Pupu's Saga Setting 20

2315 DAY 21, Deling City, Caraway’s Mansion B1

By Jeremy Chapter

"Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education."

-Russell, Bertrand


       <What did I do now>? Specifically directed information interrogative and annoyance

       <I want some answers from you, QyQy>  Imperative directive, deliberate neglect, and gravity

       <About>?  Elliptical interrogative and dismissive boredom

       <Explain all these outrageous energy expenditures on the logs>  Imperative directive and suspicion

       <…>  Contempt

       <Well>?  Elliptical interrogative, tested tolerance, imbedded warning

       <Am I supposed to say something>?  Interrogative, smugness, and disinterest

       <You are damned well aware>!  Critical declaration, imbedded, imputed warning, and anger

       <I have to put ‘Caraway’ through operations constantly because he keeps breaking out>  Preplanned explanation, wishful thinking, declaration of self-exculpation

       <At the cost of compromising the mission when you cause electrical shorts all over this city>?  Derisive rhetorical question, implied, imputed warning, and intimated challenge

       <This is the cost of controlling him for extended durations>  Mitigating clarification, referential reminder, and steadiness

       <The city is on alert>  Declaration and hint directive

       <This is the way it has to be>  Stalwart declaration and exasperation

       <…>  Lingering suspicion

       <My mission objectives from the Carrier are clear>  Declaration of self-exculpation and bloated patriotism

       <…>  Uncertainty and discomfiture

       <Are yours>?  Elliptical interrogative, imbedded challenge, and skepticism

       <Just what are you insinuating there>?  Information interrogative and anger

       <I think, FeFe, you are starting to develop a sympathy for them over the Clan>  Derisive declaration and scorn

       <I am just trying to rationalize everything>  Defensive declaration and denial

       <I know>  Condescending declaration and false sympathy

       <I know you know>  Stalwart declaration and sudden annoyance

       <Anyway, with the meticulous coverage you’ve provided over these years on ‘Caraway,’ I think I know how to run his office>  Patronizing declaration, mock deference, and self-assured dismissal

       <You’d have to with all the time you’re putting into it without any overseer>  Self-righteous retort, contemptuousness, and intimated challenge

       <…>  Indignance and annoyance

       <…>  Smugness and imbedded challenge

       <Any news from the ‘Archangel’ unit>?  Mitigating concession, sudden interest, hint directive, and interrogative

       <Nothing new>  Complacent declaration

       <No news is good news for you, I suppose>  Calm declaration and latent affront

       <…>   Pause and frustration

       <And the status of subject ‘Ellone’>?  Elliptical interrogative and mild curiosity

       <She is as you left her>  Calm declaration and patronizing reminder

       <Excellent>  Marked satisfaction

       <So what is on the docket for today>?  Casual interest

       <Have you seen the digital recording for last night>?  Rhetorical interrogative, hint directive, and high hopes

       <I did not know there was one>  Denial, interest, and dread

       <Take a look for yourself>  Imperative directive, smugness, and pleasure

       <First tell me where you got this>  Imperative directive and suspicion

       <From one of our scouts who was monitoring the cliffs yesterday>  Preplanned explanation and information declaration

       <Oh>!  Awareness, numbness, and shock

       <…>  Eager anticipation and giddiness

       <So>?  Elliptical interrogative, imbedded challenge, suppressed disdain, and dismissal

       <It means more when taken in conjunction to this latest recording>

       <It is real>  Casual acknowledgement and internal revel

       <Where did you get this>?  Interrogative, numbness, and suspicion

       <From one of our scouts who was monitoring the beach this morning>  Preplanned explanation and information declaration

       <Interesting>  Passive declaration and internal conflict

       <Now do you believe me when I say the entire race is depraved>?  Interrogative, stalwart proposition, biased conclusion, and superiority

       <You still cannot condemn the entire population for having one philanderer>  Passive declaration, defiance

       <Then I suppose their society finds it acceptable to be lying under two different women in two days’ time while indebted to yet a third one>?  Overly agreeable concurrence, brusquely feigned deference, condescension, and blatant sarcasm

       <I am sure there is some explanation for this>  Calm declaration

       <If it needs explanation, then it is wrong>  Didactic quotation, bias, and superciliousness

       <You know that is not what I think>  Denial, irritation, and patronizing reminder

       <Are you willing to concede that he could have murdered comrade PuPu>?  Stalwart declaration, self-assuredness, and accusation with finality

       <The last recording from PuPu is ultimately not enough evidence to support that claim>  Earnest opinion, hesitancy, and internal struggle

       <Truth will declare itself soon enough>  Didactic quotation, self-assuredness, and insinuation of stalwart conclusion

       <…>  Pause, uncertainty, and fruitlessness

       <In the meantime, go secure ‘Caraway’ for another operation>  Imperative directive and undaunted dismissal

       <…>  Pause and reluctance

       <…>  Obstinacy, anticipation, and implied, imputed challenge

       <Fine>  Grudgingly conceded accordance

* * ** *** ***** ********

Jeremy's Scribbles:

If you didn’t catch this in Setting 01, the syntactical structure might seem a bit weird at first glance, because I have a unique method of transcribing what the aliens are communicating.

The "stage directions" after each line they communicates are necessary, and they aren't stage directions; PuPu's alien clan does not communicate with their voices, only their thoughts. They don't have facial expressions either, which means to communicate elements such as sarcasm or emotion, I have to add the "stage directions" and, if you noticed, keep the emotion-denoting punctuation marks (question or exclamation) outside of the <brackets>.

In actuality, those "stage directions" are called the "pragmatics" of language. The words they actually "speak" are called the "semantics" of language. Because they aren't actually making any sounds with their mouths, I used <brackets> instead of "quotations" to indicate what they want to <communicate> with their thoughts. Also, throughout the rest of the story, thoughts are italicized and speech is unmodified. So what the aliens want to communicate show up <like this>.

However, even by including the pragmatics after the semantics, there is still no way I can differentiate for you which alien is which. If they did not greet each other when a third or fourth being waltzed in, or say their respective names in each line, we would have no idea who the addresser and addressee were for any given statement. That is the flaw of indirect narration, I'm afraid, and I will try to find was to rectify it.

I would appreciate your reviews for this chapter so I can see what you are thinking or feeling, so as better to go back and make corrections for other readers if I see that everyone is stumbling between the same two chapters.  Also, if you catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, would you please notify me via email so that I may correct them as soon as possible?  Thanks in advance.

Setting 21

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