On Earth as it is in Hell Prologue

By Caleb Nova

It is raining. Simple a statement to make, it would seem, but the embodiment of the scene that lies before us. You are standing on a pile of broken mortar, raindrops splashing and dribbling down the cracked and worn lines of what might have been a great structure. Before you can see the outline of a hulking shape, blotting out the sky for several hundred feet, what surely must have been a mighty monument, but fragile as any created by man. The broken girders frame a collapsed roof, sticking out at jagged angles towards the gray sky, looking for all the world like a mouth screaming in final agony. And all around you are the littered pieces of this destruction, what ever it may have been.

If you where to walk towards the monolith, as you grew closer you would see twisted walls and sloped floors covered in bricks, walling, shingle, glass, and blood. And if you pushed past these obstructions, you would reach the center, a hollow, burnt out gutted space seared by unimaginable fires. Laying next to you is a shattered object with something inscribed on it, words smeared by soot or shattered by ways unknown. You can decipher one or two, Library, Cafeteria, Quad. What happened here? What forces broke this place, turning it into the debris ridden skeleton of what it once was? To find out, we must go back seven years..........

Chapter 1

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic