Fight the Fanfic Prologue

Lavos Revived

By Captain Gaul

“The end…yes! I finally beat it!”

“Took ya long enough, dude. It’s been how many years since you got this game?”

“Three or four….”

“Geez! What took you so long?”

Frank and Devon sat arguing. Fifteen and fourteen, neither of them were any good at the game, and it was mostly through sheer luck that they managed to smash Lavos at last.

“You know Devon….”


“If Lavos was all powerful…how’d he die so easy?”

“You call that easy?”

“But c’mon! A teenage boy, a cave woman and a frog with an English accent wasting a power older than time? As if!”

“Frank, it’s dead. Lavos ist kaput and all.”

“He must be hiding or something, or not really dead.”

“Dude, if we were there, we would waste Lavos so fast, with our modern technology and all.”

“Yeah…hey! Ya know what’d be cool?”

“Put a car radio in a spaceship?”

“Er…aside from that. Now that we beat the game at last, it’s okay for us to write fanfics!”

“Dude! And we can put ourselves in, and REALLY kick butt!”


And so the two bumblers went off to Frank’s computer to start typing their fanfic…little did they know what was about to unfold….


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