Wishes Chapter 1

By Jeff Schmidt

It’s been 4 months since the final battle against Altima. It’s still a mystery to all who participated, but it seems that everyone in the battle survived and managed to make it back to Ivalice in one piece. They’ve since said their good byes and went their separate ways.

Ramza and Alma decided it would be too dangerous to live a very public life while Delita was king. But since they knew nothing of the world outside of Ivalice, they found a small home in Warjilis, and Ramza took a job as a town guardsman, under the assumed name Azmar.

Thunder God Cid was now an outlaw, hunted by his former friends as a deserter. Although the legend of his strength had not weakened over the years, and his persuers scarcely dared to come close to him. He began wandering the countryside, taking odd jobs posted in bars to try and give back to Ivalice the best way he could. This saddened him emensely not to have a home, or a powerful position to help the people. But he took what he could get, and made due.

Beowulf and Reis were happy simply to be alive and together. They moved out to the countryside and started a Demon Ranch, for people who wanted a pet, a protector, or even a mode of transportation. They enjoyed their work, and while they weren’t very successful, they never regreted their decision.

Meliadoul knew there was nowhere for her to go now. Her entire family had been killed, and after the church’s scheme, she no longer wanted to go back there. Like Orlandu she made up her mind to simply roam wherever the road lead her. She had little adventure, little money, and no where to go. She was extremely sad, and so decided to head back to Goug to find Mustadio, at least then she’d be with a friend.

Mustadio went back to Goug and took over his father Besrodio’s business. He was even more successful then his dad, and made enough money to let them both live comfortably for the rest of their lives, but he kept his job more as a hobby than anything else. Nothing pleased him more than tinkering with a new toy, or trying his hand at reprogramming Worker 8, who they all decided would be better off with Mustadio.

Cloud was disheartened to find out that the machine that brought him to Ivalice was malfunctioning, and he was stuck there until Mustadio could find a way to fix it. He stayed with Mustadio and helped him the best he could. He was not very adept with technology, but still more so than most of the people around, and Mustadio found a few uses for him.

Agrias like many of the others felt lost after the world had changed so much. The only thing she’d ever done was be a bodyguard, but with Ovelia dead, she had nobody to guard. She wandered the country looking for possible clients, but it seemed that every few months she was drawn back to Warjilis to see Ramza and Alma. She couldn’t really explain it, in fact she hadn’t really noticed until Alma pointed it out one night while Ramza was out on a job.

“Agrias, can I ask you something?” asked Alma, fetching the kettle from the fire for their tea.

“Of course, Alma. What’s on your mind?” replied Agrias. It was odd, but she was beginning to really trust Alma, almost like........ a friend.

“Well, I don’t mean to be personal but...... well..... I was just wondering why it is that you keep showing up here. I mean I love having you here, and I’m sure Ramza does too. But every time you leave you end up coming back a little bit sooner. This time you were only away a few weeks before you were knocking on the door again.” She poured the boiling water into the cups of Gysahl Greens. Alma had long ago realized that while normally used to feed chocobos, the greens made a very delicious tea....... she just had to lie about what was in it. “Well....... I’m not really sure, Alma. I mean, I love being here, it just feels like home. But you’re right I do come here pretty often. I didn’t even realize it to be honest. I guess it could be because you and I have become such close friends.” Agrias answered sipping her tea.

Alma simply laughed. “I’m thinking there’s more too it than that.”

“What?” Agrias said confused, but before Alma could answer, Ramza came in the door with some very tattered armour and a large sack of gil over his shoulder.

“Agrias! Back again I see. You know I really wish you’d stay longer this time, I could use some help at these jobs.” Ramza said, clasping Agrias’ shoulders while she sat. He took a seat next to her and Alma poured him a cup of tea, giggling all the while.

“Are you sure that’s the reason you want her to stay, brother?” she asked with a smile.

“Well of course I enjoy her company, that’s obvious.”

Alma sighed. “You two are so blind.” and got up to refill the kettle. Ramza and Agrias looked at each other and shrugged.

* * *

So, all was quiet in the land of Ivalice, but someone was making sure it wouldn’t stay that way.

King Delita sat at his thrown in Lesalia, going over the current business of the kingdom with his advisors.

