Vendetta Chapter 3

By Jonathan Priest

Pesmerga and Valeria were led purposefully, yet with great respect, into the throne room, where President elect, Lepant waited for their arrival. Pesmerga had grown impatient, the journey to Gregminister costing him much needed time. He had to get to Kalekka. Yuber awaited his death, and Pesmerga did not wish to keep him waiting.

"Ah, Valeria, Pesmerga, I am glad you came." Remarked Lepant.

"Lepant." Pesmerga responded, the slightest nod of his head sparking a hint of respest.

"That's President Lepant!"

"Valeria, please," Continued Lepant. "We all fought and bled together in the War of Liberation. Formalities are not needed here."

"You may have bled, I didn't."

Lepant ignored Pesmerga's remarks, and turned his attention to Valeria. "I received your message, yet I am somewhat puzzled by the content. Could you elaborate the details for me Valeria."

"Yes Mr. President. It appears that a group of five men ambushed, or rather, were slaughtered by Pesmerga, while trying to ambush him." Valeria reported, stealing a glance at the ebony warrior. "They were unsuccessful. However, the men were all garbed in uniforms, the insignia of the Scarlet Moon Empire emblazzened upon their chestplate."

"That's not completely accurate." Pesmerga responded. "I only killed four, I let the other live."

"Pesmerga, I must appologize. Since the fall of the Scarlett Moon Empire, three years past, we have been fighting skirishes with surviving extremist, devoted to Emperor Barbarosa. It was unfortunate these men attacked you, but it was of fortune that you had the skill to fend them off. Had it been a citizen, I fear they would have become another statistic." Lepant said, the strains of rebuilding an empire apparently taking their toll on him.

"It wasn't fortune, they were sent to delay me." Pesmerga answered.

"Delay you? From what?"


"Pesmerga," Lepant continued. "I assure you, Yuber is not in the Toran republic. We have searched for him long and hard since the war has ended."

"You haven't searched hard enough." Pesmerga's rasp whisper of a voice seemed to chill the air as he spoke. "He's here, and he's returning to Kalekka. For what reason, I know not. But I must not be detained longer than needed. I must find Yuber."

"Perhaps we have not looked hard enough for Yuber, but you and your obsession have hunted him since the war. Tell me, how close have you come?" Valeria retorted.

"Pesmerga," Lepant remarked, interupting the pending arguement. "You have a history with Yuber. Perhaps if you share it, it would give us some clue as to your report."

Pesmerga snarled at Lepant. He did not like anyone to intrude upon his past, certainly not this 'President'. Yet, Valeria, catching the stare of Pesmerga, asserted a glare of her own toward the towering, dark warrior.

"Very well." Pesmerga began. "Eleven years ago, I was a Captain in the Knights of the Crimson Hand, under the leadership of Leon Silverburg. He was a hard captain, but I respected him. For a while."

"Currenlty, the Toran Republic, was at war with Jowston. Jowston wanted the land at the northern border. Emperor Geil didn't wish to comply. Also, Geil had his hands full with an upstart named Barbarosa, who wanted his throne. The War of Succession."

"It turned out later, that Barbarosa had used Jowston as a pawn. He promised them favorable trade conditions, and annexation of the Northern Territory for their assistance in the war against Geil. Barbarosa lied. It was a great tactic, of course, he did have Silverburg as an advisor..."

"Silverburg? He worked for Emperor Geil." Valeria interupted.

"Shut up, and I'll explain." Pesmerga continued. "The Battle of Kalekka, between the Toran Republic and the City State, was the decisive battle. However, Silverburg used the strategy to his own advantage. Having hired the services of Kage, Silvergurg knew all the secrets of Geil. But Silverburg was not finished yet. He hired the services of a warrior I've never seen before. His name was Yuber. Silverburg instructs Yuber to torch Kalekka. In doing so, Silverburg blames the carnage on the City State, which infuriates the soldiers. They push back the City State, and win the decisive battle of the war against Jowston, yet while the majority of Geil's army is fighting the City State, Barbarosa invades Gregminister, and hands Geil his head. Silverburg was working for Barbarosa the entire time. It was only Mathiu that prevented me killing him. I've been chasing Yuber ever since."

"An interesting tale." Lepant recounted. "Yet, that doesn't explain why you are hunting Yuber. I am not questioning your loyalty to Geil, and Yuber's actions were grave indeed, but 11 years of hunting this man. Why?"

"Those are my reasons old man, not for you to understand."

"You would be wise to show more respect." Valeria recanted.

"I have enduldged your insolence long enough, cow!" Pesmerga snarled. "One more remark from you, and I shall seperate your head from your body!"

Valeria, enraged by Pesmerga's remarks, quickly drew her sword, and held it to Pesmerga's neck. "If you even so much as breath, I shall saw your head off!"

"Enough of this!" Lepant stated. Valeria and Pesmerga's attention was brought back to President Lepant, whose face was shocked and distressed. In his hand was a message parchment, brought during Valeria and Pesmerga's exchange.

"I have just received this message from the Warriors Village." Lepant began slowly, his words difficult, as if a great burdon had laid itself upon him. "It appears that you were right, Pesmerga. One of our scouts have reported that a batallian of soldiers are traveling North, from Neclord's abandoned castle. It appears Yuber is leading an army of nearly 5,000 men."

"What? How could Yuber have been in the country for so long without being detected before now?" Valeria asked.

A thin smile crossed Pesmerga's face, as he stared at Valeria and Lepant. "The answer is obvious. All of these little skirmishes you mentioned, are only used as distractions. You go, put out the smaller fires that are visable to you, while your house burns to the ground. He has been using these distractions to gather the remaining soldiers from the former Scarlet Moon Empire."

"He couldn't possibly attack Gregminister." Valeria stated.

"It's statements like that that make me wonder how you've managed to survive this long." Pesmerga continued. "Yuber is smart, not suicidal. He has some reason to travel to Kalekka. I will stop him."

"President Lepant, when was this message sent?" Valeria inquired.

"Three weeks ago." Lepant stated. "The Warriors Village is a long distance away, and our roads are still under repair from the war."

"We still have time. Kalekka is about a weeks journey from here. I will gather enough troops to cut off Yuber's march. Whatever his intention may be, I will stop it." Valeria stated, her drawn sword a symbol of her declaration.

Pesmerga smiled, a glimmer of excitement in his eye. "It's war."


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