The MSTed Generation 7

By Cadet McNally

The Next Generation Part 7


By Krazy Sam

Lana awoke the next morning nestled against Maro.

Josh: Y'know, I just noticed something.

Harry: What?

Josh: Add an I to Maro's name and he's Mario!

Nick: Are we going to meet someone named Lug? Y'know, add I's and he's Luigi...

She yawned sleepily and gazed at the deep blue

Harry: IBM's very own chess supercomputer.

sky. The bright sun was low in the sky, and a few white clouds surrounded the golden ball of flame. Lana tried to sit up, but something was holding her down.

Nick: Her drunken, unconscious lover boy.

She looked around to find out what it was, and found that Maro’s arm was clamped down on her waist. She giggled softly and with effort, turned over. Maro’s eyes were closed, and he looked a lot younger. His mouth was open a bit,

Josh: And he was drooling all over Lana.

and when Lana tried once again to move out of Maro’s grasp, he snorted loudly. Lana smiled dimly and finally managed to slide out from Maro’s arm. She shook him lightly, and his large eyes fluttered open. His blue eyes were glazed

Harry: Someone ask for a glazed donut?

and dreamy, as if he had drunk a whole barrel of ale just an hour ago.

Nick: Which you did.

“Good morning,” she said softly. Maro’s lips curled upward in a soft smile.

“Good morning, Lana,” he murmured. He slowly pulled himself up, and looked in disgust at his filthy clothes. “I need to wash these.” He stood up and attempted to brush dirt off his white pants. Lana also stood, and eyed her own outfit critically.

“I need to wash my clothes, too,” she agreed. Looping her arm around Maro’s

Josh: Neck

waist, she started for the river.

“Where are Olana and Elena?” Maro suddenly asked.

“They might be at the stream,” Lana replied thoughtfully. Maro nodded, and allowed himself to be led to the river. Sure enough, Olana and Elena were bathing in the cold stream. Lana motioned for Maro to stay where he was,

Harry: And he let out a groan.

and she walked up to the stream.

“Good morning,” she said cheerily.

“Hi, Lana!” Elena returned. Olana nodded in reply.

“Where’s Maro?” She asked.

Nick: He's sulking.

“He’s over there,” Lana replied, gesturing to Maro’s position behind a group of saplings.

“Why?” Elena asked curiously.

Josh: He's in heat.

“He’s a boy, silly!” Lana laughed, bringing her face close to Elena’s. Elena giggled, and

Josh: Hocked a loogie into Lana's face.

crossed her eyes. Soon, all three girls were laughing madly. Lana suddenly stopped laughing.

“What?” Olana asked curiously. Lana shook her head.

“Nothing. Just remembered that Maro was still behind me…” she replied uneasily. She heard laughter from behind her, and Maro stepped forward.

“Good morning!” he called. Elena shrieked and made sure that she was completely immersed in water up to her

Nick: Forehead. She drowned. The end.

chin, and turned her back. Olana just smiled and waved.

Josh: (Olana voice) Look at me! I'm NEKKID!

“Morning!” She returned. Lana giggled softly at the awkwardness of the situation, and turned on her heel.

Harry: Why? What did the heel do?

“We’ll be back after we eat breakfast,” she said as she left.


“What was that for?”

Lana sighed. “Elena was uncomfortable at the situation. We can wait.”

Maro nodded. “What are we going to eat?”

Harry: I saw a tasty looking rock.

“I guess we need to eat one of those tablets,” Lana replied. She rummaged in the large gray pouch, and pulled out a small glass jar filled with pale yellow caplets. She handed one to Maro, and he gulped it down. Lana did the same, and sat down. “Do you think we need to tell our parents?”

Maro gazed into Lana’s eyes. “I think so. They’ll find out, anyway.”

“You’re right,” Lana murmured.

Nick: (Lana voice) 'Cause I'm pregnant.

Harry: (Maro voice) WHAT?!

She kept her eyes locked on his. As she did so, she became aware of a red glow around her. Maro smiled weakly.

“All I see is blue…” he muttered.

“All I see is red.” Lana returned.

Harry: Maybe it's your acid flashback.

The color seemed to engulf her, and she suddenly felt faint. She lay down and struggled to stay conscious. Maro rushed to her, taking his hand in hers.

“What’s wrong?” Maro asked with concern. The red haze instantly vanished, and Lana shook him off. She stood up abruptly, and stared at the trees.

Josh: I'm pregnant, you ditz.

“I don’t know,” she finally answered. “We could find out, later.” At that moment, Olana and Elena returned, and Lana strode to the stream. Maro followed close behind.


Lana grabbed a handful of Unka and lowered herself into the freezing stream, clothes and all. Maro, standing on the bank, looked at her, puzzled.

“What did you do that for?” He asked.

Harry: (Lana voice) I wanna die a hypothermic death.

