To See Another Day Chapter 12

The Hard Fall to Reality

By Kain Servant

The day was too bright for Emryal’s liking. As if whatever god watched his actions was making fun of him, taunting his anger. He would not be meddled with…he finally had something to go on to take Menoth down and take the regency of Tialtor for himself!

A love affair, Ellian and human…Ellians were not allowed to love, it was out of the best interest of the common people. If Emryal could somehow get the letter to this Aitella, he could bring it before the people. The Ellians were all edgy and out of hope, they would surely help him bring Menoth down.

As Emryal guided his small aircraft over the fields of the Mist Continent to the west, he glanced down at a small village he passed over. A small female was watching him, smiling and waving. Like he was her hero.

“That’s it…” He pulled the craft around the large windmill on the edge of the town and slowly lowered altitude. Little bitch…this was the wrong day to mock Emryal. He would be King of Tialtor, King of all nations he came upon. They would all see soon enough!

He bared his blade as he stalked down the plank, looking for his first victim. A sign swung lazily in the wind along the road.


With a snarl he swung down, chopping the aged wood into two pieces. With his sword before him he walked into the town, smile tracing his cold face, “Anyone home?”


The news came while Steiner and Beatrix were engaged in romantic babblings in the Conference room of the Royal Palace. The news made Cid’s mustache twitch and his mouth fell opened. Steiner’s face went gray and he clutched Beatrix to him.

Vivi just stared into space as if something was missing. Perhaps his brain.

“What?” Cid roared, standing to his feet to loom over the hapless messenger. “What do you mean Burmecia is attacking Alexandria?”

“That’s…just what I’ve been told to tell you, sir.” The messenger squeaked, closing his eyes. “The news just came in from an Alexandrian aviator that escaped the city. He says there are surrounded by dragoons and footsoldiers, and King Kal seems to be leading the army personally.”

“What about Freya and Fratley?” Steiner queried, “Are they there as well?”

“I wasn’t informed, sir.”

Beatrix pulled on Steiner’s arm until he looked to her. Then she shook her head, “I’m sure they wouldn’t take part in such a ridiculous quest. Who in their sane mind would attack Alexandria? I mean, we just defeated an army of perhaps thousands of mist spawns. Not to mention the kamikaze doomsday casters.”

“We…would be the key phrase.” Cid mused, settling back into his chair, worry clouding his eyes, “The only reason the city wasn’t ravaged in that attack was the bravery of you three…Zidane, Blank…Eiko…the heroes. There isn’t one hero still there…”

“And Garnet is gone as well.” Steiner added, hanging his head in woe.

Beatrix, on the other hand, would not lose hope, “Well then we have to go back. Gather the rest, we need to leave now.”

“It’ll take quite a while to find Zidane, Blank and all those redheaded freaks in a city this size. We might have to wait for tomorrow.” Steiner noted, growling through the “redheaded freaks” part. He now stubbornly claimed that he had never doubted Amarant being trustworthy…but his eye still watched them warily after Menoth had spoken to Amarant on the airship.

“You’re right.” Cid wasn’t happy at all about this outcome. “Alexandria is in peril…and we need to protect our allies. Even if Garnet has lost her mind and is throwing her life away.”

Vivi suddenly stood as if shocked, and looked around through his big yellow eyes that were impossible to read. “I need to go. I’ll be back tomorrow.” And he walked away. Seconds later the crackle of magic could be heard in the next room as his portal opened.

Beatrix snorted. Everyone was so damn gloomy anymore, it had never been that way even in the most hopeless quests against Kuja. But now everyone seemed to be losing heart. ‘I hope Zidane can keep his head on straight and a smile on his face. If he loses it then I’m afraid maybe even I…’ No…that was impossible. She shook her head resolutely. Zidane would never lose the bravery he had, and neither could they!

“Come on, Al!” She leapt up and grabbed her husband’s hand with a smile. He would thank her when night came. “It’s time to go find our comrades!”


Dusk would break soon. Zidane’s eyes wandered the sky aimlessly, keeping his thoughts and words on the weather as he tried to avoid looking at Kuja. Arteon. Whatever the hell he called himself, it was still Kuja, and he was alive! There was no way to simply look down and describe what emotion he was feeling. Hate, joy…fear, surprise? Surprise was probably the closest.

Kuja smiled over at him from under his new black locks that seemed absolutely bizzare on what used to be the most outrageous fashion setter ever. “I can’t expect you to just accept me as your friend now. I know…I’m still the one who tried to destroy the world, right?”

“Right.” Zidane smiled and glanced over, “And I’m still the one who stopped you. How do you feel about that?’

“Absolutely wonderful. Every day I thank you in my mind…for what I could be, and this world too…if you hadn’t done what needed be done. You are…my personal savior.”

