The Cry of the Planet Chapter 12


By Edyn Cross

Vincent stood on the Airship bridge leaning on the bars by the front window looking at the passing scenery. When passing the Gold Saucer in the desert, the clear night air allowed him see the fireworks in the distance looking like a thousand fireflies dancing over an endless pond of sand. Vincent had always wanted to visit the Gold Saucer, mostly to try his gun skills out in the Battle Arena, but Shinra Inc. giving it's employees enough vacation time at once to tour the Gold Saucer was a joke.

A few hours after passing the Gold Saucer, Vincent took his seat and watched as the Airship approached the Cosmo Canyon area. The city in Cosmo Canyon was built into the side of a canyon wall and was the only city on the Planet not powered by coal or Mako. Instead, many large fans placed throughout the city using the gusty canyon winds provided Cosmo Canyon with electricity. President Shinra had been trying for years to get the residents to agree with the installation of a Mako Reactor, but the naturalist Natives turned him down and basically said that the President's reactors were killing the Planet. President Shinra said that they were being unreasonable and that Mako Reactor couldn't possibly harm the Planet. The Cosmo Natives also pointed out the gradually decaying plant life on the outskirts of Midgar, but President Shinra told them that it was nonsense and the Reactors were 100% safe for people, animals, and the Planet. It wasn't the first time in his life that President Shinra knowingly lied. And the Natives knew it.

Vincent didn't really have any desire to visit Cosmo Canyon. Places like that were too boring and too damn quiet, as he had always been fond of big city living. Street lamps lighting the night sky, pavement under his feet, and the constant hustle and bustle of people going about their daily business. A large city was a place where you could easily lose yourself hiding in the crowd where no one knew you or cared what you did and was Vincent's ideal home. Although… A quiet place like Cosmo Canyon would be a perfect for… A nice place to spend time with…. her… with… Damn it.

Lucrecia was going to drive Vincent mad before they even got to Nibelheim and he was almost starting to get pissed off. She had occupied every other thought that went through his head and he was beginning to think that he should stay as far from her as possible. Maybe that would get his mind off her and onto his job. Vincent was beginning to really despise himself for gawking over that woman so much, but he found it nearly impossible not to. Beautiful Lucrecia.

His thoughts were shattered as the Captain announced their arrival to Nibelheim and Vincent jerked up and found out that he had been dozing. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was just beginning to peek over the canyons in the distant east announcing a new day. Vincent felt a growing rumble in the Airship as it set down in a large field about a quarter of a mile outside of Nibelheim. He looked out the window and saw a flock of wild Chocobos scatter as the Airship made it's landing on the grass.

"You guys are gonna hafta walk a bit," Captain Highwind said smoking a cigarette. "I couldn't get ya any closer without tearing up some roads. My crew'll help ya with your equipment and stuff, just let me know if you got any problems."

Vincent nodded as the Pilot put out his cigarette, took another one from his front pocket, lit it and inhaled with pleasure. "I'll tell you right now my son ain't gonna be no damn smoker like me," the Captain coughed and smiled at the thought of his son. "Guess I'd better quit, the doctors say it's bad for the kid."

Even after that comment, Vincent smiled noticing the Pilot didn't make an effort to put out his current cigarette. The rumble finally ceased ending with a large thump as the Airship landed.

"It was nice meeting you, Valentine," the Captain said. "I've heard a lotta stuff bout the Turks and you don't fit any of em."

"Um, thanks, I guess," Vincent replied.

"Yer damn right it was a compliment!" the Captain said laughing. "You try to have fun, that Nibelheim place is as boring as shit. We had an emergency landing round here once and had to stay there while the Airship was being repaired. Almost shot myself in the face just trying to find something to do."

Vincent laughed and gave the Captain one last nod before leaving the bridge. He made his way to the exit, disappointed that the briefing room where the scientists were staying was empty. He walked towards the exit with other crewmen eager to get the Airship unloaded and be on their way. As the crewman made their way to the storage room, Vincent made his way to the exit. He didn't envy the crewmen's job as the only way to get on and off the Airship is through the top and then down a long ladder to the ground.

As Vincent was climbing down the ladder, he noticed how much cooler it was in this part of the Planet. Midgar always seemed to give off a heat of it's own, Vincent didn't know if it was because of the location or all the Mako Reactors, but here it was cool enough to make Vincent actually feel like he was dressed sensibly in his full suit.

After stepping off the final rung of the ladder he flattened his suit, straightened his tie and looked around at the scenery. To the south, east, and west there were miles of fields with wild Chocobos feeding of the greens that grew there. To the north, the tiny town of Nibelheim sat at the base of the most ominous mountain range Vincent had ever seen. They were mostly grey as they held no plant life whatsoever. The jagged rock looked as sharp razorblades and Vincent thought he could see a path cut through the terrain, but wasn't certain. He lowered his eyes towards the town, a podunk little burg with a few small houses, even fewer small businesses, a well in the center, and a giant mansion closest to the Nibel Mountains. Knowing President Shinra, Vincent assumed only he would pick something that elaborate in a town such as this.

He grabbed his only suitcase from the pile of luggage that the crewmen made while unloading the Airship and saw Lucrecia's suitcase as well. Vincent picked it up, looked around and saw Lucrecia standing with Gast and Hojo by the pile of laboratory equipment. He took a deep breath and walked over to the scientists. Lucrecia had her back her to him and she didn't seem to notice Gast and Hojo looking behind her at Vincent.

"Lucrecia," Vincent said tapping her on the shoulder.

"Oh!" She quickly spun around sending her glasses to the ground. "Oh, no."

"I'm sorry, let me get those," Vincent apologized.

Vincent and Lucrecia knelt down at the same time to get her glasses. Vincent was the first to get his hand on them, but Lucrecia was quick too. Her hand grasped his instead of her glasses and both Vincent and Lucrecia looked at each other with their faces no more than six inches apart. There was a good five seconds of silence before either of them spoke.

"Here," Vincent said softly still kneeling. "Sorry about that."

Lucrecia accepted her glasses and put them on trying desperately to take her eyes off his. They both stood up at the same time and Lucrecia could only offer a smile for thanks. Gast watched all this with humble smile while Hojo's naturally pale complexion turned a scarlet red.

"What are you doing here, Turk?" Hojo snapped.

Vincent looked at Hojo indifferently, "I was assigned by President Shinra to keep you all safe, remember? Besides…" Vincent motioned towards Lucrecia's suitcase. "I figured the lady might want her bag."

"Her legs aren't broken," Hojo said. "And you're paid to protect us, not socialize, so why don't you just keep your distance."

"That's enough, Hojo," Gast broke in. "Vincent, why don't you and Lucrecia take our bags into town and inspect the Shinra mansion. Hojo and I stay here to make sure none of these crewmen break any of our equipment?"

"But, Professor!" Hojo was livid. "I don't think…"

"I said that was enough, Hojo," Gast replied calmly.

Hojo stood there utterly appalled with his mouth hanging open.

"Close your mouth," Gast said. "You'll catch a bug."

Lucrecia couldn't resist a giggle and Vincent stood expressionlessly staring at Hojo.

"Now, off you go," Gast said handling Lucrecia her suitcase. "We'll be in town later on today probably around noon, so let's all meet in the mansion for lunch. Sound good?"

Hojo only managed a grunt while Lucrecia nodded and Vincent said nothing.

"Alright then, we'll see you later," Gast said.

Lucrecia said her goodbye and began walking towards the pile of luggage. Hojo gave Vincent a deathly look and much to Vincent's surprise, Gast smiled and shot Vincent a wink.

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