The MSTed Generation Part 2

By Cadet McNally

The Next Generation Part 2

Harry: Yep.

Blue Fire

By Krazy Sam

“Where are we going to go?” Sari asked when in the Epoch.

Harry: Correction: WHEN are we going to.

“Prehistoric times. I want to see if this beast is there then,” Lana answered, pushing a series of red buttons.

Josh: And the world blew up.

The Epoch lifted off the ground, and shot forward. The next thing she knew, Lana saw a sunny sky and volcanoes everywhere. Lana landed the large ship feet away from a giant hut, and when she did, a joyful woman burst out.

“Crono, Lucca, Marle!” The woman shouted. She wore a deep purple robe and matching boots. Her long blond hair was wild

Nick: and was still in the process of being domesticated.

and graying. Her eyes were large, and

Harry: Hanging out.

showed strength. Lana opened the dome, and stepped out with Maro and Sari behind her. The woman frowned. “You look like Lucca, but you no Lucca. Boy look like Crono, and other girl look like Lucca, too.”

Harry: (woman voice) Me in need of english lesson. Not use since high school. Am dumb, like rock.

“Lucca’s my mother. I’m Lana, this is Maro, and this girl is Sari, one of my descendants.”

“Good to see!”

Harry: (singing Amazing Grace) ...was blind but now I see...

The woman shouted joyfully. “Me Ayla. How old you?”

“Fourteen,” they all said in unison.

“Young people. Crono let you fly that young?”

Nick: (Maro voice) He was drunk at the time...

“Who there?” Another female voice called from inside the hut. A young woman, about twenty-five, stepped out of the hut. She had Ayla’s wild hair, but her eyes were gentler and more thoughtful. “Me Zala. Who you?”

Harry: (Ayla voice) Me Ayla. Who you?

“This child of Crono and Marle,” Ayla explained, pointing to Maro, “and this child of Lucca. That girl from far future. Know Robo, maybe.”

“Oh, yeah!” Zala cried. “I forget.” “There’s another being like Lavos around somewhere. Did something strange fall out of the sky?” Lana asked seriously.

Josh: (Ayla voice) Yes, piece of sky. Hit me on head. Me run to see king. Me say "Sky is falling!" Lucy Goosey come with until we meet Fox. Fox try to eat us.

“No. Would like to fight beast, but now weak. Zala have own child to take care of. Me grandma.”

“Thank you,” Sari said, “Let’s go back to right before the beast erupted.” Lana, Maro, and Sari climbed into the Epoch, and sped away.

“NO!” Sari screamed. Her voice became weaker. “No…my best friend, Tavi,

Harry: Tavi? Isn't he that mongoose?

lived in Trann City. We need to save him. My close friends live in Arris, so it’s okay. It wasn’t destroyed.” Lana obediently piloted the Epoch to the city. Sari ran out and dashed to a house.

“Tavi!” She called, “TAVI!” A boy about her age poked his head out of a window. He had sapphire eyes, and hair that looked like it was made out of spun gold.

“What?” He shouted back.

“Come with me! There’s no time to explain!” Tavi ran out of his house, and Sari led him to the Epoch. “You’re in danger!”

“What about my parents?” Tavi asked just as a blinding blue flash came from the ground. Sari screamed, and concentrated her energy on the house. The flash became flame, and the blue fire swept through Trann City. The Epoch protected Tavi, Sari, Lana, and Maro from being hurt, and by a miracle, Tavi’s house was spared. Tavi screamed in terror as a beast with spikes shot out of the dirt nearby a dense residential area. The beast destroyed the town in a matter of seconds, and plunged back into its underground lair. When the worst was over, Lana and Maro were found clinging together, and Tavi was staring in shock at his city. Sari was crying hard with her face buried in Tavi’s shoulder. “I’m so glad you came,” Tavi gasped, hugging Sari tightly. She kissed his cheek tenderly and sobbed.

All: (singing) All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...


