On Earth as it is in Hell Chapter 15

Contigent Deception

By Caleb Nova

"We would all find out later that Seifer was under the Sorceress's control during the thing. I can't imagine what he went through, remembering doing all those terrible things and not being able to stop. While eventually we all forgave him, I don' t think Quistis ever needed to."

-Irvine Kinneas, The SeeD and the Sorceress

Rinoa rolled over in the bed, squinting as the bright sunlight streaming through the blinds hit her still closed eyes. She yawned, stretching her arms out as far to the sides as they would go. Squall was gone, as she had known he would be. Probably just over in his office, taking care of morning business as usual. Through the walls she could hear a humming reverberation as Xu made some early announcement, most likely something concerning the cafeteria, and the faint chatter of students early to rise. Just another day in Balamb Garden. With Ultimecia defeated, the purpose for which the Gardens had been created had become obsolete, and slowly but surely the Gardens were shifting more and more towards becoming nothing more than advanced private schools. It was expected that in a matter of years Garden would no longer train new SeeDs, and the number of mercenary contracts that were accepted would dwindle off into nothing, no doubt causing the creation of a hefty tuition fee. For the moment however, a generation of fighting SeeDs was still housed in the Garden, and the art of combat was still taught in its gilded halls.

Rinoa showered and dressed, brushing her hair to until it held it's usual silky sheen. Today was a day off for her, so she didn't have to worry about classes. Crossing the carpet she slid open the door that led directly into the adjacent commanders office. Squall was intent upon something or the other, alternating between scribbling furiously and peering into the glowing screen before him. She smiled. He looked so cute when he was concentrating. Coming up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on the top of his head.

"Good morning," She said, leaning against him.


Yes. Only Squall Leonhart could respond to a cheerful 'good morning' with a yes. Still, at least he had said something.

"Whatcha working on?"

He absently scratched at his scar. "Deling. Can't find out who's in control."

"Nobody knows?"

He shook his head, scrolling more text down the screen. Rinoa knew he would be behind the desk for at least another hour. She however, was hungry.

"I'm going down to the cafeteria," She said, walking towards the door. "Do you want anything?"

"Ate already," Squall mumbled, still staring at the screen. He gave a slight start when he realized he should probably be a little more polite to his love. "Thanks."

Rinoa smiled to herself on the way out. He was improving.

The cafeteria was half full when she reached it. For a school cafeteria, it actually wasn't that loud. Breakfast was usually fairly subdued as the students tried to wake up, it wasn't until lunch that things became raucous. She ordered a bagel and cream cheese, opting to take it back upstairs rather than eat at one of the tables.

On her way back to the elevator, she noticed Quistis taking roll call outside the Training Center. Another 'field trip' for the younger students to train up on Grats. Other than a small bandage adorning the side of her head, Quistis looked fine. Rinoa waved, walking up the stairs and Quistis smiled and nodded back. After all Quistis had been through over the last couple days Rinoa had thought Cid would have offered her the day off to rest and recuperate. Of course, knowing Cid, he had, and knowing Quistis, she declined.

When she returned to the office Squall was still behind the desk, but instead of studying the screen he was shuffling papers, digging around in the contents of one of his many filing cabinets. Someday he would take the time to get it all computerized, but for now he was forced to flip through a filing system that became more random with each passing day. His frustration was apparent.

Rinoa sat on the edge of his desk, munching on her bagel while he continued to dig through files, his motions becoming increasingly fierce. He was about five seconds away from putting his boot through the cabinet when he found what he was looking for, a manila folder containing reports on known Galbadian revolutionaries. Rinoa finished her bagel and cleared her throat. Squall looked up at her.

"What did you say that man's name was again? Scott?"

"Scott Keyor."

"I think," She said, hesitating. "That me and him should talk. Where is he?"

Squall paused, sliding his chair over to the computer screen and keying in a query. The information scrolled onto the screen. "Room 63." He looked at her, concern apparent in his eyes. "Will you be okay?"

She nodded, twisting a strand of ebony hair in her fingers. "I can't sense him unless I'm trying. I just want to get the story straight from him, and maybe I can understand what's happening."

