Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 13

Palace of Eternity

By Citadel

Blackness. The sky was black. Nothing shined. Nothing grew. All was black and dead. Unless you count the billions of demons in the void. The void. Mountains illuminated by an unseen light were covered in ice. The ground was pulsing. Alive. It breathed the evil from the world; it thrived on bad deeds.

This was where the demons resided. The black void. The Nothing. It was named a long time ago the infinite palace, but it was just a void. The ground was a tremendous maze. Giant in stature, the whole place was a tremendous maze that went on forever in every direction. In the center lied the palace of Eternia, transcending time and space it existed. Just existed. Placed there by evil forces it existed in the present and future. But only in the present and future. That was its one limitation. It only allowed demons to travel to the present, or the future. this was made sure by the good forces so that no one demon could alter the divine history made by God himself. The Past Gardens lied beyond the Great Mountains. They were off limits, any demon trying to get to there would be destroyed from all time, never even existing. The ultimate punishment. The Past Gardens held very few things. Just a small tower and Daemon. That was where the origin was. The origin of Daemon. The Daemon. The Original lies within there. It was the Daemon Trainer.

The Daemon Trainer was the first demon. He was created shortly after the uprising in heaven. Lucifer and one-third of all the angels were cast down into Hell to pay eternal punishment. They had little power to begin with, but they banded together to create an ultimate evil being; one who would bring about the revival of the Fallen Angels for a second war on Heaven. They created him with all their power. It was pure evil, made only to conquer good. It actually thrived on the essence of Evil. It scared angels in Heaven, so they built a void. A nothingness that they named the Palace of Eternity. It was a paradox in nature. They sealed the Daemon Trainer in the place of future and present, and created the Past Gardens.

After sealed in the void the Daemon Trainer lost his grip on Hell's fury and his power was stifled. He was still strong, but couldn't escape. So he multiplied. And the demons multiplied. A virtual civilization was created, and it all thrived on Evil. Violence broke out and Daemon Trainer again grew stronger.

He was frustrated though, he couldn't take the world for the Fallen Angels. He was stuck. The Past Gardens were only open to him, other demons were destroyed by them entering, but he could pass freely. A temptation. If he were to go through the portal in the Past Gardens he'd be thrown into the furthest past moment ever, when only God existed. He'd be destroyed by the essence of pure holiness. Bad option. If he were to go into the future, he'd be thrown into nothingness. The furthest future possible, where only heaven exists. He'd still be destroyed. His only option was to be invited into the present, but that took impossible powers for some non-supernatural being to accomplish. So he was stuck for millions of years.

One day though he found he could control the future with the powers he'd amassed by the build up of Evil. Angels sensed this in Heaven and created a barrier that would throw him past the mountains and keep him there with good charged powers. Again he was stuck. The angels couldn't destroy him or he'd go to Hell, and that would give him unlimited power.

One day two demons named Scylla and Charybdis came into being. They were strong, killed thousands of demons, and gained super strength. Another demon named Legion also did the same thing and became super-powerful. Hiss cunning ways allowed him to manipulate Scylla and Charybdis.

With their combined powers they were able to open a small portal to the present. Lower level demons could accomplish this because their power was smaller and they could slip through small cracks in the magical dividers. Something as strong as the Trainer would need a huge destruction of the barriers to allow him to step through. Another set back for an almost all-powerful demon.

They arrived on Gestahl's planet during the time of the Magi wars. They were regarded as evil espers and were sealed in a cage by Magi of Yore.


Present Day:

A huge rock sits near the mantle of the planet. The spell "stone" has been cast on three demons. A light flashes and the three are released. They fall in a cave about two hundred feet onto a small peninsula surrounded by magma. They are in a small cave separating the core from the crust of the planet. Each of them looks around the red cave and shakes their heads.

Legion was a brown robed figure who stood about six feet tall. Where his face would have been was a big portal of darkness that only held two red, beady eyes. He lifted up his arms and green skin dotted with black warts slithered out. He was a vile and powerful demon. He was free.

Charybdis stands behind him. She has a black robe for clothing. Simple, yet dreadfully frightful. Her hair is perfect, not a flaw on the black, shining hair. Her face, on the other hand, was incredibly ugly. Wild, yellow eyes darted about in a crazy manner while her long crooked nose twitched at the smell of hot magma. she had a tremendous mouth, from top teeth to bottom jaw it stretched two feet. She could swallow a goat hole. She had a retractable jaw. He snapped her mouth twice and her face morphed to that of a beautiful woman. She used the human form to fit in the human crowds.

Scylla stands to the right of Charybdis. She is a hideous reptilian creature with scales all over her body. Her skin glows a faint purple. She has a golden necklace around her neck that held a rare relic. The Shinryuu Emblem. She had obtained it from another planet she'd invaded in previous years. It gave her immense powers from the flying dragon, plus no dragon would ever harm her now. She was their leader. She became the Queen of the Dragons when she killed Shinryuu and claimed his necklace. Her only price was her form. She went from a beautiful woman-demon to a hideous dragon beast.

Legion was the first to speak. "Well, this certainly is fine place. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Why you--!" Scylla charged Legion but was thrown through the air by an unseen force.

"Do not oppose me. Even with that stupid relic I am still stronger than the both of you put together."

"Then why did you need us to escape?" Charybdis asked. "Why did you drag us into the human world just to be imprisoned for almost a millennium?"

"Because even with my power it wasn't enough to open a portal to this place."

"What's so special about here?"

"This is the place where evil shall rise in about one-hundred years. When it does I'll open the portal to the Daemon Trainer and I'll be granted power. Infinite power."

"But why not take us? So we can help you!"

"He has seen some things from the future, he is strong. He wants me to do it."

"We'll do it too. We'll all get some power."

"No. Just me." Legion glanced over them for a moment right before he sent a huge lightning bolt into the both of them. They were thrown from their feet onto the ground near the magma. "Now, to make sure you don't foil my plans..." Legion picked them both up telekinetically and drained them of their powers. They laid lifeless in his air pocket that kept them afloat. "Ta!" He threw them both into the magma one by one. Scylla gently oozed into the molten rock for a second, then was swallowed in flames.

Charybdis did the same, but let out a small scream as her body burnt.

Legion lifted his fists and started shaking all over. Suddenly a bright light shot from within his fists and the heat of the magma was sucked into him. The power of the heat again increased his might a hundred fold. "Ha ha ha! I am powerful!" The magma turned to stone as he placed a shield of fire around himself and rocketed to the surface burning a tunnel along the way.

But as he was leaving, a reptilian hand burst out of the stone...


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