Name: Chase Warner.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthdate: August 24th, 1987
Occupation: Student at Nachitoches Central (Junior) in Nachitoches, Louisiana.

Info: My name is Chase, and I am the author of the fanfiction The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is my only major work, since beforehand I have been writing poetry for different subjects, usually RPG games, since I love the way the characters are expressed. Yes, I am a Junior in Highschool and have been writing this story since....Last year is when I picked up the pace, back in March. I am writing the entire journey of Link, except I express it in my own words. Anyway, back to myself. I am taken by a beautiful girl named Kaci, she is an artist herself, so we sort of clash together as a couple. Back to myself. Um, I am into video games, anime from japan, music of all types (Beatles are my favorite) that can range from rock to J-pop. Also I love to write, I've always loved reading and some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, John Steinback, but the most was Tolkien. That's what mostly got me started to finish Zelda...at first I didn't finish it, but then....I saw it and replayed the game. Indeed, I shall finish this story and move on to greater things--but what's greater than Zelda?

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Novelization
Prologue: A Dream of Dreams - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 1: The Sea of Envy - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 2: Ring of Flames - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 3: Azure Reflections - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 4: Maiden of Forests - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 5: Blaze of Deceit - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 6: Engagement of Aqua - February 10th, 2004
Chapter 7: Ceremony of the Dead - August 7th, 2005

Legend of Zelda Fanfic