Squall doubted anyone could ever completely understand the present circumstances, but it was worth a try to see if Rinoa and Scott could fix whatever was causing her mental blackout. In regards to sending Scott home, he had already sent an inquiry to Esthar concerning Odine. He expected a call from Laguna within the next few days, a prospect he was not looking forward to. He never knew what to say to the man. How do you talk to the father who never knew you?

Rinoa left the office, crossing the commons and climbing the stairs to the men's dormitories. 45, 59, 61, and 63. She looked behind her at the digital wall clock that was omnipresent in all the dorms. 8:46. Worth a shot. She keyed the doorcom buzzer.

Scott was woken by a harsh buzzing noise that emanated from the wall somewhere to his left. What the hell was that? It took him a moment to remember where he was, gazing blearily at the unfamiliar room. The loud buzzing permeated the room again, and he pushed himself up to his feet. Stumbling over to the doorcom, he stared at it for a second before remembering which button to press, the door slid open to reveal... Nobody I recognize.

Rinoa studied the stranger's face. Shaggy dark blond hair hung in his eyes, stubble adorned his chin and there were several large bruises on his body. He didn't look like he was in good shape at the moment, but Rinoa could see that cleaned up he would cut a swathe through the Garden's female population. In fact, what struck her the most was the passing resemblance to Seifer. Nobody would mistake him for the Knight, but it was there.

Scott crossed his arms over his chest uncomfortably, suddenly aware of his state of undress. The women before him was examining him, making him feel more uncomfortable. He cleared his throat. "Uh yes.... ma'am?"

"Your Scott Keyor?"

"Yeah, that's me."

Not much like Seifer at all. This guy actually seemed a little reserved.

"I'm Rinoa."

This cleared a few things up for him. She was the only one who didn't know everything about his situation. She was a sorceress. She didn't look any different than anybody else. Well there you go. You met a Sorceress, something to talk about at the bar.

"I see. Nice to meet you."

He almost winced. Good job. You met a Sorceress and came off as an asshole.

Rinoa almost smiled. He seemed nervous. One of the others must of had told him about her. There were a few experiments she wanted to do, but she wanted everybody else to be there in case something went wrong. At the moment, she had just wanted to meet him face to face and see if there was some sort of reaction. He shifted on his feet, speaking again.

"I suppose you want me to tell a little about myself...."

Rinoa did smile this time. "Okay. Do you want to get dressed first?"

Scott gave a little jump when he once again realized he was still in his boxers. "Right, right. Um, you can come in. Well, I mean of course you can, it's your Garden or whatever.... I'll go change."

He went into the bathroom, leaving the room door open so she could come in. There was some rustling from behind the door to the bathroom before it slid open and Scott stepped out, now attired in casual SeeD uniform. It was a bit tight around the collar, but it fit well enough. Rinoa sat on the edge of his bed, it being the only seat the room had to offer. Scott leaned against the wall. He blew out a breath, running a hand through his hair.

"Well, it all starts a couple years back."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Nida was first and foremost the Garden's pilot, more qualified than anyone else who lived under it's roof to steer the ponderous vessel when in motion. At the moment however, the Garden was dry docked, so he was relegated to what he felt were lesser tasks. Sometimes these involved things like filing papers or the occasional mission, or maybe even library duty, which he didn't mind much anymore since he could hit on the attractive female staff. More often, they involved things like starting up the coffee machine on the command bridge. This particular morning, he had the chore of finding Zell Dincht and Selphie Tilmitt, who were missing. Squall wanted to put together a meeting of some sort that required their presence, so he had called upon the closest available SeeD to do the job. Nida, filling the coffee machine.

So far he had stopped by their respective dorms, the Training Center, the secret area in the Training Center, the Cafeteria, the Library, the Quad, the Garage, and even the Infirmary. Now he was roaming the upper level classroom halls for some sign of them, with absolutely no success. Please Hyne, don't let them be in the MD Level.

He was strolling down some random hall when a light fixture above him popped loose, dangling slightly out of it's position. He frowned. Some days it seemed like this place was coming apart. He jumped up, trying to push it back into place, but couldn't reach. Well, he didn't have the rank of Level 28 SeeD for nothing. Backing up slightly, he went into a running start, jumped off of the wall and with a tremendous 'Hi-ya!', took out his frustrations on the fixture by kicking it back into place.