The wind licked Zidane’s hair gently as he turned his eyes back to the setting sun, shifting his weight on the bench as he felt one leg begin going numb. “How…Kuja? I didn’t know it was possible for a man to change as much as you seem to have…” Maybe the vines molested him while he was unconscious. Zidane angrily shook away the thought. It wasn’t the time to joke. His whole life he had joked his time away, and what was he? He was shit…a dick of a husband who desperately wanted his wife back and could care less if he was talking to his mortal enemy/brother for inspiration. “I mean…if you had come back and smiled and asked me to take over the world with you, I wouldn’t have flinched. I mean…I would almost have been happy to kick your ass again.

“You’re just…so different now I’m not sure if I can trust you…” Zidane sighed and traced the line of the sun with his finger…remembering all the sunsets he had watched on the veranda with his arm around Garnet. Damn you, tears!

“You see…Garnet…well, me and Garnet seperated recently. It was sort of my fault…I think I’m too…transparent, after you spend a few weeks with me you know that it’s just…me. I always laugh and tell my dumb jokes, and waltz around like the whole damn world is under my feet. It’s not just her…I think…I’m tired of me too. I need to change, I need to win her back.”

Kuja leaned forward on the bench, and turned to look Zidane straight in the face. Those couldn’t be Kuja’s eyes… “Then you are at the right place. You are nothing, ground level…it sounds like your life could not get much worse, am I right?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.”

“That was where I was when I woke from my cadaverous dream. I felt the earth against my flesh and as I regained my senses I felt that…if I could just mold myself again, as I was one with the dust, then I could really be a different person. Your words were still in my head…all of those things you told me all the times we had met, and I laughed you away. About love, caring for others. I…molded myself to be like you. That is how I became.”

“Ironic then isn’t it. That now my damn mind keeps telling me it wants to be like you.”

“You are punishing yourself.” Arteon gently placed his arm on Zidane’s shoulder, “But you do not have to. Zidane…what you were, what you are is not such a bad thing.” He chuckled, “Do you have any idea how many people love you? Even Garnet, I’m sure…even she still loves you.”

“Oh damn you!” Zidane pushed away and rose, pointing his finger angrily in Kuja’s face so the man couldn’t see the tears that blurred his eyes. If only he knew…dammit he wasn’t sure about anything anymore! If only he had stayed asleep that night that seemed so long ago, when he still knew himself! “You’re just confusing me and I’m already pretty damn confused. If you want to help me, then why don’t you put Garnet in my arms again!”

And he ran. He ran knowing that he couldn’t remember ever running from a problem in his entire life before this ordeal. He ran, hoping that a rock might fall from the sky and knock him into darkness forever.


Blank never remembered feeling quite so happy in his whole life. There was the whole, food drink and music bit…and then there was the lovely maiden with her head in his lap bit…and the fact that they were alone in her room. That was the bit that had him sort of overreacting.

‘Never felt like such a fool…’ He murmured under his breath. He couldn’t remember wanting anything more in his life than just getting some good tang. And there was like…a field of tang lying in his lap at the moment, and he was sitting there with the nagging stigma in his mind about her being too young and him taking advantage of her.

What was to take advantage of? Every spare second she was looking at him she asked him to kiss her, she put his hand on various parts of her body (which was an activity he was very fond of) She had even pushed him down onto the couch and straddled herself across him.

But then his throat had gone dry, and he had to get up for a glass of punch. And she fell asleep…damn him!

It was getting darker outside, and the moon was shining on his face…except for three holes punched out of it…one larger than the rest. Zidane had told him a little bit of what Menoth had said. The whole new planet coming to take over and kill everyone – sounded like there were a bunch of stuckup bastards floating around in space that needed an asswhooping to put them in line.

Looking down at Eiko, he watched her chest rise and fall slowly, gracefully…everything about her was graceful. He wondered what it would feel like to have a horn in the middle of his forehead. Or anywhere else on his body. Gods he’d look like an idiot walking around with a horn, might as well just start making…goat noises or something, wait for some nasty old perverts to chase wanting to touch his horn.

‘Off subject…’ Blank moaned and swiped at his hair, almost gasping as Eiko’s eyes flittered open and she stared up on him. Every time she did that his gaze was locked and he couldn’t move. He loved it.

“Hi.” She smiled.

“Hey…” He brushed at her hair, “How was dreamland?”

“Good…I don’t know why I’m so sleepy. Did you drug the punch?” Eiko smiled teasingly, then lowered her voice to a whisper, “I dreamed that those planets really did take over. They made us all slaves and the guy with the black ponytail too.”

“The guy with a ponytail what?”

“He was a slave too.”

“Oh…” Odd. Too deep for him to even try thinking about, “Ah don’t worry, dreams don’t mean anything.” Blank grinned, “Besides, when they get here, we’ll make them all slaves and they can…I dunno, bake cookies for us or something.”

Eiko giggled and reached up to touch his face. He sighed, “Hey Eiko…what does it feel like to have a horn in your forehead?” That question seemed to…stun her for a moment, so he shrugged and changed the subject, “Umm…while you were asleep, Beatrix ran up here and told us that we’re leaving for Alexandria again in the morning.”

