Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 5

True Intentions

By Citadel

Sixty-seven years prior to the birth of Kefka.

In Gestahl's mad pursuit of power he'd come across an old legend of magic. He'd been studying through old books of history and fables for some sort of powerful relic; he thought he may have finally found it. The books were shipped in from ancient libraries, they were considered priceless. Gestahl read of powerful dragons, mythical beasts, and other things that he knew were completely fake. He also read of things that intrigued him, gengi gloves. They gave the bearer the strength and ability to wield two swords at the same time. Magical earrings, once put in would double the power of a magic user. Too bad the only magic users were in a mysterious village not heard form in years. These all were fascinating, but not until he got to the book of magi did he really start studying.

The book had a brown leather cover with an off symbol on the front. It was a simple gold dragon with red wings. Gestahl looked over this book briefly before opening it to the first page. Immediately he knew he'd finally found something that could really be true, a force so powerful that it would make his armies invincible. Magic. The magic book told detailed accounts of the War of the Magi, and of the following years. It gave accounts of how the magic was used, words for spells; the book was the Holy Grail of wizards.

Devin began to read the book night and day, letting his top general, Derrik Stalfos, run the show. He secluded himself in his room and memorized the book, making detailed notes of how magic worked. If a force so powerful could render the world to rubble, couldn't it beat beings like Madhi?

Devin began to ponder his agreement with Madhi. He'd not wanted to make the deal, but he did. Gestahl had to live with that burden. It tore at his heart to know that he'd kill so many. Gestahl was a real paradox, he hated killing the innocent, but if someone disagreed with him in anyway whatsoever, he'd kill them on sight. Night and day Devin would ponder each word spoken by Madhi, searching for some kind of loophole. He finally found one.

He remembered Madhi saying something about there being powerful magic here, that was why he was drawn here. If Devin could get hold of that; he might be able to give everyone a fighting chance. He realized magic would be the key to beating Madhi. His technologies surpassed Devin's own by tears, but maybe brute force would make up for that. Devin thought that if he could control magic he could build a defense; make good the evil deed that he had made. Devin never wanted to destroy the world, he had good intentions, but things just got in the way.

Finally after reading the last word of the book he snapped it closed with a quick flick of the hands. He looked up at the wall with a sly smile on his face. He had formulated a plan. He needed help, though.


Devin had called in Derrik, the only man whom he truly trusted. Devin at long last released the secret he'd kept for years. Derrik took it well, but thought many of his actions were foolish. He also argued with the boy king how he would kill so many people just to save his own neck. Devin nodded, hating himself for what he had done.

"Now, I haven't damned us all yet," Devin spoke soberly, "I have a plan."

"Oh great, like the other one?"

"No, please stop. I didn't know what to do, I was flustered. I'm sorry, it was a stupid mistake, but if I hadn't said yes I wouldn't be here to warn you and prepare us for it."

"What is the plan?"

"You know of magic, right?"

"Yup, old legend, nobody has it anymore."

"Wrong, I believe that it still exists, it's only a matter of finding it."

"Where, countless have sought after it."

"I don't know where to begin, but I have a feeling it could be our only hope."

"How could it save us."

"Okay, this is the plan. I follow Madhi's orders, I place my troops in as many cities as possible. Then I seize control over all, making a superior nation."

"That's crazy."

"Not quite. I'll give magic to all my armies and prepare the world for the disaster."

"Never work," was all Derrik commented.

"Why not?" Devin asked.

"Well, you'd need to do it slowly. You make it--too, ah," he searched for the word, "conspicuous. Listen, if we do it my way, still following your plan, we can make this work. Here's how I see it, you slowly build up the empire here, and create peace with the northern continent. If you don't do this they'll wage war. If we were to have Figaro on our side, we could take this continent," Derrik explained.

"You mean have them fight with us?"

"No, no, just have them on good terms with us. If it looks like they like us, and are our friendlies, other nations won't be so quick to strike."

"I see, that way we could avert a war against us."

"Exactly, we also do this slowly, not to attract too much attention. All the while we look for magic. Then what?"

They both looked at eachother as they thought of what the next move would be. "We practice magic, give it to our soldiers. We will need strong armies."

"Too true, this will be enough for a resistance?" he asked.

"I don't know, he seemed very strong to me. He said his race was also powerful."

"He might've been lying."

"Why? He came all this way, across the universe, just to scare me? Doubtful. Plus, even if he was lying, he still had enough power in that ship to put a a great fight. Now imagine hundreds of those."

"Maybe more," Derrik added, "you're right. This could get bad."

"We might be able to create a resistance if we could only harness magic. Who could..." they looked at eachother and both said, "Cid." Gestahl continued, "Of all people he would be able to harness it."

"Smartest man I've ever known," Derrik indicated.


Down in the castle laboratory, while Cid was working on some aerodynamics for his first rocket, a woman walked in the door. He didn't notice her for about three or for minutes; he was too caught up in his formulas. She had to call his name three times before he even heard her.

"Sir!" she nearly screamed.

"Oh!" he looked up and was surprised to see a beautiful red haired woman standing before him. "A-a you m-might be?" She was the most gorgeous thing he'd ever seen, her hair cascaded down her head and rested on her shoulders. She was a white lab coat that couldn't hide a stellar body. Her eyes were odd though, one was a sparkling blue, while the other a shimmering green. Cid's mouth went dry. He'd never acted this way around a girl since he'd been in school.

"Sorry to scare you," even her voice was lovely, "I'm looking for a Cid McNeal."

"I am him, uh, what do you want?" He felt his face flush as he spoke to her. Each word he said made little butterflies jump around in his stomach.

"You are? Great! I am one of your new scientists. My name is Celes Kiennan."

"Really? You're the so called wunderkilt? I've heard you deciphered some complicated formulas in mere hours that took mathematicians years to do. Is that so?"

She blushed and shrugged, "I suppose."

"This is really an honor," he moved forward to shake her hand. He noticed it was rather sweaty. He was lucky his were not. He looked into her eyes and it occurred to him, "Could she be nervous around me?" He thought that over for a moment before pulling his hand back. She wouldn't let go the first time; he pulled again and she let go.

"Oh! Whoops!" she blushed and looked away.

Cid couldn't get over those eyes, they were so odd, and compelling. "So you mind me asking about those eyes?"

"Oh, it's a family thing. My mother had it, my father didn't. It runs on the female side of the family. It's perfectly natural, doesn't effect anything good or bad."

"That's nice. You can start work tomorrow, right now go find your room in the castle."

"We scientists live in the castle."

"The king treats us well. It's nice, good food, great security, you'll feel at home pretty soon."

"Thanks, when do we eat, I'm famished."

"Whenever, we don't have to eat in the castle you know; there are some restaurants around here, would you like to accompany me to one? I haven't eaten a bite all day."

"Yes, I would love to. Let me find my room, and place my bags, then everything will be all set."

"Great. Half an hour fine?" Cid asked.

"Yup," she smiled and left the room. Cid watched her as she strolled out of the laboratory. He stared at the doors she had left through for about five minutes before shaking his head. "Damn!" he looked at the clock on the wall, "I don't have much time to get ready!" He scampered out of the lab and toward his own room.

When he noticed Celes, now holding to big bags, and three on the ground next to her, he slowed down and walked past her as she talked to Derrik, the general. He had to keep looking cool; he always had trouble doing that. His eyes were glancing over her body on places they shouldn't, and Cid immediately felt a wave of rage sweep over him. He glared at Derrik, he looked at him and gave a smug smile. Celes looked at him and smiled a warm, compassionate smile that made him fell good all over. As he turned the corner he bolted again, he had to get ready for a date!


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