The ceiling shook as more violent cursing echoed down, immediately following which a steaming mad Zell Dincht jumped through the hole where the light used to be, cradling his battered hand to his chest and threatening Nida with the other.

"Oh Hyne! What the hell man, you 'bout took my fucking fingers off!"

Nida held out his hands, trying to placate him. "Now, lets not be hasty here. How was I supposed to know you'd be up in the ceiling?"

Zell's glare softened somewhat as the logic of this sunk in. He snorted, backing off a little. "Yeah whatever. Just next time, don't be kicking no more lights until your sure somebody's not holding it, alright?"

Nida was pretty sure he wouldn't be in another situation like this. "Right, right. It's cool."

By this time Selphie had lowered herself down too, coming up behind Zell. "Let me see those fingers."

Zell them out towards her, the ring of skin around his knuckles already turning a dark purple.

"Cura!" Selphie said, the magic sending glowing sparks around Zell's hand. The purple receded, leaving only a faint yellow tinge to the skin. "There we go, all better!"

Zell smiled and kissed her, and they went off down the hallway hand in hand. Nida stood there, now by himself. Zell and Selphie, kissing? Up in the ceiling all night? Holding hands? What the hell? He was sure nobody would bother to explain anything to him. He sighed, looking up at the light fixture, still swinging free. He might as well put it back into place before someone told him to.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

They were all gathered in Squall's office, sitting on various chairs and couches. Zell and Selphie sat together on a couch by the door. Everyone was looking at them askance, not quite sure what to make of it. Irvine was fairly uncomfortable. Sure, she wasn't his girlfriend anymore, but it would take some getting used to seeing her with someone else, especially Zell. Squall surprised himself by not being surprised. His only thought upon seeing the two together was, It's about time. Rinoa was rubbing off on him more than he had thought. Quistis didn't know what to make of it, and Scott never knew anything anymore.

Squall kicked it off by nodding to Quistis, letting her do the talking as per usual.

"Scott," She began. "Why don't you go over your story again, just so everything is fresh in our minds."

So, taking a deep breath and thinking about how much he was sick of telling his story, he launched into it again. It was a rather long story, and this time he added even more detail, in case there was an important piece he had missed telling the previous times. It was almost noon by the time he had finished and everyone had asked whatever questions were on their minds. Again, he omitted the part about Final Fantasy 8.

Quistis had one more question. "So nobody else came through the portal? There weren't any other experiments?"

Scott shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know. The portal collapsed behind me, and I used to think that was the only one, but now... I realize there could have been more. I don't know though, the whole operation seemed like a first time thing to me, they were winging a lot of it."

"And you still went through the portal?" Irvine asked incredulously.

"They paid me a lot of money."

"Must have been."

Zell raised his hand. Everyone looked at him, and he put it down sheepishly. "Uh, do you have hotdogs where you come from?"

Squall put a hand to his forehead, Selphie and Rinoa giggled, Irvine laughed and Quistis rolled her eyes. Scott didn't get the joke any further than that it was a strange thing to ask about.

"Yeah, we've got those." Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener....

Quistis looked to the clock on Squall's wall. "Speaking of which, I think we should adjourn for now and go to lunch."

"Right on!" Zell exclaimed, jumping to his feet. He was out the door with Selphie before Squall actually said it was okay. Squall shook his head, getting up.

"Adjourned for now."

Rinoa and Squall were the last to leave the office, tagging along behind Irvine and Quistis who were discussing something or the other. Scott was already out of sight, probably trying to catch up to Zell and Selphie so he could find the cafeteria. Rinoa slipped her hand into his, giving it a squeeze. Squall still felt a little uncomfortable with public displays of affection, but it wasn't worth it to remove his hand. Anyway, he figured he better get used to it.

The cafeteria was becoming crowded by the time they reached it, but their usual table was empty. Officially speaking it wasn't actually reserved, but nobody was going to steal the table of those particular SeeDs. It might be unhealthy.

By the time Squall and Rinoa sat down, Zell and Selphie already had their food and had made room for Scott on the end. Irvine was just sitting down and Quistis was at the front of the line after several of the Trepies had let her cut. As Commander, Squall probably didn't have to bother waiting in line, but he did anyway. Rinoa turned to him.

