I'm 16 years old, my real name is Rebekka, and I live in Belgium. My main hobby is playing RPG's, my two greatest passions are writing and drawing - that's how I came to writing fanfics and making some simple fanart.

Maybe a short quote?

"When one speaks, it's called breaking the silence; when many speak, it's called breaking the rules; but both make a difference in their own way..." (found it myself, do that in class just for fun ;)

FanTastic! Fanworks

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Fanfiction
ReviewedNeverending Love
Neverending Love - September 30th, 2001

Lufia: Rise of the SinistralsFanfiction
ReviewableDiabolical Blood and a Loving Heart
Diabolical Blood and a Loving Heart - October 8th, 2002

Secret of Mana Fanfiction
ReviewableQuestis Geshtar
Chapter 1: The Past's Future - October 31st, 2001
Chapter 2: Upstream - October 31st, 2001
Chapter 3: Future, Life's Blossom - December 1st, 2001

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Fanfic
Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals Fanfic
Secret of Mana Fanfic