The Rise Of Evil Chapter 17

By Citadel

Lucca and Frog battled fiercely with the golem king. Frog and Lucca alternated their attacks, and even hit him with both elements at the same time. Everytime they tried to attack the golem it countered with an earth shattering attack that almost crippled the both of them. Frog's cures only did minimal help. The two of them were fatiguing.

"Jump!" Lucca yelled. Frog hopped high into the air. A wall of flame flew beneath his feet. He landed on the ground right after the flames extinguished. He held out his hands and water shot into the golem beast, knocking it onto its side.

"Take this!" Lucca yelled. A ball of fire materialized between her outstretched hands and flew speedily into the face of the golem king. The fireball exploded and burned the golem's face. The charred skin smoked after the fire cleared. The red eyes glowed very brightly after such a strong attack. Lucca collapsed to the ground. Her energy was spent.

"Lucca!" Frog croaked, "make haste! Move!" Lucca glanced at the golem as he straightened himself. It was completely straight now, and was heading for her. Lucca flopped onto her belly and tried to crawl from the beast. Her arms burned with pain as she tried to inch away from it. Pulling herself along was like trying to haul a bolder up a hill. "Lucca! MOVE!" Frog urgently yelled. Lucca looked over her shoulder and saw the beast gulp in a hefty amount of air. Its beady eyes glowed with fire. Its grin spread very wide and she could see fire in the deep bowels of its throat.

"No," was all Lucca could utter. Time seemed to slow for her. She could see Frog hop as fast as he could in the direction of the golem. The fire from the golem screamed through the air. Frog tackled the golem and knocked it to the ground, but not fast enough. One small stream of fire danced through the air, hurtling itself toward Lucca. The corner of her mouth twitched as she was the flame fly at her.

Frog's exhausted body was lifted into the air by the golem king. The thin wisp of flame that it had managed to breath flowed into Lucca. The flames encompassed her body. Frog saw her dark outline in the flames as she burnt. the force of the flames knocked her off her feet and she seemed to fly in the air, a fiery carcass. The golem king laughed its deep throaty laugh. Frog had no energy left and he felt nearly dead.

"Lucca," he whimpered. His head fell low and a single tear ran down his green skin. His shoulders shook as he inwardly mourned her death.

"Heh, heh," the king chortled. The king had Frog by the neck. With a quick squeeze and a twist the king snapped Frog's neck. Frog's body went limp, hanging in his hand like a wet rag. The king dropped him to the floor without a second thought.


Marle fidgeted and tried to free herself from the bonds, but each one of them held tight. Her magic wasn't working, something was blocking her from gathering her energy. The monumental room was alive with activity, she wasn't sure where the activity was, but it frightened her and made her fell naked.

The was even more frightened by Cameron Delecroix. She knew that he was far from human. Whatever he was he was very, very strong. She had been taken to places in that other world that had nearly killed her with dread and fright. If she hadn't known that she was immune to the violence she'd seen, she didn't know what she would've done. He'd taken her to the streets, the mazes, down below. There had been the scariest demons her mind could've imagined clawing at eachother for no particular reason at all. There was even worse, sometimes the demons wouldn't kill each other, but just torture another demon just for the fun of it. Cameron had said that all she had seen, the torture, and the violence, all the pure evil would be a part of her universe very quickly.

Marle sweated and trembled at her experience. She had wet herself countless times; uncontrollable fear was coursing through her body. She couldn't stop the fright from overtaking her. Without her magic she felt as helpless as a fawn who'd strayed from her mother in hunter's territory.

"Hello." The mellow voice made her break out in cold sweats. Goosebumps coated her skin. "It's almost time, the Daemon Trainer is waiting."

"No, please think about it. You can't do that to our world!" She pleaded. Cameron took form in front of her. He stood over her; he was the most imposing monument of evil she'd ever seen.

"I have a present for you." He smiled his insidious grin. His arms shot into the floor, growing extreme lengths in less than a second. They seemed to search in the floor for a second and then brought a sack up from the blackness. "You wanna see?"

"No, I don't want anything you have."

"I think you'll like this, though." His grin was nearly ear to ear. the sack melted away. Marle's eyes went wide with surprise. She gasped and choked on her own spit. She coughed it all out and looked at one of the strongest people she'd ever known. Janus was limp and lifeless. His body was bruised and battered. His hair was very messy. She saw he was missing his robotic arm. Cuts and gashes ran all over his body. She wasn't sure if he was breathing.

"Oh!" She exclaimed. "OH please no!' she wailed. Sobs of tears ran down her cheeks in waterfalls. She tried not to look at his body, but Cameron filled her mind with his dead image any time she closed her eyes. "Stop! Please stop! It isn't fair, it isn't fair!"

"No, it isn't, but little hardly ever is!"

"Stop it! You said you'd give me whatever I ask!"

"I lied. Besides, that was then, this is now." She threw her head from side to side as she tried in futility to shake the visions from her brain. This was punishment that made torture look like a paradise.


Roland took in a deep breath as he opened the door. He strolled into the house with great strides, his red hair flowing. His teary eyes beamed with giddy happiness. He looked into the kitchen and saw her. The one true love. The only person for whom he'd ever had deep feelings. She was washing dishes in her sink. Suddenly she dropped one back into the water. He heard it crack in the sink just as she began to sob.

"Oh God, why'd I send him away? How could I have been so foolish? My own selfishness has send him away. Dear Lord what have I done?" Roland looked at her, heartbroken. She sobbed into the sink uncontrollably. Roland crept up to her from behind.

He stopped less than a foot away from her. Her gently placed both his hands on her shoulders.

"Oh!" She gasped. She spun on her heels and faced the man behind her. She gasped again as she stared into a face she'd not seen in ten years. Her eyes welled with tears. She felt the knot in her throat grow. Her face beamed with a smile after the puzzlement faded. Tears began falling down her face in a great rush. "R-R-Roland?" She released her blocked tears and threw herself into his chest and released all ten years of tears she'd had pent up for so long.

Roland felt her warm tears make his shirt soggy. He cried as well. He finally was with her again. His love, his life, his happiness.

"You sent him," he began, "to find me. And now I've sent him," he said between sobs, "to decide the fate of the universe."


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