Wolfe Bite Chapter 10

By Captain Gaul

Some miles north, Moe and Chi stopped on a small hill. In the distance, they could see construction work going on. Among the workers were some strange looking creatures, including an octopus that seemed to have no trouble with the fact that it was on land. Crates were being hauled off of docks and towards the rearmost part of the construction, where a….

“What the hell’s the Telepod doing here?”

“That’s not the Telepod, Moe. But it does look very similar.” When two of the crates were loaded on the device’s platform, then vanished in a flash of purple, she added: “Probably has a very similar purpose, too.”

“If these guys are dealing with guns…and no one else seems to know about guns…and guns are getting to our world…what are you willing to bet that these guys were the ones shipping the guns to the villains?”

“Quite a bit.”

The two went down the hill towards the construction site. The octopus approached them.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“We’d like to speak to the manager.”

“Ungaa! The manager is very busy right now. But maybe I can help you.”

“Where’d you get the guns?”

“Ugahh! Why should I tell you?”

“Because if you don’t…” Chi pulled a very slender, twelve-inch blade from her sleeve.

“We’ll beat the living shit out of you.” Moe grabbed an exceptionally large wrench from his belt.

“What! You’re talking to octopus royalty here. And Ultros does not allow anyone to treat him like that! That’s it! Game’s over, kids!”

Moe and Chi charged the creature. One of its arms snapped out and wrapped its way around Moe. A second later, Chi severed the arm with a quick stroke, and Ultros bellowed.

As they fought the creature, apparently one of its favorite moves was to wrap its arms into a sort of knot and punch with them. But to agile, lightly armored people, this was ineffective, especially after three of its arms got broken with a battlewrench, and four others were severed with a knife.

Being de-limbed or otherwise disabled, Ultros flailed helplessly as Moe and Chi smashed and sliced it. It managed to screech “I give—I give!” just in time to avoid getting a dagger plunged into its eye. The battle ended as Ultros’ manager approached them.

“What seems to be the problem?” The workers around them, who had stopped to watch their boss get beaten apart, quickly resumed their duties.

“These people…cough, cough…want to know where we got the guns…ungaaaaha!” Ultros sputtered as he slithered off to the sea.

The manager turned to face Moe and Chi. He was a fairly average looking man, with short brown hair and a somewhat hardened expression. “You realize you just nearly killed my receptionist.” Moe nodded his affirmation. “But I gather you’re more interested in the guns than the Colosseum. Fair enough. I know I won’t be able to fight you, and I can’t just go off to sea to heal my wounds, so…I’ll tell you what you want to know. The guns came from a guy named Ray.”

“How do we find Ray?”

The manager bit his lip and pointed to the strange device. “The purple gate can be set to his world.”

“Will you let us?”

“Will you not beat me to a pulp?”

After Chi and Moe nodded, the managed nodded as well. “Then yes, I’ll set the frequency to his world. I’ll even send one of my own through there first, so you know I’m not dropping you off a thousand feet underwater.”

Moe and Chi looked at each other. They hadn’t considered that. “Sounds fine.”

“Okay. I’ll get started, here.”


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