“With the recent murder of High Priest Funeral the nation is in chaos over who the new religious leader will be. The only obstacle to monarchy has ever had to complete dominance has been the Church. But with the High Priest gone it would be simple for us to put one of our own men in his place, then we can assure that the public will follow you and only you.” said Minister Gelwan, but Delita was hardly paying attention. After the glory of finally becoming King he now missed the adventure and excitement he had in getting this far. Truth be told, being a King is boring work.

“I’ll leave that up to you Minister. You seem to have this all planned out. But I’ve had enough of this for now, all other new business may be brought forth tomorrow, you are all dismissed.” and with that his aides bowed and departed. “And guards you may wait outside, I’m not to be disturbed.”

Delita turned to face the window. From his high parapet he could look out upon his kingdom almost as far as Lionel. A breathtaking sight to say the least. Couped up in the thrown room it was his primary source of amusement. But it also left him much time to think. And when he had time to think he thought about Teta. How long had it been since she died? He could scarcely remember. Not long enough it would seem, for her face was still engraved in his mind. It nearly brought him to tears.

“Horrible...... what happened to her.” said a voice behind him. Delita whirled to see Gelwan in front of him again.

“I said you were dismissed senator..... how did you....” but as he was talking the figure of the senator seemed to warp and fade. Changing to that of a man in a long black coat and shortly cut hair with two odd pieces which were very long and trailed from his bangs over his head.

“They have weak minds..... as aparently do you, your highness.” the man said with a slight smile.

Delita was about to yell to the guards but he felt something restraining him.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to kill you, or it’d be done already. I’m simply here to talk. And as you’ve probably noticed I’m stopping you from calling your guards in here. Wouldn’t want to be interupted now would we?”

“Who are you? And what power is this that you possess?” Delita said in a dignified voice, hiding the fear and respect he felt for the stranger in front of him.

“I am the Lord of Darkness, but for our purposes you may call me Riot. I have the power of all that is dark. I go wherever I please, whenever I please. For I am a Vagrant. A wanderer. A walker between worlds near and far.” the man stated in a bored tone. Like he’d explain it a million times before.

“If that is true, then why have you come here to this world?” Delita questioned, not entirely believing the man’s story.

“I’ve come to you as I have come to rulers in other planes to offer you a proposition.”

Delita sat back down in his thrown. “This sounds interesting. Please, go on.”

* * *

Ramza and Agrias were walking back home, carrying the spoils from a recent quest in Lionel.

“I have to say Ramza, it’s quite refreshing to be back fighting along side you again. Even if it is only against petty thieves and minor demons. I’m thinking about staying a little longer.” Agrias said, keeping her eyes on the road in front of her. Ramza looked over happily.

“Alma and I would be delighted if you’d stay. I don’t know why but the house seems empty when you’re not there.” and after that they continued on in silence for a while. Both emersed in their own thoughts.

“Greetings, nobles and commoners of Ivalice.” a voice boomed above them. One that was very familiar.

“Delita!?!?” Ramza gasped, looking in the sky and seeing a giant vision of Delita’s head looking out over the land.

“It is I, your King Delita Hyral. I know this must seem strange to you. It is for me too. But a man has appeared to me recently and offered me a proposition. One I couldn’t refuse. It was that man who gave me the power to tell you all this. The deal we made was this. In one year’s time, a tournament shall be held on the island of Nelveska. This tournament is open to all those in Ivalice who believe themselves worthy of the challenge. There will be three divisions. Noble men, noble women, and commoners. The winners from each division shall be granted twice their weight in gil. But that is not nearly all. The main goal of this entity is to arrange an even bigger tournament than this one. One where the greatest competitors from worlds far and wide will meet, where one person will be declared the greatest fighter of all time. And that person will be granted one wish of his or her choosing. The winner of each division of our tournament, as well as the competitors who finish in second place will be entered in the ultimate tournament. So there you are. You have 1 year to prepare for the greatest spectacle our land has ever known. One year till the Three Champions of Ivalice are crowned, and the Ultimate Champion will be decided. I encourage all of you to spend this time in training for what may be your chance to have anything you wish in the entire world granted. For this is the power of the one called Riot. I bid you good day.” and with that the vision vanished and left Ramza and Agrias (as well as every other person in the country) staring gape mouthed at the sky where he appeared, wondering if it were real, or just a dream.

Chapter 2

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