“I’m going to wash my clothes, anyway.” At this, Maro laughed.

“Good idea!” he exclaimed. He leapt into the stream, and laughed. Lana made a fist, and

Harry: She punched Maro in the face.

the water instantly became warmer. Not knowing exactly what to do, she just sat back and sighed happily. Maro removed his shirt and began scrubbing it furiously with Unka. The sweet, minty smell

Nick: Of mouthwash

filled the air, and Lana inhaled

Josh: Her marijuana.

it deeply. She finally decided to wash her clothes, also. Soon, she and Maro were both scrubbing at their clothes, trying to get the dirt out of the fibers of their outfits. After they were both sure that most of the dirt was out, they hung the clothes up to dry. Lana raised a hand from where she was sitting so she could dry them, but Maro stopped her.

“What’s the rush?”

Nick: He just wants to see her nekkid for awhile.

Harry and Josh: No s(bleep), Sherlock.

Lana smiled softly as she put her hand down into the warm water. “No rush.” She sat back and stared at a flock of birds flying madly overhead. “Those birds seem to be in a hurry…”

As she said those words, a loud crash was heard. Maro whirled around, and saw a giant purple beast stomp over to the stream.


It was extremely furry, and had ivory fangs that complemented its

Harry: Ivory molars.

large mouth. Its large black eyes stared ahead angrily as its round ears stood upward, erect. Lana immediately stood still as the beast knelt by the water and take a long drink, slurping the water as it did so. It immediately spit the hot water out,

Harry: (beast voice) Dammit, I asked for ice water.

disgusted, and looked around suspiciously. Its gaze met Maro’s, and it immediately

Nick: Asked for directions to the nearest restaurant.

approached. Lana gasped and sank into the water.

Harry: Women and children first! We're sinking!

Maro thrust out his arm, and a giant ice block surrounded the monster. It quickly melted, and the beast swiped at

Maro. Lana tried her best to shoot fire at it,

Josh: But she was underwater.

but she was weakened by her near fainting earlier. Maro looked around nervously, and tried to figure out what to do. The beast began to lower itself into the water, and Lana squeezed her eyes shut.

Nick: Eyes wide shut.

Maro finally waded to Lana, and put both hands on her face. He lowered his face to hers, and kissed her deeply.

Harry: They're about to die and what does he do? He kisses her.

Fire engulfed both of them, and the beast burst into flames. A smoking spot

Nick: SMOKIN'!

was all that was left of the ugly monster. Even though Maro was aware that it was dead, he embraced Lana tighter and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She ended the kiss and placed her head on his shoulder.

Josh: Pervert.

“Thank you,” she whispered. Maro smiled softly. All of a sudden, the world seemed to be only one color- blue. His head spun, and it took all of his energy to stay alert. Lana, feeling him tense, stepped away and placed her hands on Maro’s shoulders. She saw his deep blue

Josh: Don't say it.

Harry: What?

eyes become paler, and he felt icy to the touch. Lana jerked back alarmed.

“What’s… happening?” Maro murmured.

“I have no idea…” Lana whispered. Maro suddenly stood straight.

“I’m okay now,” he said uneasily.

“What happened?” Lana asked with concern. Maro shook his head wearily.

“I have no clue.”

Lana pointed at the clothes hanging from a nearby tree, and a red haze surrounded them. It took all of her effort, but the clothes were soon

Harry: Ignited.

dry. Lana stepped out of the stream and began to dress. Maro hesitated before emerging, but he soon got dressed, also. He pointed at the warm water, and it instantly cooled. As the two headed back to the cave, neither spoke.


“Ready to go?” Olana asked back at the cave. Lana nodded weakly, and Maro did the same. Elena smiled and bounced out. Olana strode outside readily, and Lana and Maro followed close behind.

“What are we looking for?” Maro asked finally.

“A beast,” Olana replied.

“We ran into a beast a while ago,” Lana voiced. Olana raised an eyebrow.

“Is that so?”

“It was pretty big,” Maro added.

“Was it scary?” Elena asked curiously.

“A little,” Maro answered.

“We better look anyway,” Olana interrupted. Lana agreed halfheartedly, and after an hour of searching, even Elena was convinced that there was no monster left. Olana agreed that it was time to head back, and the four started to go back the way they came. Suddenly, Lana felt drawn to a particular spot in the forest. The scent of pine filled the air,

Harry: New air freshener.

and seemed to taunt her from all sides.

Josh: The forest is taunting her? Ooookay...

Olana kept leading the group in one direction, but Lana started to go another way, as if an invisible magnet drew her.

“Olana…?” Lana called nervously. Olana whirled around, and ran to Lana.

“What?” She asked.

“I feel like someone is pulling me this way… could you stay with me?” Lana requested.

