Pupu's Saga Setting 4

1533 DAY 1, Great Salt Lake Perimeter

By Jeremy Chapter

"It is astonishing with how little wisdom mankind can be governed,
when that little wisdom is its own." 

-Inge, William Ralph 


       <No sign of him here either>  Nonspecifically directed declaration

       <Well, keep searching>  Imperative directive and indifference

       <Where do you suppose he is>?  Specifically directed, information interrogative

       <If I knew, do you not think that you would know too>?  Rhetorical question and scorn

       <That is not what I meant>  Reflex defensive assertion and disconcertedness

       <I know what you meant>  Complacent declaration and haughtiness

       <I know you know what I meant>  Ruffled retort and slight exasperation

       <Then we understand each other>?  Complacent, rhetorical question and indifference

       <Crystal-clear, but where do you suppose he is>?  Punchy, reflex dismissal and assertive interrogative

       <If somehow I knew and you did not know, would we be randomly flying around>?  Rhetorical question and vestigial condescension

       <…>  Internal conflict and strained suppression of ire

       <…>  Self-satisfaction and pleasure

       <Why didn't the Carrier send more ships besides just ours>?  Earnest interrogative

       <Obviously the Carrier thinks one scout ship is enough locate him>  Reflex ludicrous response

       <We both know that is not true>  Rebuff and strained patience

       <I know you know that we both know the same thing>  Self-righteous clarification, feigned admiration, and slight exasperation

       <We have been through this many times already> Declaration, disapproval, and mild annoyance

       <Then stop bringing it up>!  Snappy retort and scorn

       <…>  Pause and discomfiture

       <…>  Indifference

       <You have not answered my question>  Declaration and impatience

       <Search me>  Malicious, absurd suggestion

       <…>  Pause and frustration

       <If I had the answer, you would have it already too>  Supercilious explanation

       <…>  Helplessness and dissatisfaction

       <…>  Dismissal and indifference

       <I fear the worst>  Earnest opinion

       <I know>  Complacent, self-evident declaration

       <…>  Tested tolerance

       <…>  Indifference

       <Where could he have gone>?  Nonspecifically directed rhetorical question, befuddlement, and slight exasperation

       <For the last time, I do not know>!  Sudden expletive and flood of annoyance

       <It was a rhetorical question.  I was not addressing you>  Preplanned self-assured clarification and latent affront

       <Well, I heard it>  Indirect plaintive declaration and annoyance

       <Then it is not my fault>  Childish declaration of self-exculpation

       <Just mind your own business and keep searching>  Brusque imperative directive and dismissal

       <What are you going to do>?  Semi-interested interrogative, information interrogative, and blatant check

       <You already know>  Patronizing reminder

       <What good is looking through the archived data of this planet's sample population>?  Interrogative and skepticism

       <You already know that too>  Patronizing reminder and deliberate condescension

       <Do you honestly believe that by knowing everything about the whole you can infer each individual's every possible action in any given situation>?  Derisive rhetorical question, slight amusement, and intimated challenge

       <What do you think>?  Rhetorical question, information interrogative, and contemptuousness

       <I know you just meant for me to search your thoughts>  Complacent observance and purposive display

       <I know we both know what I meant and that I would know what you would know>  Self-righteous retort, contemptuousness, and intimated challenge

       <…>  Disappointment and frustration

       <…>  Internal revel

       <Well, I think we should not assume anything before we know everything>  Solemn declaration, indirect caution, and hint directive

       <I knew you were thinking that, so please do not remind me>  Complacent declaration, haughtiness, imperative directive, disdain

       <…>  Ire

       <…>  Self-assuredness and indifference

       <Where could he be>?  Nonspecifically directed rhetorical question, information interrogative, and curiosity

       <Can you not even stop thinking for more than two seconds>?  Sudden expletive, imbedded imperative directive, and annoyance

       <I just think it is peculiar that after all our time here, he is the first data collector who has not returned from his routine run>  Hasty declaration and mitigating clarification

       <I know what you are thinking, you do not have to tell me>  Complacent declaration, exasperation, and need directive

       <And you do not find that peculiar>?  Interrogative and lurking suspicion

       <You already know what I think>  Reflex argumentative assertion and intimated challenge

       <You think the timing is peculiar because our data collection here is just about complete>  Calm declaration and casual dismissal

       <Yes, I know, because I was thinking that, and thank you for reminding me>  Overly agreeable concurrence, brusquely feigned deference, and blatant causticity

       <You have also considered the possibility that he has defected from the Clan>!   Scrutinizing exclamation and marvel

       <Yes I have considered that possibility>!    Sudden expletive, condescension, and voluminous annoyance

       <My apologies>  Awkward concession, shock, and fading effervescence

       <Stop repeating everything I think>!  Directive with imbedded threat and annoyance

       <Again, my apologies>  Mitigating concession and daunt

       <…>  Disgust

       <…>  Discomfiture and uncertainty

       <…>  Pause and mild annoyance

       <…>!  Awareness and curiosity

       <I detect it, do not repeat yourself>  Blunt dismissal, imperative directive, and annoyance

       <How clever of them>!   Approving exclamation and admiration

       <The ability to shift a city out of the visibility spectrum does not make the society intelligent>  Offhand derogatory dismissal and pomposity

       <…>  Adverse skepticism 

       <Land over there>  Authoritative directive

       <I know they cannot see us, but wouldn't we be breaching protocol distance to the samples>?  Considerate interrogative, suggestive reminder, skepticism, and latent criticism

       <It does not matter because they will not detect us anyway and we need to recharge our engine batteries>  Dictatorial dismissal and didactic explanation

       <…>  Doubt

       <Do not worry; even if they notice power surges, they are not advanced enough to discover us>  Assurance and disdain

       <Fine>  Conceded accordance

       <Now that we have landed, launch project ‘Archangel’>  Authoritative directive and eagerness

       <I will>  Casual acknowledgement

       <Have our unit investigate the one they call 'Squall'>  Directive and disdain

       <Will do> Casual acknowledgement and agreement

       <Our recording incriminates this 'Squall' as the possible perpetrator>  Stalwart declaration and biased speculation

       <The recording is not definitive, and I would make no accusations just yet>  Earnest declaration, reminder, intimated compromise, and purposive check

       <The ‘Archangel’ unit will soon prove my worst suspicions>  Self-assured declaration, anticipation, stimulation, and deliberate inattention

       <…>  Hesitance and distrust

       <Anyway, I am going to go check on the prisoner>  Self-important dismissal and indifference

       <Fine>  Callous acknowledgement

       <I wonder if we should abduct another specimen to ransom PuPu back in case he is their prisoner>  Nonspecifically directed declaration, consideration, and interest

       <That is hardly necessary at this juncture, QyQy>  Jeering declaration, hint directive, and purposive interference

       <We shall see>  Self-assured dismissal and disregard

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