To Heal A Shattered Heart Chapter 11

By EagleHeart

Cid pulled up in front of a gray door. "End of the line. Get out of my car."

"It’s not yours, Cid," Lyria reminded him.

"It is for tonight. Now out."

"Touchy this evening, aren’t we?" Lyria assumed a superior look. "Very well then, driver, we’ll be off for the night…do try not to get too terribly drunk."

Vincent half smiled as Cid scowled and stuck his tongue out at Lyria.

"Hmph. No tip for you." Lyria took Vincent’s arm and the couple entered the doors.

"Good evening," A red uniformed guard politely greeted them. "May I see your invitations?"

"Here." Lyria handed the man two gold embossed cards and smiled whimsically. "My husband and I are just dying to join the festivities…"

"This seems to be in order…Enjoy the evening." The guard stepped aside as the elevator door opened.

"Husband?" Vincent asked as the elevator doors slid shut and the digital numbers on the screen began to climb.

"What’s wrong with that?"

"I didn’t think…"

"No, you obviously didn’t. What did you think we were going to be? Brother and sister? Not on your life, it was either married or engaged…except…I don’t have a ring…"

"You’re wearing gloves."

"What about you?"

"Wedding rings are customarily worn on the left hand, correct?" Vincent held up the metal claw. "Where would I put it?"

"Oh, all right…but we’re still married."


"What about names? I think mine is ok, but won’t people recognize yours?"

"Maybe. It’s been a long time."

"We should think of something different."

"Like what?"

"How about Dawson? After my father."

"If you want."

"Come on, you have to give me input one way or the other…"

"Fine. It’s a good name."

"So Dawson and Lyria Kindred?"


"Ok, good."

There was a soft chime and the elevator doors opened into a brightly lit ballroom. Lyria and Vincent stepped out, Lyria still resting a hand lightly on Vincent’s arm.

"It wasn’t like this when I worked here…" Vincent murmured.

"No? Does that mean the rest of the building is different too?"

"Probably not…they may even have just redone this floor for tonight…"

"Sorry. I’m nervous…"

"Don’t be. Nothing will go wrong. We’ll slip away to one of the lower floors after asking around a bit about where Hojo’s records would be…"

"You seem so confident…" Lyria’s tone was almost envious.

"I know what we’re supposed to be doing and I used to work here."

"So shall we go mingle?"

"I guess."

"I want to meet people who are Turks like you were."

"Anyone in a blue suit is a Turk…"

"There aren’t all that many of them are there?" Lyria glanced around the large room, spotting only a handful of ShinRa’s special forces.

"It wasn’t always like this…there used to be far more…"

"Well…I’d like to meet one of them…"


"Maybe it’ll help me understand you better."

"I doubt it."

"I think it’ll help." Lyria pulled Vincent over to a large buffet along the wall where two blue suited men were standing. One was tall, well built, and bald with dark glasses and the other had flaming red hair and a rather rumpled appearance, as though he’d slept in his clothes.

"Lyria, this probably isn’t the best idea…"

"Why not?"

"Because…" Vincent trailed off and looked hard at the two men. It was impossible…


"I can't believe it. I never expected you to be promoted to Second Class. My congratulations, Vincent."

"...Thank you, Professor."

    "Quite welcome. It's just that... How did you do it? When it comes to diplomatics, your only real talent is stopping the conversation. As quiet as you are, it almost seems that people can feel you coming up behind them. No matter how undercover you go, people stay away from you. Mind you, I've never seen such a good shot with any firearm; but..."

    "I suppose they saw what the new recruits looked like, and decided to show them who was on top of the mountain."

    "Indeed. Two of them show a great deal of potential though. Er... A Charles Reno, and a Rutford Kevins."

    "They’re the ones I was talking about. If Mister Reno wasn't so good with his mouth, that open shirt and busted up jacket would have kicked him out already. And the other one... He has the personality of a brick. Talks about as much as one, too."

    "Indeed. But he hits as hard as one, or so the trainers say."

    "True. I called him Rutford, and he was about an inch away from giving me a black eye in a second. He refuses to answer to anything but Rude. Fitting nickname, I say."

    "Hmm. Quite right, Mister Valentine. Now, I want to ask you a favour."


    "Volunteer yourself with those two, and go out for a bit. I have a target, which will be a great help for our research. Would you be so kind as to help us get it?"

    "Why not?"

