Guardia's Finest Epilogue

By Captain Gaul

The rest was, as they say, history. Lacking a wing, Blackbird began a fatal plunge into the sea, Magus cast the Gate spell and saved us just in time. From the End of Time we took the faltering Gates back to our own times. Disaster had been averted, and the preferred timeline restored. The Paradox Remix disappeared upon our return to our own time...but you’d expect little else from something so deeply ingrained in the machinery of space and time. And it apparently did its job.

I have a souvenir from my trip, though. While dashing through the corridors of the Blackbird, looking for the wing connection, I found something useful.

A magic resupply device. Designed to restore magic to those whose powers have been utterly drained. And, with a little work, I imagine I could use it to give myself the gift of magic...perhaps at some cost less than that paid by Zeal, and without the approval of Spekkio, who still doesn’t like me. But that’s another story, one I’m sure I’ll get around to telling soon enough.

But my story is done, at least for now. Fulfilling my duties as a member of Guardia’s Finest, I’ve protected the kingdom well into the future. Having no reliable witnesses, I can’t expect a promotion for this...but virtue is its own reward. I’ll make sure to remember the future. Maybe I can talk to the judge about wiping a few criminal records. Maybe giving Taban a permanent extension on his Tinkerer’s Permit...heck, it’s the least I can do.

So, my life continues. Yours should, too. If you care to read about one of the other two-hundred-forty to three-hundred-ninety-two alternate realities of the Chrono Trigger universe, feel free.


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