Harry: (singing) 'm leaving on a jet plane...

thought I was going to lose you forever!” She cried between sobs. She became aware of what was happening, and, embarrassed, pulled away from Tavi. She turned to Lana, who had regained her composure. “My friends…they were in Trann! They…they’re dead,

Harry: They're dead, Jim.

” she sobbed.

“How do you know?” Tavi asked, astonished.

“I also know you care for me. I also know that…”

Nick: (Sari voice) That you ate my lunch.

Sari trailed off. She had said too much.

“She has mind powers,” Maro explained.

“Wow! I didn’t know that! You’re always full of surprises, Sari,”

Nick: (Tavi voice) Like the time you told me you were on The Pill...

Harry: Nick... *smack* STOP.

Tavi exclaimed.

“Let’s take him to the End of Time!” Sari requested.

“But Gaspar said…” Lana objected.

“We’ll find out when we get there,” Maro said, defending Sari. Lana sighed and pressed the time shift button.


“You must leave one person behind,” Gaspar told Lana, “who will it be?”

“I’ll go,” Maro volunteered. He stepped aside, and Sari, Lana, and Tavi ran to Spekkio’s room.

“Another guy! Whoa, you guys are too much!” Spekkio shouted when they were safely inside. “Tavi, is it? Well, Tavi, you are the perfect person for a new kind of magic I found. It’s called light! It is the exact opposite of Shadow, and you and Sari are as opposite as you can get!”

Josh: (Spekkio voice) For one thing, Sari has a Y chromosome... Wait, no, other way around.

He pointed to Tavi, and light surrounded him. It went through his skin, and his eyes glowed with a warm light.

“Do you want to try it out?” Spekkio pleaded.

“Okay…” Lana said hesitantly. Spekkio laughed and got into a fighting stance. Lana, Sari, and Tavi did the same. Lana raised her arms, and a ball of flame erupted from her hands onto Spekkio. He giggled and retaliated with a beam of light.

“Wow,” Sari breathed in admiration. She summoned energy into her palms, and they began to glow black. She then thrust her arms forward, and a fast moving wave of shadow washed upon Spekkio. Tavi then tried his luck. He pointed at the gleeful frog, and rays of light poured from Tavi’s eyes and fingertips. Spekkio shrieked and stopped the fight.

“All right, already! You’ve humiliated me enough! Don’t make a habit of this. This is for you,” Spekkio grumbled. He pressed a small vial of purple liquid into everyone’s hands, and another vial of a blue elixir.

Josh: (Spekkio voice) It's Smerinoff, only the best Russian vodka for my friends!

Harry: (Maro voice) Spaciba, tovarisch. (Translation: Thank you, Comrade)

“The purple serum is called Tonic. Whenever you get hurt, drink this, and you will be healed. There are also Mid Tonics and Full Tonics. These can heal you even more. The green elixir is called Ether. When you use magic a lot, your powers drain. You must use this to regain them, okay?” Spekkio instructed.

“Okay,” Sari answered. She ran out of the room with Lana and Tavi close behind. The three uttered a quick good bye to Maro, and left.


“Okay, we should be at somewhere around 11,086 BCE, okay?” Lana explained as the Epoch began to descend over a snowy plain. She landed, and the three exited. They walked blindly, and suddenly, a beast leapt in front of them. It snatched Lana and took off, with her screaming for help the whole time. Sari gasped and attempted to make the ugly creature drop Lana, but it was no use. Sari and Tavi raced after it, and they chased it through snowdrifts, shallow lakes and rivers, small villages and

All: (singing) Over the River and through the woods...

, finally, a cape with a hut on the tip. The monster kicked the door, and an old man with a pale face, pointed ears, flowing blue hair streaked with silver and a purple cape opened it.

“So, you have an intruder. That is good news. She must pay!”

Harry: (old man voice) You must pay... Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

He raised an orange-gloved hand, and it took on a black glow.

“No, STOP!” Lana screamed.