    "Excellent. Join me in my office, and I'll show you the pictures. Her name's Ifalna."

    "I'm right behind you, Professor Gast."


Planetary Year- 1904 --- 7/6  60° N, 30° W, somewhere above the Gaea Mountain Range

    "So... Let me get this straight. You drag our rumps halfway across the world, to the coldest goddamn point on the Planet, to capture a girl who Gast wants to use as a guinea pig?"

    "..." Vincent said nothing. How many times did he have to tell them?


    Rude's silence made Reno even more uncomfortable than Vincent's did. He shrugged. "Okay, okay. Just making sure. Don't want to screw up my first field mission, that's all."

    The helicopter zoomed over oceans and wastelands, through freezing winds and small blizzards. Reno and Rude shivered in their suits. Vincent calmly removed his midnight blue cape from his pack, and threw it around his shoulders.

    "Why do you wear that? It can't make you that warm. It just makes you look like a freak."  Reno said.

    Even through the rookie's sunglasses, Vincent could feel Rude's embarrassment at his partner's brashness.

    Vincent lifted one eyebrow, and drew his gun from its holster. He pulled the corner of his cape around the barrel, and pointed the gun at Reno through the cape. He pulled the trigger. Reno flinched. The bullet harmlessly bounced off of the cape, onto the floor.

    "If it can hold a bullet, shouldn't it be able to hold the wind and snow?"

    Reno gulped, and nodded.

   Vincent said nothing for the rest of the flight to the Icicle Inn.


Planetary Year- 1904 --- 7/6 Icicle Inn, Gaea Mountains

    The snow burst up in giant clouds as the chopper slowly lowered itself to the ground. Three midnight blue clad gentlemen stepped out of the chopper. The tallest one, with wild, black hair, said something to the pilot. The chopper returned to the sky, and flew southward, towards the wastes beyond the town. The men split up, and began walking from home to home. A woman stepped out of her cabin, and waved to the tall one. "Over here!"

    Vincent saw the women, with long brown hair. It was her! He whistled sharply, signalling to his fellows, and began to walk towards his target.

    "I am Ifalna," she said. "I will not go with you."

    Vincent balked in surprise and anger, and was about to argue with the woman.

    "But," The woman held up her hand, to keep him from arguing,  "I will allow Professor Gast to come here. If he wishes, I will allow him to set up his lab here, in my home."

    Vincent was surprised. How had she known? He paused. "..." Finally, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out his PHS. (Personal Handheld -communication- System)

    "Gast? It's Vincent. We have a proposition. How would you like to take a little vacation?"


"Because what?" Lyria asked.

"I’m not sure…I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner…I think I might know the both of them…"

"From where?"

"They gave us a lot of trouble recently…two years ago, I mean. I didn’t pay much attention to either of them, probably because I didn’t care at the time…but they seem awfully familiar…"

"From where? Did you know them when you were a Turk?"

"It feels like it."

"But…that would mean they’d both have to be at least in their fifties…the red head doesn’t look much older than you, maybe even younger…"

"I know…"

"Odd…oh well. Can’t let a mere coincidence stop me…" Lyria slipped away and walked up to the pair of men. She picked up a plate and reached between them for a slice of fruit that was sitting on one of the platters on the table. "Excuse me…"

"Any time, gorgeous. I must say, the view is nicer with you in front of me instead of Rude." The red haired man grinned mischievously. "Name’s Reno. I know a charming little broom closet on the floor just above this one…wanna come get to know me better?"

Lyria looked coolly at the Turk. "I’d have to ask my husband first…"

"Oh, dammit. Husband, eh? And I take it you aren’t one of the delightfully sinful vixens who sees a husband as a mere misunderstanding, to be overlooked when he gets old and boring?"

"Sorry, no."

"Well, I tried…who’s your husband? Maybe I know him…"

"Ah…I don’t think so…we’re from out of town…Dawson…my husband, Dawson Kindred and I. I’m Lyria, by the way."

"Pretty name for a pretty lady. This is Rude." Reno pointed over Lyria’s shoulder at the man in sunglasses. "He doesn’t talk too much."

"Pleasure to meet you, Rude…rather an odd name, though, isn’t it?" Lyria held out a velvet-gloved hand. The grip she was met with was surprisingly firm, even though she could tell he was trying to hold her hand lightly.

