Patrol Abroad Prologue and Author's Pre-Notes

By Captain Gaul

This is a bit larger of an undertaking. The story is longer and more complex. Of course, I brought Captain Gaul back, but this story isn’t fit for telling in first-person viewpoint. So, I’ve shifted the viewpoint to third-omniscient, and the writing style has changed accordingly. I hope it’s still funny where it’s meant to be; I also hope it’s serious where it needs to be.

You might be tempted to call this a crossover, but I believe that this is still 95% a CT fanfic, because no crossing over is done except for either (a) characters who were not originally in the games, (b) by the FF6 empire, which can get away with it because it’d be just as easy for them to invade CT as it would be to invade Esperville, which they pulled off with ease.

One note. Sometimes, I need to refer to a race, religion, nationality, etc., and I’m thinking of a specific one on Earth when I write it, but that would be out of place in these worlds. So I’ll put the actual text the characters would say, followed by what you can compare this to in parentheses. For example, I’ll use the first one in the story:

and Manatetan (Asian) in descent

You can thus assume that the Manatetan is extremely similar to Far East Asian as far as appearance, culture, tradition, general course of history, etc. This is just a tool I use to make my life easier and reduce somewhat the number of times you have to mutter “What the hell?” as you read my work.

And one final note. The main character is referred to by many things; his full name and title is (was?) Guardia Patrol Captain Nicholas Gaul. He may be referred to as Gaul, Captain Gaul, the Captain (upper case), Captain, the captain (lowercase), etc. He isn’t called by his first name much, except by the people at the extremes—his bitter rival the chancellor and his fiancee, Li Robbins. The shortened version ‘Nick’ is used ONLY by Li Robbins, and, as you will read, she isn’t in this story for long or much. Fortunately, unlike some writers, I do not feel bound to write my stories in strictly chronological order; while they have been so to date, I will probably write a prequel to this at some point. Miss Robbins will take a more active role in those stories.


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