"You can go sit down," She said, smiling brightly. "I'll get our food today. I think it's my turn anyway."

Squall's eyes narrowed, attempting to detect subterfuge. Usually she would dodge her line-standing turn. Detecting none, he shrugged and sat down. Rinoa smiled to herself. She was buttering him up so he'd be more amenable to getting of work earlier to spend the evening with her.

Slowly but surely, the line moved forward and she soon found herself at the front ordering the usual. While waiting for her order to be processed, she moved to the side of the line and bumped into a friend she had made in one of her classes, Michelle Tranell. She was obviously excited about something.

"Rinoa!" She squealed, waving her hands around. "Why haven't you introduced me to the hottie?"


"Tall blonde and handsome, over at your table. Who is he?"

"Oh, you mean Scott. He's.... From Galbadia Garden, a transfer."

Oops. Scott probably didn't know enough about the Gardens to accurately fake being a transfer student. But the way Michelle was checking him out, asking questions was the last thing on her mind.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me? Oh my Hyne, I bet he has a girlfriend doesn't he?"

"I, uh..."

She didn't know enough about Scott to know whether or not he would want the attention. Did he have a girlfriend?

"Hold on," Rinoa said. "Let me see if I can set you up."

She walked over to the table, sitting down and pretending to wait for her order. She turned to Scott.

"Scott," She started. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

He frowned at her. The way she said it it was clear she wasn't hitting on him, and with Squall right there he didn't want her to. "Uh, no."



"Oh. Just trying to get to know you better."


She stood up again, walking back over to the counter. "He doesn't have a girlfriend."

"He's married isn't he?"


"Oh Hyne. He's gay, right?"

"What in the world makes you think that?" Rinoa said, staring at Michelle.

"Oh come on Rinoa. He's gorgeous. And he's not married or taken, so he must be gay."

"Your just making that up."

"Wanna bet?"

Rinoa sighed. "No, I don't want to bet. If you want to talk to him, just do it."

"I can't just go up to him! Introduce me."

"I need to wait for my food, hold on."

Her food arrived shortly, and she carried the steaming tray back over to the table with Michelle in tow. She took her seat next to Squall, and Michelle sat next to her, facing Scott. Rinoa put Squall's food in front of him, then leaned over the table so Scott could hear her.

"This is a friend of mine, Michelle." Rinoa said, trying to modulate her voice enough to be heard over the dull roar of the cafeteria. "Michelle, this is Scott Keyor, from Galbadia Garden." Scott shot her a look which she apologetically returned.

Michelle turned on the charm, flashing him her best smile, pleased to notice that it had an effect on Scott after all. He hesitantly smiled back, averting his eyes. He had never been good with women. The military didn't leave much time for personal life.

Rinoa spent most of the rest of lunch focused on Squall, occasionally turning her attention to Michelle's shameless flirting. She plied Scott with all the usual questions about age and whether or not he liked it at Balamb Garden. So far there hadn't been any questions about Galbadia Garden, and Scott steered the conversation from such subjects by asking questions about her. Really, he just wanted her to go away. She was trying really hard to get him to like her, and she seemed nice enough, but the joke was on her- he wasn't going to be around long enough to get into any sort of relationship. Or is that joke on me?

After about ten minutes, Rinoa took pity on him. She leaned over to Squall and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her quizzically, one eyebrow raised.

Please, She mouthed.

He rolled his eyes and set his fork down. Clearing his throat, he turned to Michelle and Scott.

"Keyor," He said, getting Scott's attention. "We have some matters to discuss." He looked pointedly at Michelle. She took the hint, and left with a small smile and a 'See you later.'. Scott breathed a sigh of relief, giving Squall a look of thanks. He shrugged and indicated Rinoa with his head, going back to eating. Rinoa grinned at him, cocking her head to the side.

"Well," She asked impishly. "What do you think of her?"

Scott put his head on his arms, already full. "She's nice enough I guess, but I don't think a long distance relationship would be possible over dimensions."

Zell stopped stuffing his face with hotdogs long enough to break into the conversation. "Hey, that's too bad man, since half the chicks in here are checking you out."

