Won't You Dance With Me?

By Choong Won

Squall Leonhart was thinking about everything that had happened the last couple of days. Dollet, his graduation, and his new friends. Now he was standing off to the side of the ballroom where other members of SeeD were dancing.

He sighed and looked up through the huge skylight at the night sky. "Way to go Squall. You don't even have a dancing partner. Heck, you don't even know how to dance!" Squall said to himself. "I wish I had someone to dance with." Suddenly a shooting star shot passed the skylight. Then he lowered his gaze and his eyes scanned the ballroom and settled on a pretty, young, woman, who had black hair that went down a little past her shoulders, and wore a cute, light yellow dress. When their eyes met, she smiled and in one fluid motion raised her finger. Then she walked towards Squall.

"Uh-oh! I hope she doesn't want to-" thought Squall.

"Wow, you're really something..." said the woman with a smile.

"Please no, please..." screamed Squall's mind.

"Won't you dance with me?"

Squall suddenly felt very uncomfortable and wished he could vanish into the shadows.

The woman put her hands on her hips and said in a inquisitive voice, "Maybe you're the kind of guy who only dances with girls you like?"

Squall suddenly felt himself blushing and got even more uncomfortable.

The young woman started to wave her arms and hands in a way that suggested that she was pretending to cast a spell on Squall. Her dark brown eyes seemed to twinkle as they concentrated on his eyes. "You're starting to like me... You're starting to like me..."

Squall just realized that the pink in his face was beginning to become a bright red and tried to stop blushing.

The young woman stopped the 'spell' and cocked her head to the right a bit, and asked a little disappointedly, "It didn't work?"

Finally Squall took in a deep breath, let it out and said, "I can't dance." He lowered his head a bit so he wouldn't have to make eye contact with her.

The young woman's eyes lit up and she said reassuringly, "Don't worry about it!" She grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the ballroom floor.

"Now what have I gotten myself into?" asked Squall to himself, as the woman dragged him to an open area.

"Now put your right hand here." She took his hand and placed it on the small of her back. "And your left arm is out like this." She took his left arm and brought it out and clasped his left and with her right she put it on his shoulder.

"Okay, here we go. Dance to music. One, two, three, four..." Squall awkwardly tried to move his feet in the same direction as hers. "Oops! You have got to remember to keep your hands in place." She said as she rearranged his hands from where they had been. "Now try again." This time Squall's feet kept time with the music until she spun him outwards.

Squall had been totally off guard when this happened and suddenly found himself being flung to the backwards. He knew that if he was going to get through this he would never dance again. Then he realized he was being pulled back and didn't know what to do. Squall slammed into the woman and nearly knocked her over. Squall suddenly felt ashamed and embarrassed. "Good job." his mind seemed to say in a sarcastic voice. Squall began to walk off of the ballroom floor when he heard a voice.

"Wait!" He turned around slightly and saw the woman walk quickly over. The woman pulled him by his hand back to the spot where they had been dancing. With her right hand in his, she began to circle around him. Then when he felt ready he began to dance with her again. This time he did better and kept in time to the music. When all was going well, he was suddenly bumped by another SeeD graduate, whom he didn't know, who was dancing with a woman with a sleek red dress.

Squall's eyes narrowed. "Hey!"

The woman, whom he was dancing with, finished for him. "Watch it!"

The man frowned, but moved off with his dancing partner.

When he looked back at the woman he saw her smile one of the cutest smiles in his life. He smiled back and continued to dance with her.

Five minutes later, he found himself gazing into her eyes as they stopped in the middle of the ballroom floor. Suddenly Squall heard a boom, and both of them gazed up through the large skylight to watch the fireworks which exploded in reds, greens, and many other colors. While he continued to watch the fireworks, the woman scanned the crowds of people talking or watching the fireworks. When Squall heard her say "Oh!" He turned to her questioningly. She smiled at him, slid from his arm and walked away towards a group of people.

He stared after her, the memories still fresh in his mind.

The End

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