To See Another Day Chapter 16

Prelude to Tears

By Kain Servant

It was frightening. Very frightening to see Zidane fly in, barely recognizable…and glowing. He had the demeanor of a god, the way he held himself, the way he shouted with authority. What had happened to him?

And the worst of it was, no one else seemed in the least bit disturbed by his drastic personality change. Kain just stared at her like the dummy he was. And Menoth…after what Necron had said of him, what was Zidane hanging out with him for? What was going on?

Fear overwhelmed her once again, and she fought back tears, staring helplessly at Zidane…willing him to rescue her. She could understand and forgive any explanation he had for her, if he would only speak to her…take her back again.

Now she saw how confident everyone else seemed in the face of danger – even Kain the simple fletcher…and how quickly she cracked. They were right all along…she wasn’t made to be an adventurer, or a queen…or anything but a silly girl that never grew up.Damn her, damn her and her ego!

These and a thousand more thoughts flew through her mind. And then stopped suddenly as she fell to the ground and found herself face to face with Zidane…his eyes luminous and sad. Sad enough to make her cry…

The room seemed to haze around them…and the light that had surrounded Zidane dimmed to an barely distinguishable line tracing his form.

“You shaved your head…” She whispered.

“I was tired of being who I was…just like you. I was ready for a change.” His voice could make her weep. It had only been days…maybe a week since she had been in his arms, yet suddenly it felt as if she barely knew him…and she wanted so badly to know him all over again.


“Do you remember the first time you held my hand?” The question was abrupt. She shook her head slowly, and he slowly moved closer on his hands and knees, “We were on the Hilda Garde…it was raining and I told you that rain was the tears of the gods who were sad. And you told me that was childish.

“And then the ship turned, and you lost your balance…and I took both of your hands and pulled you back toward me. You looked at me, and I saw the whole reason that I was living in your eyes. I knew that no matter what happened I wanted to be near you.”

A tear fell from Garnet’s cheek and splashed against the stone floor. She reached up to touch his face, “Then you said that you wished you could be a raindrop, so your sole purpose in life would be to touch my face, my hair, my hands…”

“You said I was being childish again. But you kept holding my hand. Did you love me?”

“I’m sorry Zidane…” It was too much for Garnet, and she quickly lowered her head, speaking from her heart, “I always loved you. It’s all my fault that this happened…I don’t know what went wrong…” Garnet caught a sob, and Zidane sat up, folding his arms around her. Under his comforting barrier she cried out her soul, “I thought I was so special, that just your love wasn’t enough – but I was just shrinking away from your love…”

“It never happened, Garnet…” Zidane was crying too. She could feel his tears on her hair, trickling down to her face. “Just come with me now and it never happened.”

She nodded and took his hand. The reality of the room began to sink in again…the coldness…the fear. Garnet held him closer, “I love you forever.”

“I love you too.”

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