Scott raised his head to verify this. Sure enough, wherever his gaze traversed female heads quickly swiveled away, while the braver ones stared back at him, giggling amongst themselves. He sighed. If only this was happening back at home. Then he could... Could what? He knew he was fooling himself if he thought he would take advantage of their attraction to him even if he was in familiar settings. There was no way he could ever work up the self-confidence to ask any of them out. Lousy brain. Cramping my style.

Well, at least the food had been pretty good. By this time, everyone had finished but Zell, and were talking about whatever. He just listened since he didn't know enough about anything to converse. Rinoa was talking to Selphie about her sudden relationship with Zell.

"So when did this happen?" Rinoa asked, eyeing the couple. "It's only been a few days since I last saw you, and Zell was just your friend."

Selphie giggled, giving Zell's hand a squeeze. "Just last night, but it's been a long time in coming. We just didn't realize it sooner."

Rinoa leaned in conspiratorially. "So what, you guys were in the secret area?"

Selphie put on an arch expression, leaning back. "Oh, I have my own secret area. And I'm not telling!"

"You guys were alone all night?"

"Oh, it wasn't like that! We didn't... You know..."

Rinoa's smile widened, and Selphie became more flustered. "Oh really? You didn't, huh?"

Selphie narrowed her eyes. "No, but I know a certain Sorceress who was with a certain Commander last night, and I could hear you downstairs doing a certain-"

"Okay! Okay!" Rinoa gasped, putting her hand over Selphie's mouth. "Let's talk about something else."

Scott didn't want to know. Zell was too full to talk, and from the look Squall was giving a grinning Irvine, their conversation had run along the same lines as Rinoa and Selphie's. This was very nice of them and all to include him, but he was more interested in knowing exactly how he could go home, and socializing at lunch wasn't getting him any closer to his goal. Putting his head back down on his arms, he closed his eyes and tried to doze away the remaining time.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The man had been found in during a bit of browsing Hendrow had been doing through some random government files, trying to familiarize himself with the state of the country. The name had jumped out at him from the paper, instantly recognizable. He had brought it to Julian's attention immediately.

The files eventually led them to his present whereabouts, a prisoner in the D-District facility. Besides his name and location, nothing else had been found. Everything about the man in the public databases had been erased at some point. There was no doubt in Hendrow's mind that this man had been left to rot. But he was useful to them for what he might know, and Julian had plans that required that knowledge. It was in this fashion, handcuffed and chained, that Seifer Almasy was brought before the desk of Julian Foss.

The man before Julian was not the arrogant young SeeD trainee that the game and book had portrayed. The man before him was a broken man, dressed in the pitiful remains of a trenchcoat, unshaven, undernourished, with only a faint spark in his eye to show that he had any spirit left in him. This was a man who might be desperate enough for freedom to give Julian what he wanted.

Seifer was unsure what to make of his situation. He had fully expected to die in the prison, killed in some minor riot or executed at some officer's whim. Now he was brought before a man he had never seen before sitting in what had been the office of the former ruler of Galbadia. Seifer glared at him, hoping to take some pleasure in intimidating another weak-chinned politician. To his surprise, the man stared fearlessly back with a quiet yet cold gaze of his own. Fire and ice.

"Seifer Almasy," Julian began. "Former resident of Balamb Garden, SeeD in training.... Sorceress Knight..."

"Oh, thanks," Seifer snarled. "'Cause, see, I had forgotten who I was for some reason and I needed you to tell me. Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?"

"Temper, Mr. Almasy, will get you nowhere. I brought you here because I wanted to meet you, to make the acquaintance of a man who has affected the course of this world so much. And because I would like to ask a favor of you. A favor that I could return....."

Seifer was becoming angrier. This soft-spoken fat bastard dragged him out here in chains, and then expected a favor from him? "Listen you fat fuck, I can't imagine why the hell you think I owe you anything since you bastards threw me into jail without a trial. 'Oh, thanks so much for the prison term, I love getting butt-fucked in the shower while the warden takes pictures.' Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"Mr. Almasy, I had nothing to do with your incarceration. I think you misunderstand my intentions. I am trying to help you."

"Yeah? Why?"

"Because you can help me."

"And what do I get out of it?"

"Your freedom."

As Julian had suspected, Seifer calmed down, now assessing his opponent with more intelligence. He wanted to be free, and badly.

"What do you want?"