“Sure…I guess…” Olana replied uncertainly. Lana suddenly stumbled forward, and broke into a

Harry: Bank. Then she held up the place, got shot by the cops, the end.

run. She could hear Olana voicing her disapproval from behind her, but it seemed so far away. It was soon drowned out by male laughter. It sounded vaguely familiar, and Lana cringed, listening to the haunting laughter that rang throughout her mind.

Lana finally stopped at a vast area covered with needles.

Josh: The Sew-a-thon went nuts.

She felt her body being pulled down to a large pile, and her hands tore through the prickly mass. Her fingers suddenly touched something cold and hard, and she gasped. She brushed away the needles, and screamed at what she saw. Tavi lay there, his eyes peacefully shut, but the rest of his white face contorted into a mask of terror. Dried blood coated the skin around his ears, and his pale blond hair was stained red. Lana screamed again, tears squeezing out of her shut eyes. She felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder, and she spun around. Her throat was raw from screaming, and her vision was blurry.

“Lana, it’s just…AIEEE!”

Harry: That's right. It's only an AIEEE!, nothing to worry about.

Maro shrieked as he saw Tavi. Lana stood on wobbly legs and collapsed into Maro’s arms. Olana and Elena finally caught up, and looked in disgust at the body lying before them. Lana suddenly felt faint once more, and slid to the ground. Maro stood over her, gently shaking her. She opened her eyes weakly, and wanted to go to sleep. Olana pulled a green bottle out of her gray pouch, and poured the contents into Lana’s mouth. She coughed a bit, but finally sat up.

“What happened?” She asked dazedly.

“You were drained of energy. It looks like Maro needs an Ether, also.”

Maro raised an eyebrow, but accepted the vial. He drank the contents thirstily, and his eyes widened. “That really hit the spot!”

“What are we going to do about…that?” Lana asked softly, gesturing to Tavi.

Nick: Tavi got up, got offended by being called "that" and killed everyone, including Lao. The end.

Maro shook his head.

“Maybe Gaspar can bring him back,” he muttered thoughtfully.

Harry: (Maro voice) He did it with Daddy...

“Good idea,” Lana returned, “you, Olana, and Elena can go back in a gate. I’ll take Tavi with me in the Epoch. Maro suddenly stepped forward.

“I’ll help you carry him to the Epoch,” he offered. Lana hesitated, but nodded slowly.

“Fine.” She pulled out the Gate Key, and pushed the purple button.

Harry: Tavi's caracass exploded. "Oops, wrong button."

Olana and Elena stepped inside the gate, and disappeared. Maro hoisted Tavi up onto his shoulder, and started to walk forward. Lana followed him to the Epoch, her mind spinning.


“So, you want me to bring Tavi back, eh?” Gaspar chuckled. In one corner of the End of Time, Sari was asleep next to Robo, who was watching the scene before him with interest. Gaspar placed a bony hand on Tavi’s chest, and the caked blood on his ears, face, and hair instantly vanished. Gaspar then reached into a pocket of his brown robe. He pulled out a tiny crystalline egg, and held it up. “This is the

Harry: Fabrige egg of time.

Chrono Trigger. I improved it over the years so that you kids don’t have to climb Death Peak to bring your friend back.”

“What do we do?” Lana asked bravely. Gaspar chuckled.

“We need the magical pendant made from dreamstone,” he instructed.

“Sari’s asleep, though. Besides, it would be disturbing for her to see her best friend at the moment!” Maro argued. Gaspar shook his head.

“It just needs to be in the vicinity,” he replied. Maro nodded carefully.

“Now what?” Lana questioned.

“Hold the egg up!” Lana did as she was told, and Gaspar began to chant.

Harry: (chanting) Ooga chaka, ooga ooga, ooga chaka...

Nick: (singing in harmony with the chant) IIIIIII'm... I'm hooked on a feelin', high on believin', that you're in love with me...

They seemed like nonsense words,

Harry: I'm Hooked On a Feelin' is not nonsense.

but as he uttered the words, the egg flew up and began to spin wildly. Sari’s pendant glowed brightly, and part of the glow flew away to join with the egg. The tiny crystal spun even faster, and a blue wisp of light joined it. Gaspar’s eyes went wide. “That wasn’t supposed to happen…”

Josh: It was supposed to incinerate the corpse...

Even though the wisp had bonded with the egg, Gaspar kept chanting. The egg suddenly stopped spinning, and shattered. The blue light fell from it and went into Tavi’s chest. A minute passed, and then two, and Lana feared that Tavi wasn’t going to wake up.

“It didn’t work…” she whispered. At that moment, Tavi gasped. His chest rose and fell, and his eyelids fluttered open. His sapphire eyes were somewhat duller, but his pale face got color. He sat up tiredly, and gazed around his surroundings.

Harry: (Tavi voice) Aww... I liked being dead...

