Chirijiraden - Vanishing Memories Chapter 4

Breathless Patience


Aeris watched from Tue Sho’s window as the ships lifted into the air, taking her love to war. Her face was red with weeping and her body was chilled from the cool morning air. It seemed to her that the castle was always cold. She tore herself away from the window and walked across the stony floor over to a wooden chair that held her clothes from the day before and looked at them for a moment, wrinkled and reeking of Tue Sho. She held the silk to her bosom as she closed her eyes to reminisce of the eve just past. Images of Tue Sho and herself bound together in a passionate union flooded her mind, casting all else aside. It’s simplicity, it’s bliss, like a stallion mounting a mare as his lips caressed her flesh all over, their emotions raging in every vein during their sweat-filled love. But alas, that day had died, giving way to the new dawn that so chilled her skin. She had often thought of the cool winter breeze as the breathe of a vengeful ice maiden, envious of her love, although it was still in the midst of fall.

She opened her eyes and allowed the image to fade and return to yesterday as she clothed her naked self. A sorrowful sigh escaped her breath as she secretly wished to live within her memories until her lover returned. Once dressed she walked to Tue Sho’s dresser where she hid her items for these times when she wished to stay the eve with him. She removed a brush with a handle wreathed in weaving strands of silver and gold and ran it smoothly through her tousled hair. Soon after she pulled a matching mirror and a small black tie for which to bind her hair. Moments later she became somewhat satisfied with her appearance and returned the mirror and brush to their hidden drawer.

Slowly she stood and crept to the door, putting her ear to cold chill of the oak. Footsteps and inaudible whispers faded down the halls as she opened the heavy door, making great effort to prevent any sound from giving her away. Swiftly and silently she ran down the hall, her light barefoot steps hardly making a sound within hearing. She continued to sprint until voices behind a heavily locked door caught her ear. “Who are you to threaten us!?“ A heavy slam sounded from an armored hand striking a thick wooden table as the sound of scraping metal suggested the drawing of a blade.

“Hold, Faliel!” the new voice spoke with a tone demanding respect. Aeris recognized it immediately as her father’s -- the emperor’s. “I cannot allow this, Ajora. I will not allow you to make a mockery of my nation. My soldiers will fight until their last breath for Lesalia.”

“You’re a fool, Denada. I’m trying to help you. Call back your troops or they WILL be slaughtered. Think about it. Not only will they have to face Limberry’s full forces, but Lucavi as well. Your army isn‘t that capable, whatever lies you may have convinced yourself of.”

“My soldiers will battle on through demon, devil, and hell itself. Naught save God’s own hand could change their hearts. They will prevail, Ajora. Never before have you seen these men fight for a cause they believe in. You will need more than the aid of Satan to win over them.”

“His name is Lucavi, you obtuse fool, and your god is dead.”

“Your revolution is nothing more than the whims of a poor boy begging for riches. No. You seek to dethrone God himself. What then? Rule the world under the guise of a saint, speaking for heavenly bodies with a surly tongue? You reek of ignorance, Glabados, and you shall feel the wrath of a seething God when you meet him. The legend of King Limberry summoning the demon is just that, a legend. Go now, heretic, ‘fore I have you escorted with edge to your veins.” the door creaked and cracked ajar and Aeris sprinted for the corner as a comely man in white robes left the confines of the room.

Ajora walked down the eerie corridor and Aeris poked her head around the corner. One of the guards closed the heavy door and she sprinted off to the departing foreigner. He spun around upon hearing her approach and clasped his hand around her throat. She grabbed at his arm with both hands, her eyes sealed in pain. “Stop! Let go! Let --” Ajora released his grip and looked down at the strange girl clutching at her neck.

“I apologize. I thought you were... someone else.” Aeris coughed in pain as she looked up at the man as tears of hate and pain began to brim in her eyes. Ajora removed his hood, spilling long flowing silver hair down his back as he offered a hand to assist her to her feet. “Here...” The priest held a soft hand inches from her throat and soon it began to bathe in spontaneous sparkling lights. A series of green and blue wisps emanated from his skin, dancing into her bruise until it diminished into nothingness along with her pain.

“Than- *cough* thank you sir.” The tears left her eyes as a new image of this ‘heretic’ entered her mind.

“Please, call me Ajora.” She slowly looked the strange man over. In his eyes she saw a kind of kindness and purity, but she also perceived the hidden pain and hatred of a demon.

“So you’re Ajora. The heretic?” He took a light calming breath before attempting to speak again.

“Some have called me that. Do you wish to know why?” the girl gave a timid nod as he awaited an answer. “There is a wave. One that you cannot hope to see or hear. It rises above all of us and will soon come to crush us. I am branded a heretic because I go against that wave. Think of my words when next you question why you follow the boundaries set before you.” He turned to take his leave but was quickly caught unaware by Aeris’ strength. He looked back to see her firmly clamped on his arm. “Is there something else you need?”

“You spoke of the slaughter of Lesalia’s army?” Ajora’s eyes filled with suspicion as he realized his conversation was overheard.


“Please, I beg of you spare them!” The priest was overcome with an expression of shock at her request.

“My dear girl, were it in my power to save so many lives I would, I swear it, but I have tried to persuade the king and he would not hear of it. Limberry will stand to defend itself. Why do you ask such a thing of me?” Aeris grasped at the man’s robes as tears of despair ran down her cheeks. Slowly he embraced her in his sympathy for her sorrow.

“My... love...”

“My dear girl. I --” Aeris flung herself from Ajora and sprinted down the halls sobbing, leaving the priest with his conscience. Her thoughts raged, filling her head with possibilities and far-fetched hopes. Her heart stopped as a single act lodged in her mind. Immediately she turned on a heel and fled to the stables. She darted around a corner, colliding with a servant and sending a tray of tea and cakes crashing to the floor. Aeris tumbled and jumped to her feet without so much as a word of apology to stall her in her haste. The door of the stables burst open, startling the chocobos and the causing a stable-boy to release the reins of a saddled bird, it’s ebony feathers gleaming in the morning sunlight. The mount was Aeris’ favorite, Naucitos. Without a moment of thought she jumped into the saddle and charged the noble beast forward. The bird rushed outside and the two began the arduous flight to Limberry.

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