Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 2

Sinister Deals

By Citadel

The huge man took him into the ship. It had many controls which confused Devin, but he remained cool. There was a window to his right as he entered. Infront of him was the seat, big and comfy looking. The man, who could stand perfectly erect in the cramped space, looked down on Devin. The man was extremely muscular, his blond hair cascaded down his shoulder like a waterfall of perfection. His face a clean-shaven, and rather well defined. He stood a lofty 7''2, but to Devin appeared more than ten feet tall (mind plays weird tricks when you cannot see over the counter).

"Little man, what is your name, I like to know with whom I am negotiating."

"My name is Devin Gestahl."

"You have a very powerful spirit, I sense a great strength, and intelligence; I admire that in a man. You will grow to be a very powerful man, maybe we can help eachother." He sat down in his chair and put his hands behind his head. His clothes consisted of a golden body armor that resembled that of one in the middle ages, but he wore no helmet.

"How can we help eachother?"

"You rule everything you survey? If this is so, what about what you don't survey, who rules that?"

Devin thought over this, "I don't know."

"Humph," he grunted, "I hoped you would know. Nevertheless, would you like to rule it all?"

"Sounds nice, what about wars?"

The man laughed heartily, "Wars are of no consequence to somebody like you are, and will be. I will provide you with some technology, you will put it with your greatest scientists. They will modify it so you can conquer all you don't survey."

Devin suddenly was very interested, "What's the catch? I mean, there has to be a price for being the undisputed despot of the world. What is the catch?"

"The catch? You will live, your family will live, and twenty of your personal, and closest allies shall survive. We will invade this planet from the inside out, there will be no resistance because your armies will surrender as we annihilate them."

"They will? Why would they do that?"

"Because you will live, and those closest to you will live. I am offering something precious to you--life."

"So I get total domination, how will you invade?"

"I will set up thirty-five thousand of my kind to land on this planet. They will live here and act a normal life, then when the invasion begins they will come out of hiding and help us."


"They'll level their own towns, kill any of you they see, not very pretty. They will already have a list though, on those who cannot die, or suffer consequences. You will have supplied that list."

"I see, what'll happen to everybody else?"

"They die, or if they're lucky become our slaves. You and your family and friends will be living the high life in a place of your choice; anywhere in the world you want."

"I could do that right now."

"Yes, but could you have fifty slaves do anything you want at your beckoning? I will make you powerful, nobody will rival you, just think! Your family and decendents too will be pampered, why not accept?"

"Millions, billions maybe, will perish. I would be the cause of that, I couldn't live with myself."

"It will happen anyway, I have only given you a choice on whether to live or not."

"Why do you need me?"

"We don't like to lose much of our army, it's a shame to see one of us die. We live for thousands of years, and develop close bonds. If we do it with your cooperation, we could spare thousands of us."

"I see," Devin looked out the window, people were coming, "What do I tell them of you, and the destruction of my castle?"

"Say I am an evil alien who wishes to destroy the planet; the truth, really. Just leave out the part about the deal. Do we have one?"

"Y-yes," he stammered. "When do I get the technology? More importantly, I don't believe I got your name."

"My name is Madhi. You get some technology right now." He handed him a ball, "This is called a superball, throw it at anything it'll decimate it with a nice big boom. Have your men study it, make more. Say you stole it from me." He got up and gave a quick light punch in the face, just enough to give a black eye. "Say you barely escaped with your life." He laughed and opened the door for him. "COME BACK HERE!" he yelled suddenly. Devin scrambled out just as the pod rose off the ground.


The Devil himself watched over the whole thing. He watched with glee, the plans were being laid perfectly, everything he'd been working on was coming into place. Now all he needed was a name.

"What should I call myself when the time comes?" he thought to himself silently. "Delecroix? No taken by someone else. Himmler? No, will be taken by someone else, JA! I believe'k this to be true'k!" he thought in a German accent. "Jasper, Jasper what? Leland, yes, that has quite a ring to it I do believe. Jasper Leland." He disappeared in smoke, though he was unseen, and unheard, both Madhi and Devin had a slight chill when he left the room. About two minutes before the deal was struck.


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