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Hi, all. Name's Chaos Shadow, but if that's too long for you to bother spelling out, I'll take just Chaos or, if you're really in a need to hurry, CS. Just don't sling around the term 'babe', as I have been known to punch people's lights out. (Me? Violent? No... Not at all!) Anyhow, I am currently fourteen as of August 15th (I feel so young somehow), and I live in Florida... Somewhere in Florida. And if you didn't guess, I am female. I don't think you need to know much more about me personally than that.

On another note, I love RPGs and writing (Obviously, or else I wouldn't be on this site) and have been composing fanfiction since I was eleven. Of course, at the time, the term 'fanfiction' was a foreign policy, and I effectively told myself numerous times that I sucked back then. Fortunately, I've improved a great deal (which wasn't hard), but, alas, my summaries still stink. Remaining on the writing subject, my current specialty is a form of novelization (because those are fun) and direct sequels, although I plan to go back and create prequels, thusly shedding some light on the life of a couple of characters.

Concerning video games, I have to rank with many people when I say that one of my all-time favorites is Chrono Trigger (I have a really big project planned for that one day, and I have a feeling it will kill my keyboard). In addition to that, I enjoy Threads of Fate, the Final Fantasy series, Grandia, and Skies of Arcadia, and off the subject of direct RPGs are yet more video games that I won't waste space typing about.

Since somehow knowing somebody's favorite characters manage to let you identify with the person more (or just to avoid the infamous IM popping up saying 'wats ur fav. chara in (insert video game here)?') As such, my absolute favorite video game characters would have to be (in no particular order): Magus (because everybody likes the dark magician guys), Rue (from Threads of Fate, because he's sweet and not human [don't ask]), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII... Because he's cool. I'm not slinging the term 'sexy' around, just cool.), Glenn (Chrono Trigger, not Chrono Cross, because... Um... Good question. I don't know), and Shadow (from, oddly enough, Sonic Adventure 2... He's what gave me my nick name).

Just so you know, I love reviews on my work, wether the story is completed or not. Constructive criticism is what makes us all better at what we do, and improvements can always be made. So if you have something nice (or helpful) to say, just e-mail me (it should be from my name link at the top, but if it isn't, then it's and give your comments (and try to make them as in-edpth and helpful as you can), or you can try and MSN IM me (Wow; acronyms!) from my name, which is Chaos Shadow. If you try and MIM me, though, be cautious, because there's a pseudo-imposter going about with my name and what looks kinda like my e-mail adress (they may not be an imposter, but it's too coincidental for my tastes). Also, don't rely on messaging, as I usually log off the instant it starts up because I can't talk to people/am not in a mood to talk to people/am annoyed at somebody/etc. and so forth.

Finally, I want to give a couple of acknowledgements out there: To Aurora Firestorm (from for being a wonderful pseudo-rival and, in a way, forcing me into the Chrono Trigger universe (It's all your fault!); To many generations of English teachers for telling me I had a good imagination (not sure what they meant by that...); To NetRaptor ( again) for introducing me to fanfiction (without reading her fic, I never would have bothered trying myself); To Little Washu, with whom I have shared countless inside jokes with (May I never meet you on top of a cliff if you're flanked by a black gryphon); And, finally, to IcyBrian, merely because without him and the Committee, I wouldn't be here, wasting your time.

May the Black Wind never blow coldly against you;
Chaos Shadow

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- I have always and will always remain under the assumption that Rue never fully accepted his heritage; he came to terms with it, yes, but there was always a doubt mingling in the back of his mind. Of course, the game hardly adressed the issue at first, so I decided to step in and take, perhaps, tie a couple of loose ends together.
Giving Out - August 18th, 2003

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