The MSTed Generation Part 11

By Cadet McNally

The Next Generation Part 11

Adolescent Sickness

Harry: Yes, adolescence is a sickness.

By Krazy Sam

After returning to the beach where Maro, Lana, Elena, and Olana were playing,

Harry: (Maro voice) Marko!

Josh: (Lana, Elena and Olana voice) Polo!

Sari decided that she had enough excitement for one day. She raised her metal arm and

All: Killed Maro.

waved frantically to Robo,

Nick: And her arm flew off.

who was sitting nearby. He slowly turned and stood.

“How was it?” he asked kindly. Sari frowned.

Harry: (Sari voice) The actress I hired to play Stal's mom worked just fine... er, Not good...

“Not good. Stal’s family doesn’t believe that he’s who I say he is.”

Stal lowered his gaze. “I’m going to travel with you now, since I have no home.”

Olana, who had just gotten out of the surf, jogged up to Sari, Stal, and Robo. “How was it?” She carefully studied Sari and Stal’s faces, and frowned. “I take that it went poorly.”

Nick: Damn straight.

“Damn straight,” Sari muttered.

Nick: This is getting spooky...

She grimaced. “I want to go to the End of Time now.”

Robo looked at Sari quizzically. “Why?”

Sari’s eyes grew dark. “Because I said so,” she growled. Olana’s pale eyes widened as she stepped backward.

“It is fine with me…” she murmured.

Josh: Olana said as she waved the white flag of surrender.

Sari sighed.

“I’m… just

Nick: (Sari voice) Hung over.

so tired. I’m sorry. I want to rest.”

Stal’s eyes lowered once more. “I’m tired, too.”

Robo nodded. “So be it. Let’s all go back, and find out what we can about Lao’s activities in the past.”

Olana smiled. “That sounds wonderful. Studying after a hard day of play sounds just…

All: Crappy. Let's play more.


Sari raised her eyebrows. “Man, you’re weird. I prefer play after a hard day of more play!”

All: Yeaahh! Go Sari!

Harry: She may be Satan, but I like her.

Nick: Didja hear the one about the dyslexic blasphemer? He sold his soul to Santa.

she laughed at her own bad joke. She suddenly stopped when she figured out that no one else was laughing. “Ha…ha…ha…. Ah, whatever.”

Harry: I do that...

Nick: *braap*

With only a shrug, Robo activated the shiny gate key. The large blue window opened,

Josh: And they all turned on the fans, because someone is flatulent.

Nick: Sorry!

and Olana, Sari, and Stal stepped inside, The Gate closed, leaving not a trace. The sand was instantly replaced by

Nick: Quicksand, they sank and died. The end.

brown cobblestones, and the heat was converted to a comfortable temperature.

“Ah, it’s good to see that you’re back!” Spekkio called from the lamppost. Sari grabbed Stal’s wrist and pulled him to

Harry: The back room.


“What kind of magic does Stal possess?” Sari demanded.

Spekkio laughed. “You’re demanding! I like that!”

Josh: (Spekkio voice) I'll bet your a demon in the sack!

Harry: Demon yes...

He gazed at Stal carefully, and smiled. “Earth, with just a hint of mind powers.”

“A hint?” Stal asked, insulted.

“A hint,” Spekkio repeated.

Nick: (Stal voice) So... what's my hint?

Harry: (Spekkio voice) Duck.

Nick: (Stal voice) Duck? Like "quack qua..." *wham!*

Harry: (Spekkio voice) I said duck.

He raised his furry white arms, and the ground began to shake. When the ground ceased to shudder, Stal’s brown eyes glowed a deep green.

Josh: Man, the drug use in this story is just nuts.

At that moment, the sound of gates closing was heard. No sooner had it sounded, Lana, Maro, and Elena bounded into the room.

“That was fun!”

Josh: What were they... studying...?

Elena remarked. Lana nodded.

“It sure was!” she cried. Maro blushed. Sari noticed it and gave him an interested stare.

