The MSTed Generation Prologue

By Cadet McNally

Harry was sitting at his computer and, as usual, he was at Icy Brian's Chrono Trigger page. He heard his basement door open and feet coming down the stairs. He turned to see his two friends, Nick and Josh.

"Hey, guys. What brings you to my office?" asked Harry, completely deadpan. Nick raised an eyebrow.

"Office?" Nick was a bit of a dufus. "Hey! I saw that!" Sorry. Nick... well, if he had another brain, it'd be lonely. "That's better! Wait..."

"What's this? 'Chrono Trigger', anything fun we can do?" Harry clicked a couple of times...

"Well, we can MiST a story. We WERE going to do that with Titanic, weren't we?"

"Yeah, let's do it. Which story should we make fun of?" Harry rummaged through the file cabinet.

"Well, I got permission to MiST this one, so I think we'll do that." *click click*

"The Next Generation by Krazy Sam, 'eh? Okay. Let's do it." *click*


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