite an actor aren’t you?”

“Not at all, missy.” Savior-man looked down at her, a smile still plastered across his face, “All I have to do is find the people who defeated him the first time, so they can defeat him again, and then I can go back to saving the world.”

“Ah. Good plan.”

“So where are you going?”

She was going to Treno… and why in the world did she have to tell him to go to Treno? “Oh…nowhere.” Bad luck…bad fate and bad luck – atleast she’d get a few good laughs from him on the airship to Treno…since, due to her fate, she would probably be taking the same ship no matter what she did. “What was your name again?”

“I didn’t say. But you never told me your name.”

“Well I asked first. Besides, I’m a lady, you’re supposed to be a gentleman and be kind to me.”

“But…hey that’s not fair! You’re pulling chivalry into this.” Eiko stared up at him pleadingly, until he finally sighed and threw up his hands, “Call me Orion.”

Orion… “That’s not your real name.”

Orion turned left on the street toward the airship station, grinning in satisfaction, “I didn’t say I’d tell you my real name.”

“Oh fine…I’m Eiko.”

“Hi Eiko!” He skipped a few steps backwards ahead of her to wave at her, then he resumed his normal walking. “So where are you going again?”

“Nowhere. Where are you going?” Finally she was talking to someone she felt acted younger than she did. It felt good to sink down. She had been forced into maturity for way too long.

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