Emmett J. Smith, Jr.

Hm, what is there to say about me...well, I'm in my early twenties currently and I attend an out of the way community college in northern California. I've been drawing for most of my life, I did some sparse writing as a child but got more interested in it near the turn of the century.

I don't work with fan pic/art too much, honestly, as I prefer to work on my own worlds I've imagined but I do have my moments of catching an idea in my head from already established characters and running with it or more often then naught, I drop the ball. This is how it goes with a lot of my work, that's why I don't make promises as I need to be and stay inspired. My main muse in whatever I do is music, I imagine from it, I draw to it, I write to it, the directions of my work go where the music I'm listening to does from mood to actual specific ideas.

I do play games, still, though. My all time favorites are Lunar: The Silver Star, it's sequel, Eternal Blue and their remakes. Following those, the Chrono series, Mana series and Suikoden series and to a lesser extent, the Final Fantasy and Grandia series. Panzer Dragoon Saga is also a favorite stand alone (as an RPG, not the whole series). I also like the Gabriel Knight Mysteries, a PC adventure series and the Quest for Glory series, another PC adventure series. I'm a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki's anime movies and I listen to a wide array of genres and bands in music.

Hm, I like to think I'm a pleasant person, even if nowhere near perfect, so I welcome any helpful comments to my work as long as I'm treated with the same respect the emailer would want. I hate to be so blunt about it but I've received my fair share of rude feedback. Thank you for visiting my corner of the site and take care!

Legend of Mana Fanfiction
Trails of Difference- In this story, which mainly takes place before the events in Legend of Mana, the intertwined pasts of four friends are explored. How did Matilda and Irwin first meet? Why did Irwin choose to destroy the world? Why Escad could never accept Matilda’s wishes? Does Daena have the strength to confront Irwin? How did the lives of four innocent children be led down a darkened fate? I will tell the story of how I envisioned the answers to these questions.
Prologue - February 10th, 2004

Legend of Mana Fanfic