Eiko’s eyes clouded, “Why?”

“Apparently Burmecia is attacking Alexandria, Kal must have gone insane or something, so we’re gonna go fix it up real quick. Give us something to do while we wait for this slow planet to land and let us beat them down.”

Eiko smiled and resumed stroking Blank’s face, “Blank…have you ever made love to someone?”

Damn, way to pop the question, while he was off guard. Blank gulped a few times, and looked around nervously, “Actually…no, I haven’t.”

“You haven’t? You? I thought…I don’t know – that…”

“I was the man? Not some aging loser who can’t any?” Blank almost laughed. Wouldn’t that just be perfect if she was only going after him because he was skilled. Figures…with women…

“You’re the nicest man I’ve ever met, Blank.” Eiko rose and wrapped her arms around him. “Maybe you’re just a little misunderstood.”


Zidane clawed at his hair as he stormed around the guest room, letting the tears that dripped down his face fall to the floor unheeded. He would not admit to his despair. He was just confused, that was all…he needed a plan.

It was obvious to him anymore that he couldn’t go on functioning if he didn’t get Garnet back. He didn’t care how…didn’t care if he had to go kill Kain, he didn’t care if he had to crawl on his knees all the way to Macema and grovel in the dirt for fourty days. He would find a way to get her back…

Or? The tears represented the or. There could be no or, that was why he ignored it. It was she came back to him or she came back to him, He couldn’t see another day if it didn’t happen.

Maybe his knife was meant for a different purpose.

“No!” He snarled at his wandering mind and jumped out onto the deck, met by a hostile breath of wind that chilled him to the core. Death. He had never entertained the thought of death…simply eternal sleep, a blissful land where his problems would all drift away and if he decided to wake up again he could just start a new life. Not death. Death would be endless…cold, he couldn’t think of that.

‘Start a new life…’ Why was Kuja’s idea so enticing to him? It was ridiculous…he couldn’t just decide he would be someone else, and have all the people that knew him just accept him as someone different. Maybe if you’re a washed up villian with no friends, but not him.

Friends. He had abandoned them today…Zidane wondered what they thought, how they had reacted and how they would react when he came back. If.

“Have to concentrate…” So Garnet is in Macema…surely Cid knew where Macema was, or could find it on the map. He would travel there himself. That was that.

“Make them laugh…” Baku grinned from the eerie shadows of the past. Cinna was there with him, dancing around and laughing, pointing his finger at Zidane.

“You’re funny, bro, you’re a real funny guy.” It was Blank, his arms folded and a cynical expression pasted on his face. Marcus just grunted and shook his head, “At least you’re not leaving…”

As long as I keep this damn smile on my face they all love me. But what of now? If I come to them serious, with little hope for the world, will they still be my friends?

“Leave.” Menoth stood with his face to the shadows, his very tone icy. “I made this deal with you, but it requires you being as enthusiastic as you were then. I want you to make my people laugh…or I’ll kill you.”

“Damn you!” Zidane roared and grabbed the scarlet cloak from around his neck, ripping it away and hurling it down the ledge. “Damn everyone, I’m not your clown!” Next he took one dagger and threw it as far as he could. He would have thrown the other one as well…but he had a thought.


Blank glanced toward the deck, an imaginary sound a welcome reason to look away and catch his breath. He was scared…very scared. There sat she, his little princess on his lap, stripped down to her underwear and busy trying to take his shirt off. He gasped for breath and opened his mouth,

“Look, Eiko.” She looked up from her task, eyes filled with a naughty excitement that wrenched his gut, “I can’t do this.”

“Sure you can. Anyone can do it.” Eiko’s eyes grew bigger, “Please…Blank, I want you. You know we love each other.”

“Maybe when we get married?” His voice squeaked, “But see…to me, this doesn’t seem right…it’s just sort of sudden. And I don’t want to hurt you. I mean…” He struggled for words, “I want this to be something special…”

“This isn’t special?” She took his hand gently and led it to touch her…

“No! Please, Eiko, listen. I want to save our relationship…this is…the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I don’t want to lose it…” Damn bug, flying in his eye right then. He squinted to get it out.

“I see…” She shrugged lightly and stood, sweeping her shirt around her shoulders again, “Well then you’d better leave. We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow…flying and all.”

“Come on, Eiko…”

“Leave!” He could feel the authority ringing through the air and quickly and meekly resigned.



It wasn’t until he stood there, naked, his head shaved clean with his dagger, that Zidane finally accepted his despair. He was alone…and he knew where he wanted to be.

With a wail he fell to his knees, and tears streamed down his face.

She hurt…not just physically but also deep deep inside. She was helpless…she was alone…and she knew what she wanted.

Kain was not even an option in her mind anymore…somehow his thought was no longer comforting…and as she sobbed in the midst of the dark room of accusing eyes…her naked body nearly frozen from the cold, she knew she loved. And she knew she had to live…just long enough to see Zidane one more time.


A day passes


Chapter 13

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