Diverting Armageddon Chapter 7

Hope of Redemption

By Citadel

Jonathan opened his groggy eyes and wiped dirt off his face. He stood up slowly. His muscles achy, protesting every movement in his body. He rubbed his face and looked around the temple. Partle was gone. The crazy fool.

"You idiot. You fool." He wiped away the beginning of a tear. He'd lost his lifelong friend. They'd known each other longer than the universe had even existed. His sorrowful face hardened and he put the old feelings of love and compassion in the back of his mind. He stretched out his white wings and flew a few feet off the ground. He looked around the beautiful temple once more and then flew out of the enormous structure.

He sailed out of the massive temple into the strong winds and rain of the mountain. He had trouble maintaining his balance. Jonathan descended to the ground and sat behind a rock. He pulled his knees to his chest and buried his face in his hands.

"What am I gonna do?" he moaned.

"Well for one, you're gonna get up and stop whining." Jonathan's ears twitched at the sound of the familiar voice. The strength. The power. Only one being spoke quite like to him. Jonathan looked up and stared into the beautiful, but intense eyes of the archangel Michael. His tunic flowed around him in the wind. His shiny blond hair waved around his head. His smile was warm and compassionate.

"Oh!" Jonathan exclaimed. He jumped to his feet and hugged his former comrade. Michael laughed and hugged him back.

"It's only been a couple of eons old friend, it's not like an eternity or anything." Jonathan laughed and a tear went down his cheek at the word friend.

"It's been so long. Is it time for me to go home? Has He changed his mind?"

"Ha!" Michael laughed. "No! Not after renouncing him like you did. Don't worry though, he has forgiven you, but this is part of your pennance to him."

"Dang." "So do you guys know what happened in there?"

Michael sighed. "Yeah, we do. I heard about it right after it happened."

"Really? Look, I'm sorry. I really am. All we were gonna do was just look at it. That's all."

"I know, I know. Look, whatever happened is done. It's over. Don't worry about it." Jonathan nodded. "I am extremely busy with another debacle that's unfolding as we speak so I can't do this for you. Or even help you. You're on your own."

"On my own? What do you mean?"

"You have to chase down Partle. Find him. Get the Holy Partisan and deliver it to a boy named Crono."

"How? How am I supposed to take it from Partle? He said he'd kill me."

"You will have to figure it out."

"And who is Crono?"

"He is one of the Light Bearers." Jonathan's eyes widened.

"Give a Light Bearer the Holy Partisan? That's crazy! They're already powerful enough. Why would you ever give them one of those?"

"They're the only humans who can wield it without going mad with power."

"But WHY? Why don't we just take it to Heaven?"

"Because Crono will soon need it."

"Why are you sending me? Why not send a stronger angel? Or how about an angel not in exile?"

"Because I'm here to make you a deal."

"What kind?"

"If you destroy Partle, and get the Partisan back to Crono, you are let back into Heaven. God has told me that this is your pennance."

"What? Why? That's impossible!"

"It's what He said. He would've sent a higher up angel, but we're all busy right now. So He thought for a bit about a powerful angel who could actually stop Partle. The only angel of our strength, and who wasn't dreadfully busy, was you."

"Why are you all so busy?"

"The Rise of Evil if occuring." Michael said soberly. Jonathan's mouth fell open and his eyes went wild with fear.

"As in right now?"

"The Daemon Trainer is going to escape relatively soon. We're doing our best to slow it down. But the future resides in the Light Bearer's hands. They are the ones destined to stop him. They're the only ones who can."

"No they can't! The Daemon Trainer is immortal. He can't be killed by even us! He's too powerful! You're sending the four of the to a fate much, much worse than death."

"That isn't important to you. They'll find a way, but they need the Partisan. If you don't deliver it to them soon they're going to chase after the Omega WEAPON in hopes that it'll reveal where it is. The demon Anoctium told them that the Omega WEAPON has the location of it in its belly. True. But they have almost no chance of killing the Omega WEAPON. You have to find the Partisan before then." Michael put his hand on Jonathan's shoulder and squeezed, "Your mission is of the upmost importance. You only have to accept it if you want it. It's free will. If you don't think you'll put your whole heart into it then don't do it. Understand?"

