The Rise Of Evil Chapter 19

By Citadel

Crono's white energy flowed from his inner most soul; he'd put every ounce of hate he'd built up into one tremendous blast of pure energy. Crono's outstretched hands were consumed in white sphere of energy. The spheres shot out a white blast into Anoctium. The resulting explosion threw Crono and Anoctium from their feet.

Crono flew the air dazed, the scenery seemed to be a dream as it passed across his vision.

Anoctium did a flip in the air and landed on his feet. He watched Crono skid on the ground a few feet before resting. he looked to his left and saw Fuerte running toward him. He faced Fuerte and tossed a fireball lackadaisically at him. Fuerte easily dodged to the right and kept running.

"Anoctium!" Fuerte yelled. Fuerte dodged more and more fireballs, and blasts of elements. Fuerte had both of his scimitars drawn. They glowed brightly with the electricity flowing through them. A shard of ice flew at Fuerte, he chopped in into pieces as it flew at him. He didn't even have to break stride.

Fuerte closed in on Anoctium and faked a leap. He glided back to the ground easily and slid into Anoctium's legs knocking them out from under him. He rolled to the side and stood over the body of Anoctium.

"DIE YOU BASTARD!" Fuerte shoved both of his scimitars right into the back of Anoctium.

"Ugh," Anoctium grunted. Fuerte shoved his weapons even further into Anoctium, he felt the tips scrape the ground. With all his might, Fuerte shoved the two scimitars completely into the ground, pinning Anoctium.

"Hah! You ain't so tough big man!" Fuerte mocked.

Anoctium gave a sly smile and flicked a snakelike tongue out at Fuerte. Anoctium rolled to the right, his body slipped out of the scimitars like his body was water.

"I'm more versatile than you think." Anoctium floated into the air and hovered above Fuerte. Black mist floated around Anoctium like fog. It became incredibly thick, nearly impossible to see through. Lightning flashed in the cloud of black. Fuerte could hear thunder beneath the veil of mist.

"Oh, that's a bummer." Fuerte backed away a few steps slowly, and then he leapt for his scimitars. He slid on his knees to the two things and tried to pull them out of the ground. "C'mon, C'MON!" He frantically raved. "Come on!" Fuerte looked back at the black mist and saw the cloud churning unpleasantly. Suddenly the mist blew away as if a large gust of wind had moved through. "Shit."

"I ain't so tough, huh?" Anoctium's hands were still covered in the mist. The two orbs around the hands shot out at Fuerte faster than he could see. they slammed into his armor and exploded in black fire. Fuerte's armor was consumed in shadow energy. Fuerte sunk to his knees; his body crippled with pain. The burning flames penetrated his powerful armor. the blackness of the fire would've sent any demon running in hysterics.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he screamed in agony. Each place of his skin was beyond pain. It was sheer torture. "Stop!" He screamed. Fuerte fell to the ground as the flames died away. His armor was charred, still smoldering from the heat. he'd never felt such pain in his life.

Crono was running to Fuerte's aid. He arrived too late, however, the spell had been cast. He knelt to Fuerte's side and found he was okay. He stood and looked back up at Anoctium. Crono charged his powers and released a beam of white light into Anoctium. the blast went straight through Anoctium's body. The light blew a hole in his mid section. Anoctium fell back to the ground and reformed his body.

"Powerful, even more so than your dad."

"Good, maybe I'll kill you."

"Unlikely." Anoctium's arms became extremely long and fell to the ground with a thud. He pulled one snapped one back, and on its way through the air it formed itself into a whip. He whipped his arm forward and tried to whip Crono. It arm hit a green shield that suddenly flared up around Crono.

"Huh?" Crono exclaimed.

"What the?" Anoctium looked at Crono queerly. His arms reformed themselves and he charged at Crono. Crono shot a blast from his right hand. Anoctium's body stretched into a giant O as it allowed the blast to pass right through him. He made two fists in front of his body and smacked them together. When they collided a green blast shot out form them and directly at Crono. Crono ducked the blast and returned it with a lightning blast into Anoctium's head. His head blew apart, the pieces flying in every direction, but then they quickly changed their course in midair and flew back to reform his head.

Crono charged up his energies and a bunch of white streams started appearing out of nowhere. they collected together in a spot in front of Crono. Gathering together they formed a white sphere and blew out at Anoctium. The white ball raced through the air and smack Anoctium in the right arm, blowing it clean off his body. The arm spun through the air and landed on the floor about twenty feet away. Black ooze pumped out of Anoctium's gaping wound. He touched his wound with his good arm and the ooze stopped.

Anoctium pointed at the arm, just as it was about to move a lightning bolt shot down from the sky and hit the arm right at the elbow, disintegrating it. A large crater was left in the ground.

"You ass hole," Anoctium said annoyed. Crono answered with a smug smile. Another arm grew in the old's place. Anoctium sunk into the ground like tar.

"Hey! Where are you?" Suddenly a huge hand popped out of the ground. It was as big as a tree. Crono shot white beams into the palm of it, but they did as much good as a gnat trying to destroy a boulder. The hand swooped down onto Crono, but hit another green shield. the palm shattered and the hand sank back into the ground.

Anoctium rose out of the ground in front of Crono and immediately blasted him with two beams of black energy. Each of them were stifled by another green shield that popped up to protect Crono.

"Damnit!" He raved. Crono put his hands into a prayer position and cast his old luminare. Three white lights popped up from the black ground and settled themselves on Anoctium. The burnt a hole in his body. The energy expanded forming a huge arm on the ground. The white luminare nearly blinded Crono. He could see Anoctium's body in the blast. It was humanoid in appearance, but began shifting itself the longer the spell lasted.