Harry: She's just as interested as we are.

Nick: Maybe we shouldn't want Maro dead.

Josh: True. He's the only one with any kind of emotional involvement.

Harry: What about Sari's cat?

Nick: I'm pretty sure she drop-kicked it out a window.

“I bet you were…busy, right?” she asked wickedly. Maro’s eyes narrowed angrily.

Harry: (Maro voice) Yeah, yeah. Raise your hand if you're getting any! (Maro and Lana raise their hands)

Josh: (raises his hand)

“Will you give it a rest?” he complained. “You can read minds! Why must you embarrass me?”

All: It's fun!

“Gee, having your pants fall down in front of Lana is embarrassing?” Sari teased.

All: AGAIN?!

His face darkened, and Lana laughed.

“You have got to admit, that was pretty funny!” she giggled.

All: True...

Maro turned away and slunk into a corner, attempting to hide himself. Another gate closed, and Robo emerged.

“We’re all here, so why don’t you share your findings, Spekkio,” he insisted. Spekkio smiled.

Nick: (Spekkio voice) Well... I didn't do any research per se... I DID however, spend my time shoving pens up my nose.

“Ok. Listen, folks. There’s been word of a powerful sorceress in 624 AD,” he lectured. Sari’s expression darkened.

“…Layith…” she murmured. Spekkio turned to her.

“Yes, that’s right. How did you know?”

Harry: (Sari voice) It's written on the chalkboard.

he questioned. Sari’s eyes lightened again, and her face returned to normal.


“How did you know?” Spekkio repeated.

“Know what?” Sari asked dazedly. Spekkio sighed loudly.

Nick: (Spekkio voice) Sari, see a doctor about your memory lapses.

Josh: (Sari voice) What memory lapses?

Nick: (Spekkio voice) See?

“Nothing. Just get some sleep, okay?”


Sari was in a large castle, seated before a giant golden throne.

Harry: No fair! Why does she get a golden toilet?

Everything was silent, except for a constant humming in her ears.

All: (humming) Hmmmhmm hmmm mmh!

A strong looking woman with long dark hair and pointed ears,

Harry: It's a Vulcan!

and clad in a long white cape and with a gigantic sword on her back, was pointing at Sari.

Nick: (Sari voice) Stop it!

Harry: (Vulcan woman voice) I'm not touching you!

She couldn’t hear what the woman was saying, but she could read the woman’s lips.

Harry: (Woman/George Bush voice) No new taxes...

“Traitor…” Sari was able to make out. She stood and moved toward the woman. Her expression darkened, and Sari felt herself flying…

Harry: Wheeee!


The sensation upon wakening was unlike that that Sari had ever felt. It felt as if her head was underwater, her stomach was being crushed by a boulder,

Harry: There was no squish sound!

and her legs were immobilized by a monster’s poison.

“Ugh…” she moaned hoarsely. Her left arm flew mechanically to her forehead. It was burning!


She struggled to get up, but a wave of dizziness came over her, and she had to quickly lie back down again. Sari sighed miserably and turned to the side.

Nick: Then vomited her guts out.

Stal… Sari moaned telepathically. From directly beside her, Stal rolled over.

Nick: (Stal voice) Was it good for you, too?

Harry: I officially deem this MiSTing completely degraded.

Nick and Josh: Whoo-hoo!

Harry: As a consequence, the next five chapters must be clean.

Nick and Josh: Whoo-ho... oh.

“I’m awake, Sari,” he murmured. He sounded like he was never asleep at all! “What’s wrong?”

Sari sucked in a deep breath and tried to speak. “I don’t feel good…”

All: Duh.

Nick: All of a sudden, she called Ralph on the big white telephone.

Josh: Sang "Bhluuuugh" to the sink.

Harry: Drove the porcelain bus.

Nick: Sang dinner to the toilet.

Josh: Knelt before the porcelain throne.

Harry: Spoke to Raaaaalllllpppphhhh on the commode-a-phone.