Jonathan placed his hand on Michael's, "Trust me. I will do what you ask. I will not let you or Him down. But where do I start?"

Michal pointed to the East. "There. In that star. He's flown to that solar system." Michael gazed into Jonathan's hazel eyes. "Coincidentally, Crono resides in the same solar system." Jonathan nodded. Michael turned to leave.

"Wait!" Jonathan called.

"What is it?"

"What's happenin', man? Why all of a sudden the universe fallin' apart? The Rise and Partle at the same time! One would be catastrophic, but two!"

"I know. I wouldn't doubt that Lucifer has a big part to play in this. The Daemon Trainer and Lucifer have been plotting the second Great War for some time now. I just think we're witnissing their plans unfold."

"Can we win?" Michael shrugged and dissapeared in a flash of light. Jonathan turned and stared at the star. "A million to one shot. The fate of existence rests on the shoulders of some human. And a psycotic angel wields the most powerful weapon ever forged." Jonathan smirked. "I like the odds. Just like old times." Jonathan rocketed off to the East leaving a trail of white, holy light behind himself.


"What do you mean I can't go!" Marle fumed.

"Look, I don't think this mission is the type of mission for you," Crono explained. "We are all Bearers of Light. You Ancoctium earlier, you're magic just isn't as strong as ours."

"It's not fair!" she whined. "I can fight just as well as Fuerte!"

"Fuerte is flying us to where we need to go. However, you can't possibly contend with someone like Anoctium, or certainly the Daemon Trainer."

"I fought with you before! You know I'm strong. I will NOT be left out of this. It isn't fair. I won't let you do this."

"It isn't your decision!" Crono harshly said. "I am not going to let you walk to your doom."


"No buts! It's done. I will not allow you to come with us."

"You hypocrite!" Marle slapped Crono across the face. Crono reeled back in shock and amazement. He put his hand to his face and looked at her with surprise and awe. "You allow your father to come! But you won't let me!"

"I--I--" Crono was still too shocked to do anything about it. "He knows about my powers." Crono shook his head and was glad they were in Spekkio's old room all alone. he was glad the rest of them didn't have to see this. "It was prophesized loooong ago that we would be the only ones capable of beating this prophecy! You WILL be killed!" Crono pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. "I won't stand idly by and watch you march to your death. You KNOW you'll die if you go."

"No I won't!" he began sobbing.

"Yes, Marle, you know you will." She looked up him with pleading eyes. "I'm sorry. There's no one else I would rather take along than you. You know that." A tear rolled down her cheek. Crono smiled and wiped it away. "You know I would never, ever try to hurt you. I only do this because it's the only way." Marle didn't reply. Crono let go of her and slowly walked away.

"Crono, wait!" Marle called jsut as he reached the door. She ran to him and looked him square in the eye.

"What is it?" Marle gave him a big kiss on the lips. She broke it off and told him to leave. Crono smiled and nodded. He went out into the square and told Janus to open the gate. After a few moments of preparation a blue portal flared up in front of Janus.

"What's wrong, Janus?" Crono asked. "Normally they don't take that long."

"It's nothing." Janus's face was completely flushed red.

"It's his powers, Crono," Anctium answered. "They're fading as he knows them. All his magic is realigning itself. Pretty soon he won't be able to do even half of the same spells he formerly could do."

"Why not?"

"Because his Shadow powers are becoming much stronger than ever before."

"Well, we don't have much time to kill, so let's be goin'!" Fuerte hollered and jumped through the gate.


Fuerte looked around the ancient scenery. The trees, the reptites, the lava flows. He liked the ancient world.

"Wasn't your ship somewhere over there?" Crono asked. They both looked in the direction of Ayla's village.

"Yeah, it was." They led the group to the ship. Roland followed the two of them. Janus finally stopped breathing so hard from pulling up the time portal. His face lost its red flush and he floated up into the air. The familiar smell of lava filled his lungs.

"So what are we gonna do when we find this thing?" Roland asked.

"Galavant across time like we always do!" Crono answered. "And then delivef peace unto the universe just like we always do."


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