“What happened?” He asked softly.

“Nothing,” Lana answered happily. She hugged Maro joyfully, and Tavi walked over to Sari. A few strands of hair had fallen over her eyes, and Tavi tenderly brushed it away. He kissed her forehead, and put his hand to her face. Her eyes slowly opened, and the figure before her came into focus.

“Tavi…?” She whispered. Tavi nodded, and Sari smiled. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. She then tensed. “I sense another presence!”

“That is just my life force trying to adjust,” Tavi explained.

Harry: And he knows this crap how...?

Nick: There's evil afoot...

Sari furrowed her brow, but gave no more thought to what Tavi had told her. She didn’t notice that Tavi was no longer smiling.


After Lana, Maro, and Olana left, Tavi grinned. “The time is perfect to destroy the offspring of those who killed my mate.”

Harry: Oh, of course.

“What, Tavi?” Sari asked, sensing something wrong with him. He raised his arms, and Sari shrieked. She narrowed her eyes, and gasped. “I lost my mind powers!”

Nick: (Sari voice) And my lunch money!

“Time to die, Sari!” Tavi whispered. He saw Robo stand up and block Sari, but with lightning speed, Tavi reached behind him and flipped a switch. Robo fell to the ground, his power off.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Gaspar called. Tavi thrust his hand forward, and a blue wave shot forth and struck Gaspar in the chest. He fell with a soft thud, and lay still. Elena cowered in a faraway corner, and when Tavi turned his gaze to her, she bolted through another door. Inside, there were three pillars of sparkling blue light. She plunged through the one on the left, unknowingly leaving one of her sandals behind.

“What do you want?” Sari questioned fretfully.

“For you to die,” Tavi replied in a voice that was more feminine and deep than his own did.

“Why?” Sari sobbed.

“Your ancestors killed my mate. When I am through with you, I will kill them.” Tavi held out his hand, and a large sword materialized. “I am going to enjoy this.” He raised it over his head, and Sari held out her left arm. Immediately, she found that her shadow magic was still working. A golden gun appeared in her open hand. She fired it just as Tavi brought the sword down on her right arm. Sari cried out in pain as she watched her arm fly away from her body. Tavi laughed cruelly. “Your aim is terrible. By the way, have you seen my arm? You can’t miss it. It’s thin!”

Harry: I don't get it.

“You monster!” She shrieked. She fired the gun once more, and the bullet caught Tavi in his forehead. He slumped down to the ground, dead. The sword clattered to the cobblestone floor loudly beside Sari’s amputated

Nick: Amputated?

arm. She quickly tossed the gun away from her, and lay staring at the swirling blue mist surrounding the End of Time. She found that her powers were back, and she sensed that Gaspar was still alive. She rolled her head in the direction of her arm, and stared at it for a long time. The pain was too unbearable for her, so she did the only thing she could.

Josh: She died, the end.

She blacked out.


Lana, Maro, and Olana boarded the Epoch the next morning ready to find out more about Lao. They rushed off to 19,976 BCE hoping to ask Schala about Lao and the pendant. Lana piloted the Epoch to the straw hut that Magus and Schala lived in, and opened the dome of the Wings of Time. She strode out and walked to the doorway of the hut. “Hello! We’re back!” She called. A figure clothed in purple suddenly appeared before her, his eyes red and his pale face even paler.

Josh: He's... he's become Marilyn Manson!

Maro and Olana appeared behind Lana, and also greeted him.

“What do you want?” He snapped.

“We’re sorry to bother you, Magus,” Lana started, “but we would like to speak with Schala.” Magus’ eyes grew wide, and filled with tears.

“She’s dead,” was all that he could say.

All: She's dead, Jim.


“That was a waste of time,” Lana said bitterly as she climbed back into the Epoch. Maro and Olana followed, and they both looked crushed.

“I feel sorry for Magus,” Olana murmured.

Harry: Why? He's a grumpy old man.

“Me, too,” Maro piped up. Lana sighed.

“Let’s just go back to the End of Time.”


When Lana opened the large dome once more, the End of Time seemed deathly

Josh: (humming sinister music) Dun dun da-dun!

quiet. Lana, Olana, and Maro were pulled up, and landed on a cobblestone walkway. Maro gasped, and Olana shrieked. All Lana could do was stare at the awful scene before her. Gaspar was on his back by the single lamppost, his chest rising and falling slowly. Elena was nowhere to be found. Robo was propped against the picket fence lining the End of Time, and by him, Tavi lay, dead, a bullet hole through his forehead. In front of Tavi was Sari, her right arm neatly sliced off, and a large sword lying next to her. Sari looked as if she was unconscious, but as Lana ran up to her to try to wake her up, she found that it was far worse than she thought. Sari wasn't moving, nor was she breathing.

All: She's dead, the end!


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