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Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
The Legend of Zelda: A Treatment for a Feature Film Screenplay
Many of you are probably very eager to get on with the Zelda: Ocarina of Time movie Iíve written but I feel I must give you all fair warning before hand. In the process of adapting Zelda: OoT into a screenplay many sacrifices were necessary in order to keep the story at a reasonable length. As you will notice on the title page of this script I have been working (off and on) on this screenplay for almost three and a half years, cleaning it up, taking things out and replacing them with others. I have also in that time done my best to preserve the essence of the Zelda games while at the same time being forced to make some major changes to the gamesí storyline, characters, and yes, even the races that inhabit OoT. I mention all of this because in the years that I have been writing and re-writing this script I have put it up in various fan fiction forums for review and have gotten more or the less the same comments regarding some of the changes Iíve made. So before you read on let me let you in a little bit on some of the differences youíll find in this screenplay when comparing it to the game: The Kokiri are not a race of children as they are in the game; the Gerudo consist of both men and women (not to mention that Nabooru is now male, not female); the Zora and the Gorons have been completely eliminated from the story, although I do have a small nod to the Zora; also, the spiritual stones, sage medallions and the Ocarina of Time have been condensed into one magical item I call the Medallion of Time. If you havenít already noticed there is a pattern here. All of the things mentioned above have been sacrificed for the sake of time and story. It would simply take too long to tell this story in a two-hour period and in all fairness I felt that the characters and their relationships were more important and deserved a larger part of the script then spending countless amounts of time explaining why the Gerudo are all female or why the Kokiri are all children let alone going into numerous dungeons searching for eight different items. The point Iím trying to make here is Iím a serious screenwriter. I plan on doing this for a living. When I decided to take on this project three and a half years ago I committed myself to it 100 percent in the hopes of making a true Zelda Screenplay that could appease both hardcore fans and people whoíd never even heard of the game before. So on that note, enjoy the script and please, donít be too hard on me.
The Legend of Zelda: A Treatment for a Feature Film Screenplay - August 10th, 2000, revised August 8th, 2005

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