The Cry of the Planet Chapter 15


By Edyn Cross

Lucrecia slept. The sun peeked through the window at about eight in the morning, waking Lucrecia by placing a heavy blanket over her. She tossed the covers off as she sat up and rubbed her eyes and the first thing she saw when she opened them was the Turk's jacket hung over the desk chair. She closed her eyes and shook her head remembering the night before. She couldn't believe how she let herself go like that. She was a scientist, a very good one at that, and she felt that what she had participated in was probably the least rational thing she could have done, especially when she has previously committed obligations.

As her thoughts turned to Hojo, she thought it would be a good idea to take a shower. She hopped out of bed and into the bathroom attached to her bedroom. As she showered, she kept thinking of the previous night on the Shinra porch. She hated herself for doing what she did with Vincent, but a part of her that would never fully surface, loved every minute of it and begged for more. She also tried to think of some non-embarrassing way that she'll be able to return Vincent's jacket it to him. While lost in her thoughts, Lucrecia stood with her face under the running water, oblivious to the sound of her bedroom door opening.

As the door opened slowly, the gaunt and sleep deprived Hojo stepped into Lucrecia's bedroom closing the door behind him. He looked inside the room and saw the bed empty and unmade.

"Lucrecia?" Hojo asked trying not to sound irritated.

Hojo listened for an answer but all he heard was the shower running in the bathroom. He grinned a bit while glancing around Lucrecia's room. He went to her dresser, opening drawers looking for nothing in particular. He moved his search from the dresser, to the desk and the first thing he saw was a navy blue jacket that looked VERY familiar. He ripped it off the back of the chair and examined it. After finding the Shinra logo on the tag, he gripped the jacket until his knuckles turned even whiter than they already were. Hojo stormed towards the bathroom with his face turning crimson.

The bathroom door was cracked open a few inches and Hojo pushed it open as hard as he could. Lucrecia's thoughts were shattered and she yelped in surprise. Hojo went towards the shower, grabbed onto the curtain and ripped it off its hinges exposing Lucrecia.

"Hojo!" Lucrecia screamed looking for something to cover herself with.

"You little WHORE!" Hojo hissed. "Did you fuck him? Did you, you little cunt?"

"Hojo, please!" Lucrecia cried naked and helpless.

"ANSWER ME!" Hojo demanded.

Lucrecia could only stand there, feeling nothing but shame and embarrassment. Hojo grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the shower. He pushed her into the bedroom and bent her over the so that her back was to him.

"Hojo, please!" Lucrecia was crying. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Hojo held Lucrecia down with his body and slammed the suit jacked on the bed in front of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so that she could see.

"Oh, I think you know what I'm talking about," Hojo snapped. "Even though I have a good idea, I'm going to ask anyway. What did that come from?"

"L... Last night," Lucrecia cried. "While you and Gast were inside… I was out back on the porch. Vin… Vincent came back from town and saw me. I… I got cold and he, he gave me his jacket to wear. I just forgot to give it back!"

"You're lying," Hojo said, pleased with his control over the girl.

"No!" Lucrecia cried. "It's the truth, I promise! I was going to give it back to him this morning, just ask him, he'll tell you."

Hojo let go of her hair, but still kept his weight on her pinning her to the bed face down.

"Do you know how much effort I've put into this Experiment?" Hojo asked. "Do you have any idea at all? You DO want to participate don't you? By the looks of it lately, it seems as though you'd rather whore yourself around Shinra Inc."

"Y… Yes," Lucrecia said sniffing. She wanted to assist in the Experiment more than anything, even if it was with Hojo. To a scientist like Lucrecia, this was an opportunity of a lifetime. Science was the one thing Lucrecia loved above anything.

"Good," Hojo said. "You stay away from that Turk. He is a compromise to the Project. I don't need you to blow the entire Experiment just because you want to fuck around with everyone in Shinra."

Hojo ran his hand down Lucrecia's side and between her legs as he pinned her down. Lucrecia cried out softly wanting it to be over.

"You know what I need from you," Hojo said feeling her warmth. "So do you, me, the Project a favor and stay away from the Turk. I don't need your participation just yet, but soon, do you understand me, girl?"

Lucrecia could only nod her head.

"Fine," Hojo stood up leaving Lucrecia bent over the bed. She let her legs go and she slid down the bed and kneeled on the floor not looking at Hojo.

"You are a vital asset to this Experiment," Hojo said sounding calm again. "Remember, if you tell anyone about this… incident, you are off the Project. And with one word to the President from me, you will be out of the Science Division as well. Understood?"

Lucrecia nodded with silent tears running down her face.

Hojo straightened his clothes and walked towards the door. He opened it and looked back at her before leaving.

"Put some clothes on," Hojo grimaced. "You're disgusting."

Hojo slammed the door behind him leaving the sobbing Lucrecia on the floor. She sat there for a full ten minutes crying before she could make herself get up and turn off the shower. She dressed and put up her hair telling herself that it was all okay because it was for the good of science, but she never once thought of what would be good for Lucrecia. As she made her bed, she then thought of how much she wanted to see Vincent, just to have him tell her everything is going to be okay. Silent tears streaked her face again, as she knew that would be impossible. What she knew was that the part of her that lived for science was stronger than the part of her that lived for anything else. Even herself. Even love.

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