Diverting Armageddon Chapter 5


By Citadel

"Well, I never thought that it would be like this, Anoctium," Roland said. "I had hoped that my boy would kill you, but I guess I was wrong. I can stand working on your side just this once, but don't ever think that I'll trust you."

"Fine, use your own eyes and see."

"Dad! Anoctium!" Crono scolded. "We're a team now. All past differences need to be put behind us now. This threat is much more serious than your past hatred."

"Crono's right," Marle added. "You two need to grow up and act like adults. The thing we need to be worrying about is how are we going to close the portal."

"Can it be done from this side of the gate?" Gaspar asked.

"Probably not," Anoctium answered. "We might have to go in and stop whoever it is face to face."

"Joy," Janus sarcastically snarled.

"Even once we go in there I wouldn't know what to do. All I can think to do is destroy the main dwelling."

"What is that?" Roland asked.

"Marle, do you remember that huge tower you saw in the Palace of Eternity?"

"Yeah." The thought of the place made her shudder inwardly. "You mean--"

"The main dwelling is a tremendous tower that stretches miles into the air. It could be the size of a moon."

"Unbelievable. How do we destroy something that big? How would that stop the portal?" Crono asked.

"That dwelling is the center of all demonic activity in that realm. If you destroy that, most of the magic in that realm will fall."

"How can you make magic go away?" Gaspar asked.

"Simple. You take away the source of magic. It's been done before. It may very well happen again."

"What is the source of magic?"

"In each realm of existence there is a source of magic. It differs from realm to realm."

"What is it in this one?"

"In the Realm of the Living, I believe, magic is based on the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. But, there are other forms of magic."

Spekkio finally spoke up. He'd been listening quietly this whole time. "No, magic is based on lightning, ice, fire and shadow."

"Ha!" Anoctium laughed. "You misguided fool. The magic on this planet was infused by Lavos into a select few who then infused it into others. You wield the weakest kind of magic possible. It's like the mutt of all magics. I am actually shocked that you were able to kill Lavos. Lavos wields pure magic, not some passed down wannabe magic."

"Our magic is strong," Marle retorted.

"Maybe, but not as strong as mine, or Lavos's. It took three of you to kill one Lavos. I could kill three Lavoses and be home for dinner. Trust me, infused magic is the worst kind."

"Didn't my Dad infuse the Light into me?" Crono asked.

"No, he passed it on. Big difference. Passing it on is like passing the torch form one hand to another. It works just as well, but it's used in a different way. Infusing magic from one person to another is like taking water from a creek. It doesn't run like the water, it isn't as pretty, and there isn't as much of it." Everyone nodded in understanding.

"Then we should use science, like me. I have no magic but I gave you a few good blows," Fuerte offered.

"True, some science is strong," Anoctium said, "but a lot of magic is stronger."

"So what is the source of magic? And what other kinds of magic are there?" Crono asked.

"Ah, I'm not really positive what the true source of magic is in this universe. It could be as simple as a glowing aura on a planet, or it might exist on some sort of reality we cannot conceive. All I know is demonic magic emanates from that tower and we might want to check it out."

"How will we find our way around in something that big?" Fuerte asked.

"I have no idea. We'll just have to walk around until we find something we're looking for. Or, we'll just destroy that thing altogether."


"Look! I don't have all the answers! I hadn't planned on having to do this! All I know is that there are some pretty nasty things inside that tower that could be used in our favor."

"If you destroy the tower, will that stop the invasion?" Roland asked.

"Maybe. It--" He trailed off. "It'll either close the portal shut, or it'll wipe out most of the demons that even exist."

"How will you get out?" Gaspar asked.

"We'll worry about that when we get there. I presently have no idea how we would close the gate and get out of the Palace without being stuck." Everyone's expression went grim.

"You mean we could be stuck there forever? With demons and the Daemon Trainer? Nuh-uh. Screw this! I ain't doin dat!" Fuerte raved. "I don't feel like bein' stuck in another dimension with millions of things that wanna see my guts all over their bedroom wall. It'll be like my old job all over again--'cept this time I won't be able to kick their asses at will!"

"Calm down," Crono soothed, "we might not even have to go over there. This is all speculation." That seemed to calm Fuerte down a bit, but everyone was still a bit uptight from that.

"What about the other Bearers of Light? Do you know where they are?" Roland asked.