Rude didn’t answer, but Reno interjected. "His real name’s…" Reno was cut off as Rude covered his face with a large hand. Reno struggled for a moment and banged a Rude’s forearm with a fist. Rude held on for a little longer, and then released Reno who choked and gasped for air.

"That isn’t very healthy…" Lyria admonished.

"Heh. It’s ok. If Rude doesn’t kill me, it’ll be drinking, smoking, or a bullet somewhere…personally, I think I’d prefer Rude’s methods. I’d rather have a friend kill me than someone I don’t know."

"That’s an odd attitude…"

"I suppose. Just a different way of looking at things really…"

"Lyria? Why’d you wander off?" Reno glanced up as a tall man with black hair came up and casually wrapped an arm around Lyria’s slender shoulders. "Who are these two?"

"Sorry, darling, I just wanted a bit of something to eat…this is Reno," Lyria pointed to the red head. "And this is Rude."

"Charmed, I’m sure."

"Nice to meet you too, Stretch," Reno grinned.

"Hey Reno! Who’re you talkin’ to?" A young blonde woman in a navy blue suit pushed her way through the crowd over to where Reno and Rude were standing.

"Just some people." Reno shrugged. "You talk too much, so we didn’t mention you…"

"Reno! That wasn’t nice! I’m Elena." The blonde Turk gave a little wave and smiled at Lyria. "What’s your name?"

"Lyria Kindred, and this is my husband, Dawson."

"Oh. So…where’re you from?"

"Kalm," Lyria answered, glancing at Vincent.

"Never been there. What’s it like?"

"You’ve never been? I thought the Turks were better traveled…"

"Turks are. Elena isn’t." Reno gave Elena a playful shove.

"What do you mean by that Reno? I’m as much a Turk as you are!"

"I’ve been a Turk longer than you."

"Not much longer."

Reno ignored Elena and instead looked past her at a fat man who was waddling his way over to the small group. "Oh damn…watch it Elena, here comes Corneo…you watch yourself too, Lyria…"

"Hello, ladies…" Don Corneo sidled up to Elena and gave her a lecherous grin. "How you doin’ sweetie?"

"Leave me alone…" Elena said, hiding behind Rude.

"Not in a playful mood, kitten? Well, what about you?" Corneo turned to Lyria. "You’re a lovely creature…wanna have some fun?"

"Touch me and I’ll kill you."

"A delicate little thing like you?" Corneo laughed.

Vincent reached out his left hand and closed it firmly around the collar of Corneo’s shirt. "You think she might be able to kill you. You know I can."

"In a room full of people like this?" Corneo laughed again.

Vincent slipped his gun out of its holster and pressed the muzzle against Corneo’s forehead. "Yes. In a room full of people like this."

"You wouldn’t…" Sweat beaded on Corneo’s forehead and trickled down onto the barrel of the handgun. "Not…not in a room full of people. I’m a respected citizen…"

"Are you really? Do you see one person here who would care if I shot you between the eyes?"

"But…that’s murder…"

"I say it was in self defense. You three saw it, right? He attacked me."

"Yup. Plain as day. Don’t know what came over you Corneo, jealousy of Lyria maybe?" Reno said, shaking his head in mock disapproval.

Rude nodded his agreement and Elena smiled wickedly.

"Now, leave my wife alone and if you come back you can pretty much expect a bullet in the forehead."

Corneo stumbled off, trembling like a very fat leaf.

Reno laughed. "I like your style, Dawson. Reminds me of our old boss. You’d make a good Turk."

"I’m sure…joining the Turks…shooting people for fun and profit…"

Reno laughed again, Elena giggled and even Rude smiled slightly.

"Stop joking, Dawson. Would he really?" Lyria asked.

"Sure. We need more recruits lately, since our forces started getting whittled down."

"How so?"

"Well, after the Wutai war we were pretty well half what we’d been, and a lot of Turks have been switching to SOLDIER now that ShinRa’s got pretty much exclusive control of business and industry. We just sorta dwindled down until we were only used as special forces in raids and spy jobs and the like…"

"Wasn’t that what only the Elite members of the Turks were capable of?"

"That’s the thing; the only members left were the Elite. Once in a while a recruit with potential comes along, like Elena, and we get a new member, but other than that, it’s pretty sparse. We aren’t even needed any more…well…we’re needed, but not used."

"Why not?"

"Because of the tub of lard that’s become the head of a once proud and dignified corporation," Rude finally spoke.