“I will not yield. All intruders forfeit their lives!” The man shouted. A black ball formed on his palm, and he prepared to kill Lana. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited for death to come.

Harry: (Death voice) Sorry I'm late, I got stuck in traffic...

“Leave her alone!” Sari cried. She raised her hand, and a black wave shot forth. It caught the man in the midsection, and he gasped for breath.

“Wha…?” The man coughed. “Magic? That’s impossible unless…”

Nick: (Old man voice) Unless... It's Magic Time!

He motioned for the monster to put Lana down, and he laughed.

“What do you want?” She demanded.

“You have magic, yes?” He asked. She nodded. “How did you come here?”

“A ship called Epoch,” she answered. The man’s face grew kind.

“You and your friends may stay awhile, then. I’m sorry for putting you through that.”

“Why?” Lana asked, surprised. Sari and Tavi stepped toward the three, and paused.

“I’ll tell you about it inside.” He led Lana inside, and Sari and Tavi followed. The monster leapt into the air and disappeared, leaving no trace of it ever being there, but nobody noticed.

Harry: How can you NOT notice that?


“Where do you come from?” The old man wheezed.

“Proto City,” Sari answered.

“Trann City,” Tavi replied.

“Truce,” Lana whispered.

“I meant, when are you from?” The man asked, getting impatient.

“Janus, who are you talking to?”

Josh: That's a real loser name.

A female voice called from another room.

“Intruders, Schala!”

Harry: So is that. These two must've been beaten up daily.

He shouted back. He turned back to the teens. “When are you from?”

“2324,” Sari and Tavi replied in unison. Janus raised an eyebrow.

“1024,” Lana muttered. Janus smiled.

“Do you know… Crono and Marle Guardia, and a woman named Lucca?”

Harry: And the Professor and Mary-Anne?

Josh: No, we're not from Gilligan's Island.

He all but shouted.

“Lucca’s my mother. King Guardia and Queen Nadia are the parents of my best friend, Maro,” Lana uttered.


Harry: It's Mr. Burns!

The man shrieked, pounding his fist on

Nick: Maro's face.

a nearby wooden table.

“You knew them,” Sari hissed, “you wanted to meet their children so you could train them…”

Harry: (Sari voice) Train them to be Jedi Knights... But Yoda said no, so Qui-Gonn...

Janus leapt back, surprised.

“You don’t go by Janus, either- even though it’s your real name,” Sari continued, “you go by Magus. You live here with your older sister, Schala.” Magus sighed.

“I see that you have telepathy. I always hated that.” He grimaced. “I suppose that you have other little mind tricks?” Sari frowned, and Magus floated up from his chair. He looked about in surprise, and then plummeted to the floor. “Okay…” He muttered. He paused. “I will not train you, but I want you to know this. There are frightening beasts about. Kill them all.”

Harry: (singing) ...Live and Let Die...

He turned away. “If you want to, you can talk to my older sister, Schala. She is older than me, and relies on me to take care of her.”

“Thank you,” Sari replied, and walked to Schala’s room. When inside, she recognized the girl, even though her hair was completely white, and her sparkling deep green eyes flat and seemingly dead.

“My ancestor…”

The woman wheezed. “Who are you? Why have you come?” Sari glanced at Schala’s neck.

Harry: There were two fang marks. Dracula had struck again...

There was a glowing silver pendant resting on her chest, and it rose and fell with her breathing. “We are friends of Crono, Lucca, and Marle,” Lana replied.

“My pendant…” Sari gasped.

“What?” Schala gasped.

Harry: (singing) And a gasp gasp here, and a gasp gasp there. Here a gasp, there a gasp, everywhere a gasp gasp, Old MacDonald had a farm...

Sari held up her pendant. “You must be my ancestor. We have the same pendant.” Schala smiled dimly.

“I will charge it for you,” she offered. Sari nodded and stepped closer.

“How do you do it?”

Harry: (Schala voice) New batteries.

