Sins of the Past Prologue

By Citadel

Eighty years before Kefka's birth.

The Empire. It was evil to the core, hated by everyone, even the ones who served in its army. Devin Gestahl, a visionary, a person who would be born into power, and amass so much more. By fate, by luck, and by simple power of the meager throne, Devin Gestahl would bring an age of destruction, right after trying to save the world from the invasion.


The City of Vector was a large city, self-sustaining, good economy. Most people who lived there loved it. The king, Thomas Gestahl, ruled with a love for his subjects. It wasn't called the empire, the little country of Vector, which only had one city, was peaceful.

Thomas had a beautiful wife that he courted, and married in a spectacular wedding. Later that year they had a child. He would become one of the most influential men in the history of the world.


Rene Figaro, Sabin and Edgar's great-grandfather, looked over the construction of the new castle approvingly. He was an inventor by heart, and would make sure that sciences and arithmetic were taught without fail at his boy, like it or not. It was, in theory, supposed to be able to borrow beneath the sand and travel underground. This could allow them to pass the mountains with great ease, and moreover escape enemy attack easily.

That prior year, his wife had given birth to Roni Figaro. He was a handsome child, taking after his mother. He was one now, and he was sometimes bratty, but he was lovely to have. They all resided in Figaro, later to be South Figaro. There was a castle there, but he felt it would be wise to be able to have free trade, so he ordered the castle to be big, real big. He would conduct most of the kingdom from his castle. The world marveled at this idea, some scoffed at it, but others applauded him for such initiative (while secretly calling him a fool. Little did they know that castle would not only be constructed and perfected, but would be legendary in name.) Roni Figaro was happy at the moment, no war, just peace, everything was absolutely perfect.


Later that year Raquel Gestahl, wife of Thomas Gestahl, gave birth to Devin Gestahl. Great rejoicing went on through the kingdom right after the birth of the new prince. Yes, you could say the world was mostly perfect, but all good things must come to an end.


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