Julian smiled, motioning for Hendrow to pull up a chair. Seifer sat down, the guards coming in further to stand behind it. Julian leaned forward slightly, tenting his hands. "I am... New, to this area. There are many things I would like to know, and especially would like to know about the Gardens. I'll cut to the point. You tell me about Balamb Garden, and I let you walk."

Seifer laughed incredulously. "What, that's it? The terms of service? Let's assume I actually tell you shit. Why do you want to know about Balamb?"

"Firstly, what I will do with the information is my business. Secondly, perhaps I was not entirely forthcoming about your, 'terms of service'. After I let you go, you will deliver something to Balamb Garden for me."

"After I'm free, what the hell makes you think I'll go where you want me to?"

"You will go to Balamb Garden whether I told you to or not, because you have no place else to go."

Seifer was silent as the truth of this hit him. Julian continued.

"After you leave the country, you will not be welcome back here. Right now, only I know of your presence. If the Galbadian people find out, they will want you dead."

"Your not Galbadian." It wasn't a question.

Julian did not reply. "What will it be?"

"Why do you want me to go to Balamb Garden after I'm free? What am I going to deliver, a fucking box of chocolates?"


Julian bent down and with both hands lifted an object up onto the desk. It took Seifer a minute to realize what it was. Lionheart. Squall's ultimate gunblade. The implication of this struck him like a hammer. He could feel his mouth drop open, but he didn't care. Squall was dead. He didn't know how to deal with the emotions that surged through him. Shouldn't he be happy? He had never liked Squall. But... They had grown up together. He had been a rival, worthy competition. He could have been a friend. Julian gestured for Hendrow to move aside, revealing the assortment of items that were lying on the floor behind him. Selphie's nunchukas, Irvine's shotgun, and Quistis's whip. It hit him harder than he could ever have imagined. They had been enemies, but before that they had been comrades and family, they had been something more. He didn't know, but whatever it was, it sent a crippling sadness through him, quickly followed by his body's only defense against such emotion- white-hot rage.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'll kill you, I'LL KILL YOU!" Seifer screamed, leaping forward out of the chair, hands outstretched to throttle the life out of the focus of his anger. The guards quickly pulled the chains taught, yanking him back into the chair and sending it falling over backwards. One of the guards kicked him in the ribs, forcing the breath out of his lungs as the other pointed a gun at his head, foot on his throat. Hendrow had jumped back in alarm, but Julian hadn't flinched.

"Please Mr. Almasy. Calm yourself."

The guards flipped the chair back up and forced him to sit in it, gun still to his head. He was shaking with rage, his eyes full of seething hate, glaring at Julian. Julian was not perturbed. He gazed calmly back, waiting for Seifer to settle.

"Mr. Almasy, I had nothing to do with whatever fate befell the SeeDs. Now, your freedom is at stake here. Control your outbursts and make yourself useful, and you will be in Balamb by tomorrow. I'll even throw in your weapon as a bonus. You'll need to do a little cleanup I'm afraid, its been sitting in a rather damp basement."

Seifer wanted to spit in his face. But he also didn't want to go back and die in prison.

I'll give him his plans.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Three hours later, Seifer found himself on the outskirts of Deling, the assorted weapons in a sack over his shoulder. He threw back his head and laughed, picking up the pace to get away. He had given Julian a detailed and complete idea of the floor by floor structure... Of Trabia Garden. Now he just had to leave in case anyone found out. And then... He would go to Balamb. Because they would have wanted it this way.

Julian and Hendrow watched the figure recede out into the plains from the top of the wall. Hendrow frowned. Julian was usually a master tactician, but his reasoning escaped him this time.

"Julian... I don't quite understand. Why did we let him go? We're not really going to trust his information?"

Julian narrowed his eyes in the glare of the setting sun. "No... No of course not. This is simply the opening move in our game, my introduction if you will. They know nothing of me, and I send them their weapons and Almasy. Let us see what they make of this. After all, we are not yet at war with Garden. We have more important things to worry about on the home front at the moment. And a little kindness in the beginning will throw off your enemy when it's time to strike. Don't attack before you've reason to."

Julian turned to go back down, stopping to survey the city. Hendrow took the moment to also enjoy the view.

"Now come Michael. I would like to see what sort of television they watch in Deling."

Chapter 16

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