"Yes, I can feel their presences."

Janus and Crono's eyebrow lifted at hearing that. "Really?" they said in unison.

"Yes, really."

"Where are they?" Marle asked.

"Not even on this planet."

"What!" she answered.

"I can feel them, they have a distinct magical aura, but I know they cannot be on this planet. They are somewhere close, though, very close."

"Like in this solar system?" Fuerte asked.

"Yeah, something like that."

"Cuz if they are I can take you in my ship that's in the beginning of time. I saw a planet not too far from here that had life on it back in my time."

"Which planet?" Anoctium asked.

"TR3-2000 was its code name. We never explored it, we just knew it was there."

"I'll bet that's where they are."

"Then what are we waiting on?" Crono asked. "Let's hightail it to TR3-2000!"

"It's not that simple, Crono. You see, there are a LOT of things that go into all Bearers meeting. Even if they only see each other for a second, all Hell can break loose."


"Have you ever heard of the Four Hunters of Kahlo?"

"Nope," Crono declared. "Never heard of 'em."

"You probably wouldn't have. A long time ago there was a just and kind emperor named Kahlo. He ruled an entire solar system except for four outer planets. He was a powerful sorcerer and expert military tactician. He was one of the greatest rulers to ever live. He had conquered the solar system after a grueling war between the planets that were under the iron fist of the four other rulers on the outer rim of the solar system. He chased the four back to their homeplanets. The people of the Solar System Congress voted him their leader. In time, he became all powerful and an emperor. The people were fine with this, he ushered in years of greatness and peace.

"He was never able to get the four other rulers to go under his rule, and that lead to many disputes on the borders.

"One day the four rulers met on a moon of one of their planets and discussed their powers. You see, they were Bearers of Light, and they were extremely evil. The four of them knew of their near unlimited power and bonded an alliance to overthrow Kahlo. The four of them worked for years on a special project that they called Lovoidian Vascoid, or Lavos for short. They created an ultimate being of destruction. Lavos. The four of them combined their powers, and sacrificed many years of their lives to create the Mother Lavos. She could drain a planet of its energy in merely hours. She wielded the four elements of Light easily. She was the ultimate Light warrior. Unbeatable, unstoppable, and totally under the control of some of the evilest despots I've ever known."

"I don't believe that the Bearers of Light had the power to create Lavos," Roland said almost sleepily. "I didn't know that they could be capable of such evil."

"They were. They created Lavos just to destroy Kahlo's homeplanet. The planet was destroyed in mere days. The queen surfaced and then devastated the surface of the planet with its blasts.

"Something went wrong, however. I don't know what, but they lost control of her. She began to multiply. She reproduced in rapid numbers. She sent Lavoid spawns to all over the solar system. Every planet, every moon, even space stations were decimated by this thing.

"Kahlo was run out of the solar system. A mob of sorcerers banded together to kill him, but Kahlo escaped."

"Why did they wanna kill him?" Marle inquired.

"They belived that he was the reason the lavoids were in the solar system. Kahlo did get his revenge, however, Kahlo engineered the most destructive forces of nature. WEAPONs. A WEAPON is capable of immense strength and virtual immortality. For one man to create a near immortal WEAPON is not only unbelievable, but considered impossible by most modern magi. But, somehow he did it anyway. I don't know how, but he managed.

"Kahlo tapped into the powers of the star in his solar system. He drained the star of most of its power. The star collapsed and the solar system was destroyed."

"He destroyed the solar system?"

"Yes, he was pissed," Anoctium joked. "He was seriously pissed off. He called these unbeatable WEAPONs his hunters. They would be activated any time the four Bearers of Light knew of any other's location. The hunters would appear and they would eliminate the threat."

"You mean kill us!" Crono exclaimed.

"Unfortunately. He didn't know any better. He thought the Bearers of Light were inherently evil.

"He fashioned these things into his own liking and sealed them away in a secret place. He created a portal to another plane of existence and stored them in there until they are needed." After he finished his speech everyone was eerily quiet.

"So what are we supposed to do about this, eh?" Janus asked.

"If you see one of them, and believe me, you know when you see it, just run. RUN! I am not kidding around here. they WILL kill you and make mincemeat out of your carcass. The best thing we can hope to do is avoid them until we absolutely have to deal with them."