Nick: Made chowder.

Josh: Thunder-chundered rainbow parfait.

Harry: Offered a sacrifice to Ralph, the porcelain god.

Nick: Prayed at the porcelain altar.

Josh: Yelled for hughie.

Harry: Went to Europe with Ralph and Earl in a porcelain Buick.

All: Made like Mount St. Helens... Okay, that's enough.

she mumbled. Stal moved closer to her and put his cold hand on her forehead.

Harry: Her head froze and she died, the end.

“You’re burning up!” he exclaimed softly. He stood up and jogged over to Spekkio, who was snoring loudly by the dim lamppost. “Spekkio… wake up!”

Spekkio snorted and opened his beady eyes. “What happened?”

Nick: (Spekkio voice) Whazit...? House run away...? Dog on fire...? ZzZzzz...

Harry: (Stal voice) No.

Nick: (Spekkio voice) Then go back to sleep.

Stal lifted the fuzzy master of war to his feet and pulled him over to Sari. “She’s sick. Can you help her?” Spekkio sighed and shook his head. “I knew this day would come. This… is not an ordinary illness. She is not contagious, but she is very sick. She will be better in…” Spekkio trailed off as he counted on his fingers. “What

Harry: (Spekkio voice) Is two plus two?

Nick: (Stal voice) Uh... five?

day is this?”

“March eighteenth,” Stal supplied. Spekkio nodded.

“Five days.”

Stal arched an eyebrow. “Why five?”

Josh: (Spekkio voice) Because that's how many fingers I have on my hand. I can't count any higher...

Spekkio lay back down and sighed. “She’ll know when it happens.”

Nick: Is this like a woman thing?

Josh: Probably not. Spekkio knows, and he's a he.

Harry: Maybe it's a Satan thing.

(Laura walks in)

Laura: Hey, guys.

Nick: Speak of the devil... no pun intended, guys.

Laura: What?

All: Nothing.

Laura: You were talking about Satan again, weren't you?

Harry: Yeah, we were talking about you... er... Satan...

He resumed snoring, and Stal trudged back to

Harry: The Eastern Front to battle the Soviets.

Laura: Oh, you guys are MiSTing this story? Cool!

Sari, discouraged.

“…..Stal?” Sari muttered. Stal sat down beside her and cradled her head in his lap.

“Don’t talk…” he murmured gently. Sari closed her eyes and sighed.

Why five? Sari asked telepathically.

Laura: Five what?

I don’t know, Stal answered in the same manner.

I feel so horrible. It’s like my body isn’t my own. Stal, help me… make me feel better… please…?

Harry: Not a word.

Nick and Josh: Right.

Laura: Huh?

Stal sighed and hugged Sari to him. “I’ll try my best, but no promises.”

Josh: We didn't need to comment. The story went there by itself...


The next morning, Stal awoke to find that Sari’s condition had gotten worse. Her pale eyes were bloodshot and her pale forehead was damp with

All: Liquor.

sweat. Stal wiped her forehead and leaned forward. Sari’s eyes suddenly widened and she rolled out of his grasp.

Nick: (Stal voice) Damn.

No! Sari’s voice cried in Stal’s head.

Stal jerked away, startled. “Why?”

You’ll die! Just… don’t… okay?

Don’t what? Stal had no idea what Sari was trying to tell him, but he shrugged and leaned forward again.

What did I just say? Sari’s voice cried angrily.

Harry: (Stal voice) I 'unno.

“Don’t,” Stal muttered. Sari nodded.

I really mean don’t! If you kiss me, you’ll die! Those last words rang in Stal’s mind. He hesitated and grasped her limp hand.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting so strange?” Stal asked softly. Sari’s eyes went wide once more and she stared blankly at the swirling mist.

“Layith… I will never betray you again…” she rasped. Stal felt her forehead again. It was even warmer than before.

Nick: So his hand melted.

“What’s happening…?” Stal questioned. Sari’s eyes started to close, and suddenly snapped open.

