Fight the Fanfic Chapter 5


By Captain Gaul

The effect of the approaching army towards the castle gates was immediate. Troops sounded the alarm, positions were taken, and defenses were readied.

The king sent his fifty best forward to stop the army before they ever came close. The troops kept marching, and keeping in step, Tom launched a magic fireball. It ripped through the counter-force and smashed the castle gates in a second. The Guardia men stood stunned, then began to panic as the approaching army suddenly charged, screaming a harried battlecry.

Though the Guardians were very good at fighting what they were used to fighting, namely peasants, the occasional mystic, and each other, they were not even capable of defending themselves against anything of the power that the invaders had. As lines of Guardians counter-charged the invaders, many of them fell to their deaths without even being attacked—the putrid aura of foreign power Devon and Tom had given these people was enough to eradicate the life force of a weak-willed man.

The enemy advance slowed and the Guardians rallied as Crono and Marle arrived on the scene. Devon frowned as one of their men was actually killed by Crono’s blade, and he murmured a few syllables while he made a gesture not unlike the puppeteer pulling the strings….

* * *

“Chi! Moe! Get yourself ready, quickly! We need to fight at Guardia!”

As Moe put a few battlewrenchs into his pack, Chi asked “Captain, what’s wrong?”

Gaul pointed at the screen. “Look.”





* * *

The Guardians’ rally cry halted as Crono and Marle turned wordlessly and returned to the throne room. Just as quickly, the invaders rushed again, and the Guardians were helpless beneath their charge.

King Guardia stood up from his throne. “Crono! Princess Nadia! What’s going on? Are the invaders repelled?”

Marle lifted her bow and fired off two shots. King Guardia looked at the two bolts pinning him to his throne, and asked “What…what are you doing?!”

Crono rushed forward and attacked the king with his sword. A few seconds later, the royal blood was on the floor, and Crono lifted the crown off the late monarch’s head.

Tom, Frank, and Devon walked through the doors, closely followed by their procession of twenty-nine. “Crono! I believe you have something for me?” Crono held out the crown.

As Tom reached forward to take the crown, Gaul, Chi, and Moe entered the room. No one noticed until Chi let out a scream, and then the entire invasionary force flinched as the stained glass windows shattered. Then, the whole group turned and charged the waiting trio.

Gaul knocked two of the chargers aside with his nightstick, and began a martial arts ‘dance’ that caused most of the invaders to choose to keep their distance. Moe lashed out wildly with the battlewrench, and soon many of the invaders were standing back to rethink their strategy.

The enemy leaders looked down at them. Gaul and Moe were ready to attack anything that came near, and Chi’s vocal addition was making magic difficult. Frank, disgusted, took his boot off (Tom and Devon watched amazedly), pulled his sock off, dropped a large rock into it, and shot it off like a sling. Chi fell to the ground with a huff as the shot hit her square in the chest. Moe, concerned, rushed over to her, and then Devon threw a lightning bolt at him. Moe grunted and collapsed as his hair stood on end.

Gaul gritted his teeth for the magic blast he thought was to come. But instead, he say Devon put his fingers up to his lips. “Go away,” he said. He blew on his fingers, and a sparkling dust hit Gaul and company.

A blink of an eye later, they were back at the headquarters, woozy, injured, and dizzy.


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