"Great," Fuerte sighed. "Enough talk about ifs ands and maybes. Let's talk about the truth: what the hell are we doin'? We gotta get a game plan. We gotta figer outta way to finish off this Daemon bad-ass once and for all."

"Here-here!" Roland cheered.

"Okay," Janus evil said darkly, "you said something about powerful weapons earlier. You said we needed you 'cuz you knew of some of our powers and some weapons we could wield. Tell us about the weapons."

Anoctium shifted uneasily from foot to foot. "Well," he stretched out the well extremely long and looked nervous. "Uh, there are some weapons specifically designed for the Bearers of Light. They are protected by additional WEAPONs of different planets."

"More WEAPONs?" Marle groaned.

"Yes, each of them guarding a magic or weapon that allows a Bearer of Light to wield his powers with ease."

"Tell us all of them. Don't leave a thing out," Crono commanded.

"Okay," Anoctium said uneasily. "If you want. But be warned, you won't like what you hear.

"The first, and some consider him the weakest, is the Atma WEAPON. The Atma WEAPON is a beast made from magic for pure destruction. With him he carries the Atma weapon; a sword whose power is based on the strength of the figher. It was specially designed for use by the Regenerate. Only his curative powers could maximize the benefits of the sword.

"The second WEAPON is the Alpha WEAPON. It's just as strong as the Atma WEAPON, but it is protected by a barrier of lava. In order to get to it you have to break the magical seals that have imprisoned it in a volcano. I'm not sure how to do it, but I think I can figure it out. It holds a magical badge that would teach the Destruct Light Bearer how to use the strongest magic in the cosmos. Magics even I don't know. He would be on par with the WEAPONS in magical know-how.

"The third, and extremely powerful WEAPON is the legendary Ultima WEAPON." Anoctium paused for a moment. "My God is that thing strong. The Ultima WEAPON has annihilated armies with single blows. It's withstood magical blasts that would level cities. It holds the ultimate shadow magic, Antimatter. Antimatter literally cancels out matter. If it is used it could wipe things out of existence." Janus smiled a wicked smile when he heard that.

"The last WEAPON.... I wouldn't suggest going after it. You'd nearly be killed by the Ultima WEAPON, I hardly believe you'd be able to kill the strongest."

"Ah, c'mon," Crono complained. "Just when it was getting to the good part, tell us about the last one."

"Fine. The last and strongest WEAPON is the Omega WEAPON. It is almost immortal, it is the strongest monster in existence. When magi tried to send it to the World of the Damned or the Palace of Eternity it simply reverse the spell and sent them away instead." Everyone looked surprised at that. Fuerte gulped. "The Omega is also a being that almost exists on a higher plane of being that we."

"What do you mean?" Gaspar asked.

"It can transcend the universe at will, and it can warp reality with a thought." He saw everyone giving him a queer look. "Okay, the way he warps reality complicated. The way this thing eats is he sucks matter into himself until it cannot hold any more. Then, with extremely powerful gravity magics he compresses the matter within him into a tiny point. He does this again and again until the tiny point becomes so massive with mass that it collapses in on itself and creates a vortex within him that creates energy. The energy released from this inner vortex repowers him; making him stronger than ever each time he does it."

"How much mass does this take?" Marle asked.

"About a city."

"He eats cities?"

"Well, whatever is in his way at the moment. When he's hungry, he eats. It's as simple as that."

"How does this vortex make him so strong?" Janus asked.

"It creates the most devastating force in existence within him. It creates a miniature black hole in the belly of a monster that could level a planet with its strength. do you know what a black hole is?"

"Yes," Janus responded. "I can create them."

"No, you can't, I have seen your strength. I'd bet the closest thing to a black hole you could create is a spell called x-zone. A black hole has so much strength even light cannot escape. And this beast can control one within his own body. By him doing this he warps existence and he can travel faster than the speed of light to where ever he wants."

"How do we kill it?" Crono asked. "And what do we get for killing it?"

"Nobody has been able to kill it. Nobody knows how. Millions have dies trying to kill, or seal it up, but none ever won. It is rumored he holds the secrets to the greatest weapon ever created within his belly. If we could get inside there and find what that thing is we would have untold powers. The person who wields this weapon would be a living legend."

"What is this weapon What are these secrets?"

"The location of the Holy Partisan."


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