“NO! My loyalty is with the Mystics! The Mystics will inherit the Earth!”

All: Mystical.


Lana placed a hand to Sari’s forehead and shook her head. “She’s delirious,” she said coldly. Sari had just fallen asleep only minutes ago, and Stal was still in shock over Sari’s outburst. Lana glanced upward. “What did she say to make you think that she was not all right?”

Josh: Something about beer and cheesecake.

Stal drew in a shaky breath. “She said that her loyalty was to the Mystics, and that they would inherit the Earth…”

Lana gasped. “Sari…a Mystic?”

Stal lowered his gaze. “I never knew that she was evil…”

Harry: She's Satan. Of course she's evil.

Lana shook her head. “All Mystics aren’t evil… Just a few. In fact, in most societies, Mystics and humans get along in harmony!”

Nick: Three part harmony at that!

she insisted.

Stal frowned. “Not in my time. The few Mystics left have their own island.

Harry: It was purchased by John Hammond, CEO of InGen, and they were genetically engineered until they got loose and drove off the people.

If any humans tread on their land, they will be

Josh: (Stal voice) Invited for tea.


Out of the shadows, a short figure stepped toward Lana. Stal looked up to see Elena, dressed in 24th century garb- a denim skirt and a short purple shirt. Her long pink hair

Laura: Why doesn't anyone have normal color hair?

Harry: Aren't you a Sailor Moon fan?

Laura: Never mind.

was tied up in pigtails, and long silver earrings dangled from her pierced

Laura: Upper lip.


“I’m Elena,” she said simply.

Stal smiled faintly. “I’m Stal. Nice to meet you.”

Harry: He's flirting with the nine-year-old. Terrific.

Elena knelt by Sari. “Is she going to be all right?”

Sari moaned softly, and Stal staggered back. “She said that she would gladly help take over the world in exchange for her sentence to be repealed.”

Harry and Laura: Taking over the world is MY job! Hey! No, it's MINE! Ah, forget it.

Nick and Josh: (give Harry and Laura funny looks...)

“Her…sentence?” Elena muttered. Stal nodded.

“What could be the problem…?” he voiced.

Josh: Well, Stal DID put some pot into the medicine...

“What’s wrong with Sari?” Elena questioned. Stal sighed.

“I don’t know… but I think that she’s a Mystic.” Elena gulped.

“A…a-a Mystic?” she asked fearfully. Lana nodded.

Harry: That's right. A... a-a Mystic.

Josh: What's an a-a Mystic?

“She’s been saying that her loyalties are to the Mystics. If that’s true, then this is her adolescent illness- it occurs five days before four months before the Mystic becomes fifteen.”

Laura: Gee, is it complicated enough?

She suddenly stood and stared at Stal with wide eyes. “Stal, when’s Sari’s birthday?”

Nick: (Stal voice) Halloween.

Stal hesitated. “Her birthday?”

“Yes, I need to know. Do you remember when she was born?” Lana insisted wildly. Stal slowly nodded.

“July twenty-third, 2009. Why?”

Harry: 2009?! That means she's 315 years old!!

Nick: Finally! We get to make fun of a typo!

All: Yaaay!!

Lana gasped.

“She IS a Mystic! This is her sickness!”

Stal raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean that whoever kisses her at this time dies?”

Lana narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean by that?” Stal looked down at Sari’s peaceful face.

“She said that if I kissed her, I’d die.”

Harry: (flipping through a book) Yes, the sick will get extremely angry and kill you.

Lana shook her head. “That shouldn’t happen. Just to be safe, though, I wouldn’t.”

Nick: Wait, how does she know so much about Mystics, anyway?!

Sari stirred and opened her eyes. As everything came into focus, Sari’s anger began to rise.

“Humans,” she spat.

Harry: She can spit dialog?

Nick: Lemme try... ptthhh ptttth

She tried to stand, but was unsuccessful. She collapsed on wobbly legs, and as a wave of dizziness swept over her, she clutched Stal’s foot. “Help…”

Stal knelt by Sari and put his arm around her hot shoulders.

