Whirlwind Chapter 5

The Manipulators

By Danny Asencio

The Duke looked up slowly at the ninja blade that was about to slice his throat. This was it. The glorious reign of Duke Danton ended before it had even begun. He would never be able to take Delita's place on the throne, and he would never be able to bring true justice to Ivalice. All these thoughts spun through his head when something quite unexpected happened. The ninja in front of the Duke dropped his ninja sword to the ground and took of his mask.

"What! It's a HER!" The Duke couldn't believe his eyes. Not only had it been a woman who had infiltrated his security and defeated him, but also she was OLD. She couldn't be any less than fifty.

"You look a little surprised, and maybe disappointed…disappointed that an old lady beat you up?" Kalia had a hint of smugness in her voice as she said this, and the Duke could see that she was almost smiling.

"You are quite perceptive, and you are obviously very clever," the Duke said after regaining his composure, "However, why would you surrender now? You have the upper hand and you were obviously sent by King Delita III to kill me."

"I'm not that psychotic child's dog. He's barely twenty years old and he believes himself to be a king," Kalia spat contemptuously, "I am being coerced to work for that goblin drooler."

"What an opportunity," the Duke thought to himself, "Delita has sent multiple assassins to try and kill me quietly, and this old woman was the only one who ever got so close. She obviously dislikes Delita, so I might be able to use her against him…"

"Why are you smiling," Kalia demanded to know. "I am not for hire if that's what you're thinking."

"Not at all. I was thinking, rather, that I would prefer to have you join me of your own free will. Not only would you get a chance to kill Delita, but I also can remove his influence over you," the Duke reasoned. All the while he hoped silently that she would fall for his bait. Ramiuu looked at the face of his Duke, and he wondered what in the world he was thinking. Kalia was also staring at the Duke, wondering if this was some sort of trap. She thought about why she was here. Delita had coerced her into accepting this mission by means of…

"I accept your proposal," Kalia said in a strange tone, "But first you will show me a gesture of your goodwill." Kalia smiled inwardly. She would remove Delita's influence over her, and she would avoid being caught in this Duke's web of influence.

"And what exactly should this gesture be?"

"I want you to give me command of twenty archers, and I will need a salary of one million gil."

The Duke was slightly surprised by the request, and he considered it carefully before answering. What can she want all those archers for? Is she actually planning on launching her own personal shadow war with Delita? That would be fine but then what if she turns against me? I will have to make sure that she is removed once Delita is destroyed.

"Very well, I grant you all that you request. However I need to see that my wounds are tended to, and then I will need a few days to get the gil you have requested, and proper travel arrangements."

"That's fine. I will return in two weeks time, after which I will help you."

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