Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 11


By Citadel

Sixty-seven years prior to the birth of Kefka. The date is December 12, two days before the raid on Tzen.

"All right men, fall in!" Derrik yelled over three-thousand men. They were well trained, fit, and all ready for battle. For the past month Derrik had been telling them of how they would begin the raid on Tzen. It was a complicated, difficult, and ingenious use of the numerous forces that Gestahl had under his power. In addition to that he had the advantage of superior technologies. They all had to be taught to the men though, but they responded well. Within two weeks they had learned all of the new weapons and were ready for battle. "You pansies are ready for this battle, I've taught you myself. Now, today you all graduate from pansies, now you're all dogshit!" Several hundred cheers went up across the crowd. "Now, are there any last minute questions?" No word was spoken. "Good, now get some sleep tonight 'cuz we leave in the morning.


The next morning they set out for the city of Tzen. It was an overpopulated, but very rich. That was the biggest asset.

Devin was sure of victory; so sure that when they had completely conquered the enemy a man would be sent back to inform him of the win. Devin would then begin the great festival of victory. It was an elaborate festival that Vectorians hadn't had in a very long time. He'd already ordered the exotic animals for the festival.

At the festival he would sit next to his girlfriend, Jamie, whom he had announced he was going to marry within the month. That, he was planning, would be the most extravagant festival since the time they became free of the old colonies, in the Revolution.

Meanwhile, the army of Vector was halfway to Tzen, all of them were physically, and psychologically ready for battle, even Derrik was excited about this battle.

The ranks of men marched in perfect step, hundreds of men, lined for at least a mile covered the vast plains. They all carried a shield, and a spear, and on all their sides were swords. They were perfect, each man doing his job. Behind the vast army of men was the cavalry, two hundred strong; completely composed of men on horses. Each of the horses had on light armor around the nose, and a black and red sash around the torso of it with Vector's symbol on it, an eagle.

Hovering above them were the skyfortresses. Manned by three men apiece, they would land and two men would leave. The remaining man would control the ship while the other two joined battle.

The Skyfortress contained three missiles per ship, plus a battery stored with electric energy. They only had one shot of the energy, but it was powerful enough to kill almost twenty troops. On each of the propellers were big cannons that shot out bullets. Cid had placed these on them at the last minute, the were devastating. One of the bullets could kill one man. Each ship contained eight hundred rounds divided between the right and left.

The leaders of the army were on horses behind the cavalry, Derrik Stalfos in the middle. The other commanders and colonels were on his right and left. A sentry came galloping on his horse to them. He seemed quite excited.

"General Stalfos, sir!" he yelled over all the noise of the horses and Skyfortresses.

"Yes, What is it boy?"

"The city is in sight sir, about one mile away."

"Really?" he asked with mild concern. "Well, let's get ready."


The whole army was about one mile outside of Tzen. The worried people inside of the city were preparing all the defense they could, and the army was being called, but they wouldn't be on time.

"All right, Dogshit!" Derrik called to his men. "This is what you've been trained for! I will not give you a big pep talk, I am not a speaker, I am a fighter. Now, just go in there and kick some civilian ass!" Cheers came up from across the crowd. "Forward march!" All the men began screaming as they ran toward the front of the city. At about eight hundred yards to the city the men divided, some to the left and some to the center. The whole cavalry went to the right, the side with the highest defense. All the Skyfortress went over the city, dropping missiles along the way, to join with the naval fleet to eradicate the forts.

The men on the front and left dashed into the city and hacked at anything that moved. They tore through people, killing innocents, and army men. They showed no quarter.

Derrik was with the cavalry. He went in at full stride and drew his sword. He passed a man and shoved his sword right into him. At that speed his sword traveled up his body slicing him in half. Blood sprayed everywhere. He hacked to his right and lopped off the head of the next man.

The Skyfortresses came in from behind and decimated everything on the North side of the town. With missle raids and electric blasts. Soon the whole northern side, including the port was a smoldering black, charred mass of death. Bloody bodies littered the streets. Blackened, and totally burnt beyond recognition.

The army occupied the city with less than a ten minute conflict. They could've possibly taken the city without a single death, but what fun would that be? With Derrik's plan they killed more than two-thousand, and left even more wounded.


Devin was fencing when a winded servant bust into the room.

"Gestahl sir!" he yelled, "Tzen was a complete success! Not one man killed!"

"Superb, sound the trumpets," he sneered.


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