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Lunar: Eternal Blue Fanfiction
Chronicles of the Princess
- Several months after the destruction of the Dark God Zophar, the world of Lunar was at a stage of rebirth. Cities rebuilt the damage caused by him. People were going back to their lives. The land was not completly peaceful, but it was close. Evil was still afoot, despite the passing of the Dark God. Heroes came out of these times of tragedy. As the great Dragonmaster Alex had, as the young adventurer Hiro had. A seeking youth traveled farther than recorded, in search of his past. It was the start of another great adventure. When he returned, the land seemed the same. But, during his absence, the world of Lunar had changed. The change was so small, noone would notice at first. But as time would go on, it would be seen, and felt. This world would be drug into Evil once more. The young man named Keo would be swept into an adventure that could change the future of an entire world....
Chapter 1: Red Dragon's Tears - August 18th, 2003, revised February 10th, 2004
Chapter 2: Unexpected Arrival - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 3: White Dragon Nall - February 10th, 2004

Lunar: Eternal Blue Fanfic