“Hold your pendant to mine,” Schala instructed. Sari did so, and a bright glow surrounded her pendant. Schala took her pendant back down, and it was no longer glowing. Sari’s, however, was glimmering brightly. “Go, children. Come back alive, you hear?”


“Where’s this?” Tavi asked. The epoch had landed next to a large forest, and there was a large stone castle in the midst of the trees. It was obvious that it wasn’t Guardia Castle because the family crest wasn’t displayed.

“624 AD,” Lana replied. The dome rose, and Lana, Sari, and Tavi stepped out. They maneuvered their way through the forest, which had no path, and stopped at the gigantic wooden door. Lana knocked loudly. The three waited, and suddenly, the door was pulled open by an invisible force. Lana stepped inside cautiously, with Sari and Tavi right behind her. As soon as they entered the eerie castle, the door shut.

“Come to the study!” A deep voice boomed. Sari smiled.

“Follow me,” she instructed, “I sense this guy, and he’s this way.” She led the way to the study, and opened the smaller iron door. The room was dark except for a glowing candle, and there was a man with long brown hair and strong face writing at a huge stone desk with a quill pen.

“What do you want, strangers?” He asked.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Sir…”

Josh: You can call me Darth Vader.

Lana apologized, trailing off.

“Sir Glenn,” the man supplied without looking up, “my name is Sir Glenn. What do you want?”

“We are wondering if you have seen…” Lana didn’t get a chance to finish.

“You sound…familiar,” Sir Glenn muttered, “you sound like an old friend of mine.” He thought for a minute. “You sound just like Lucca, a good friend of mine.”

“Lucca’s my mother!” Lana shrieked. Glenn leapt up and strode to her. He snapped his fingers, and torches around the room lit at the same time, bathing the stone room with light. Lana’s eyes took time to adjust, and when she was accustomed to the light, she noticed that the man was tall and muscular, and had a dark tan, as if he were continuously out in the sun.

“You look just like her,” Sir Glenn uttered, gazing at Lana’s purple hair. Footsteps were audible in the hall, and a shadow was cast over Glenn’s face.

“Elena, I told you to not bother me while I’m writing!” Glenn snapped. Lana, Sari, and Tavi whirled around to face a small girl, about nine, with long pink hair pulled in pigtails,

Harry: Pink hair? Jeez...

and a jade outfit that consisted of long pants that resembled a skirt and a long sleeved shirt that revealed her midsection. Her silver sandals were sparkling, and her eyes were shining a deep green.

“But father…” Elena protested.

“What?” He asked, his voice growing kinder.

“I just wanted to meet the strangers,” she whimpered. Tears filled her large eyes, and threatened to spill over.

Harry: (Elena voice) I wanted to see if they wanted to kill us and steal my stereo and pee on my walls... *sob* whaaaaahh!

“All right, Elena, but then, you must go,” Glenn sighed. Elena smiled and rushed to greet the guests.

“Hello! My name is Elena. I am nine years old!”

Harry: (Elena voice) And my puppy's name is Puddles 'cause he leaves them on the floor and...

She cried joyfully. Lana laughed, Tavi smiled, but Sari cringed.

“She has powerful magic,” Sari softly warned.

“Father taught me!” Elena exclaimed, “I only want to do water magic, but my father can make shadows.”

“So I’ve sensed,” Sari muttered. She didn’t trust Elena.

Harry: But Elena saw that Sari didn't trust her. Then Sari saw that Elena saw that she didn't trust Elena. Then Elena saw that Sari saw that she saw that Sari didn't trust her...

“There is another being that destroyed the future city of Trann, and we were wondering if…” Lana started.

“Wait!” Sari cried.

“What?” Lana asked, annoyed.

“He needs to know,” Tavi agreed.

“There’s a problem. The being is here in this time period. I sense her.”


“Yes. There’s more, though,” Sari continued, “she’s reproducing at a fantastic rate.”

Nick: With who?

Harry: Excellent question.


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