The spell abated, slowly fading into nothing. Anoctium's cloths were tattered, his belt was gone. His hair was rumpled. His scowl was fueled by the fire in his eyes.

"Enough!" He threw his hands into the air and black lightning shot down from the sky. It hit Anoctium and surged through him for a few seconds, winding around him. It flared out and smacked right into another mysterious shield that formed around Crono. The lightning kept on bombarding the shield, Crono could actually feel it breaking.

"What's going on?" Crono thought to himself. "Why are these shield protecting me?" Suddenly the shield shattered like glass and the lightning smacked into Crono's chest and zapped him. The black lightning injected itself into Crono and spun around him. Crono spasmed and fell to the ground in convulsions.

"Die Crono!" Anoctium yelled. He started laughing very hard, so hard that he shook his whole body. It abruptly stopped, however, when a glowing scimitar was shoved through his neck. the sword was ripped to the right and cut half his head off. The scimitar was brought around at an angle this time and cleaved off the upped torso of Anoctium.

"God I love my job." Fuerte laughed and brought his scimitar down in the lower half of the body and neatly sliced it in two. Black ooze was now everywhere. It flowed all over the place. It quivered and jiggled like Jell-O. Everytime it began reforming itself Fuerte began hacking away. "Hey Crono, you wanna help me here? I"m gettin' kinda tired."

Crono looked up at the ceiling. He shook his head and sat up quickly, finally remembering where he was. He looked over and saw that Fuerte was hacking away at a black mass. Crono thought quickly.

"Fuerte move!" Fuerte jumped away just as a white lightning bolt came racing down from above and blew apart the black mass.

A loud rumbling suddenly shook the entire building. The demon began sheering. Every demon screamed it horrible death scream in anticipation. Crono and Fuerte looked over at Marle. She was free from her bonds and floating slightly above the ground.

"NOOOOO!!!" Crono screamed. He began springing toward his love. As he ran he began to see non-polygonal figure forming above Marle. He wasn't sure what they were, but they weren't nice looking. Looking at the them gave him a headache. He got to Marle and tried to pull her away from the place. She tossed her head from side to side as he moved her. Her body didn't want to budge, but it slided slowly anyway.

"Omin retury ve tas!" Marle growled. Crono actually pulled his hands away from her in fright. Her voice had been that of a huge lion. She howled like a wolf several times. Her head flung around wildly. It finally rested and limply rolled to looked at Crono. Her face was ashen. The skin was dry, flaky. Her hair was losing its color. Her lips were a pale blue. "Hello Crono," she hissed.

"Whaaah!" He screamed.

"GET HER OUTTA HERE!" Crono heard someone scream. He turned and saw Anoctium running for him. Anoctium faded into nothing and then reappeared next to him. He grabbed Crono's shoulders and shook him with each word. "Get her out now! If you want to see her alive again, GET HER OUTTA HERE!" Crono, bewildered, nodded and pulled her again. This time it was much easier. She seemed to slip from the spell and she fell to the ground. Her normal feature returned as she slipped the barriers of the spell. Her lips returned to their natural color, and her skin was immediately returned.

"What's goin' on?" Crono asked aloud.

"Leave, just leave!" Anoctium screamed frantically. Crono picked up Marle and he began running. He was soon joined by Fuerte. He almost didn't recognize Fuerte because his suit was charred black.

Just as they reached the gate out it sealed up. The gate was now just more black in the wall.

"NO!" Fuerte and Crono screamed. Fuerte had neither of his weapons with him, he'd dropped them while sprinting to leave. He kicked the wall, nothing budged.

"Take her!" Crono ordered. Fuerte took Marle in his arms, gently. Crono shot two white blasts into the wall, nothing moved.

"It won't work, we were too late. He's almost here."

"What you mean, Anoctium?" Fuerte yelled. Anoctium was almost a hundred feet away, instantly he was near them.

"The Daemon Trainer is about to arrive. We can't stop him. He will destroy this universe; all because of your meddling."

"Our meddling?" Crono raved. "YOU summoned the beast. WE tried to stop you."

"No, I told you to leave, you had no idea of my true intentions. I never wanted to summon him. That was the LAST thing I wanted to do. But because you interfered, now he's going to come anyway."

"But you cast the spell to summon him. What do you mean you didn't want to summon him?" Fuerte asked.

"This bastard has been a thorn in my side ever since I was created. He's been using his limited power in this world to make my life living torture. For 2500 years of my three thousand year life he's been using me to resurrect him. In all that time I've begun to resent him. Even though he promises power, no amount of power is worth what he's put me through.

"He placed a spell on me so that if I didn't work to free him every day of my life I would be placed in torture until I started again. Do you know what that's like? So after all this time I've finally some up with a way to destroy him. I'd resurrect him like he wants, but close the portal at the last minute so he's stuck between worlds. That way he'd wither away in oblivion.

"If it hadn't been for you two I would've gotten away with it and the Daemon Trainer would be gone forever. But because you meddled I have no idea what will happen."

"Why not?" Crono asked.

"Because he needs a body to inhabit, but without Marle in the appointed spot...Well, I don't know what will happen. But the only thing I do know is that he is coming." They looked over at the center of the stadium. A huge blood red portal flared up out of nothing. Two red, beady eyes the size of houses looked down on all of them. A sudden gush of wind sent the four of them sprawling into the portal. From the black ground Janus's body was also pulled into the portal. they all disappeared in the red light.


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