"Palmer," Vincent guessed.

"Right. He sits in his office all day; afraid to leave…President ShinRa was the best this company ever had. Even Rufus was better than this. He was an arrogant little bastard, but he was damn intelligent and he took action. When the Promised Land was mentioned, Rufus went looking for it, when Sephiroth got to be a problem, we were sent after him, when Weapon rose outta the ocean and was gonna level Midgar, Rufus fired Sister Ray at it."

"So you’re saying that without a leader who’ll take decisive action, there’s no heart left in this company?"

"That’s about it."

"What about Reeve?"

"No one ever really thought about him. He’s kept his job, but only because Palmer’s too timid to have him removed. Even if he did, a fair number of ShinRa workers support what Reeve did. Whether we understood why or not, Reeve stood against a company that he knew was massively powerful because he knew what was going on wasn’t right. I don’t know whether the Hierarchy was blinded by power or just corrupt, or what…but they all ran themselves into the ground except Reeve and Palmer. In reality, I guess Reeve came out on top, but because there’re a couple extra zeros on the end of Palmer’s paycheck he took the lead."

Elena and Lyria had long since fallen out of the discussion of politics and ethics and were conversing about Lyria’s shoes and gown. Suddenly Lyria gave a little cry of delight and clapped her hands. "Oh Dawson! They’re starting the music…can we go dance?"

"Lyria, we’re talking…"

"Oh please? You said we could…" Lyria’s big green eyes pleaded shamelessly, despite her blatant lying.

"I don’t know how."

"That’s ok…we’ll start slow…" Lyria grabbed Vincent’s hand and tugged him towards the dance floor.

"All right…nice talking to you…"


Rude just nodded as Vincent and Lyria made their way through the crowd to the center space that had been cleared for dancing.

"Now what?"

"It’s simple." Lyria slipped her arms around Vincent’s neck and pulled closer. "I hold you, you hold me. And that’s about it."

"Sounds too easy."

"It is."

"Easy is never good."

"Are you saying this isn’t good?"

"Well…no…I guess not…"

"I think it’s a good thing."

"It’s not why we’re supposed to be here."

"We’ll do what we’re supposed to after this…I’m happy right now. I was really scared coming here…but I feel safe now. Even if I know you’re just pretending and you can’t really feel the same way I do, I feel like no one’s going to hurt me."


"I don’t know…because I’m close to someone I care about…but…I already told you all this…anything I add will be pointless…I do love you though."

Vincent didn’t answer and Lyria sighed, laying her head on his shoulder and wishing he would at least show some emotion.

"We have to go."

"I don’t want to…"

"We can’t stay."

"Why not? Please, even if you don’t feel the same way I do, let me have a few more moments, so I can at least pretend you love me back."

"I’m sorry."

Lyria sighed again. "No, you aren’t. You say it, but you don’t mean it."

"We have to go."

Lyria nearly burst into tears as he moved away, but shook her head and hurried after him, grabbing his hand to at least maintain some semblance of their disguise as a married couple. She felt like she was holding him back, more than he was bringing her along. "Doesn’t he care about me at all?"

"Come on." Vincent opened a door on the far wall, near the elevators and away from the crowd of couples in the middle of the floor.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" A man in a dark suit stepped up to the podium at the head of the room. "May I present, the President of ShinRa, Thaddeus Palmer!"

All eyes in the room turned to an enormously fat man in a mustard yellow tuxedo. Palmer was pale and sweating under the bright lights as he climbed onto the small stage and stood before the podium. "G-good evening, my good friends!" Palmer wiped his forehead with the back of his sleeve. "It is with g-great pl-pleasure that I welcome our guest of honor for this evening, the new head of ShinRa’s Science Department…we welcome a man who has worked long and hard for his goals…"

"A man of his size is sure to have cardiac problems…" Lyria commented, glancing at Vincent. A moment ago he had seemed relaxed and calm, but now his eyes were suddenly intent on the President. "What’s wrong?"

"I’m not sure…I have a bad feeling, let’s get out of here…" Vincent slipped an arm around Lyria’s waist and the couple made their way towards the staircase. "We’ll take the stairs to the floor above, the library. Hojo’s records might be there…"

"S-so now, without any further ado, I present Dr. Gabriel Lewis!" Palmer’s final words echoed in Lyria’s head above the polite applauding of the audience.

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