Nick: Hey, I just noticed something.

Harry: What?

Nick: Sari's HOT!!

Harry: (starts hitting Nick) What have I told you about puns?

Nick, Laura and Josh: That you were a fungi. (Fungi-fun guy. It's a pun)

Josh: Is she going to melt through the floor or something?

“Are you okay?”

Sari looked into Stal’s eyes. “Stal… Stal…”


Sari didn’t answer. She closed her eyes again and fell asleep.

Nick: Maybe she's just drunk.

Laura: And you know all about drunk, don't you?

“All we can do is wait,” Lana said gently.


The next three days were the same, with Sari being in a delirious state and Stal worrying himself almost to death. Finally, Lana sighed and walked over to the Epoch.

“Listen, I think that we can find the answer to Sari’s problem in 624 AD. Stal, you carry Sari over here. We’re going.”

Josh: (Stal voice) Shotgun!


The dark haired Mystic sitting on top of Dendaro Mountain didn’t say a word as a gentle breeze blew over her head. Her long purple gown flew behind her as she reached back and drew her sword- a gigantic

Nick: Sword. It's a sword, for God's sake...

family heirloom. She raised it over her head and gave a tortured wail. Her voice was carried by the wind over the quiet town of Dorino, and her long dark brown hair flew wildly in the fresh gust. “Layith, release me from this torture!”


As Lana, Stal, and Sari neared the scary looking fortress, Sari began to stir. “Layith…!”

Harry: We're sorry, the powerful sorceress you are trying to reach has been disconnected... she murmured angrily. Stal suddenly tightened his grip on Sari. She was already in his arms, asleep, but as she stirred, Stal wasn’t sure that he’d be able to keep her there much longer.

“Lana, let’s hurry!” he said nervously. Lana nodded and ran to the lowered drawbridge. She stopped at the opened door.

“This is it. We’re going in.”

Harry: Cover me. I'm going in. Cement Green leader, break left...


Lana cringed as she stepped inside the damp castle. The elegant room she was standing in was lit only by a few candelabras, but she could make out a deep purple rug- the symbol for Mystic royalty.

Laura: I'm not sure, but I think that purple was a symbol for ROMAN royalty.

Lana gazed around the spacious room.

“Wow…” Stal breathed. His eyes wandered to a large spiraling staircase. He mechanically began to carry Sari upward, to a room

Harry: Not a single word...

with a single golden throne.

Harry: There's that golden toilet again.

On the throne was a single Mystic woman, with jet black hair and an ear cuff on her left ear. A tear shaped jewel hung from the cuff, signifying importance. Across the woman’s forehead, two chains linked together held a similar jewel. Her dark eyes flashed angrily as she spotted the intruders.

“Who are you?” she asked curtly. Stal bowed slightly.

“Um… hello…” he murmured, his gaze lowering. He noticed an extremely revealing mahogany top held in place only by a gold collar.

Harry: Ohh... so it's a bordello...

Josh: I thought you said...

Harry: Yeah, yeah. I couldn't resist.

The woman’s short skirt exposed a dark tattoo in the shape of a chain that wound itself around her leg. She narrowed her eyes in distaste.

Nick: So she dresses like a slut, but she doesn't approve of them. How interesting.

Harry: Ah, I guess my restriction isn't going to work. Ban lifted!

All: Yaaay!

“You’re human,” she said simply. Stal nodded.

“We think that…” he started. At that moment, Sari awoke, and her eyes widened in hate.

“Layith!” she shrieked. The woman leapt back.

“The illness!” she cried. “So, your friend is Mystic…but her ears aren’t pointed…could it be…?” Lana hesitated. “Could it be what?”

Layith shook her head. “Stay the night. I will talk to your friend tomorrow.”


Stal awoke the next morning in a soft bed. Lana was in a similar bed next to him, and the last one was empty, but the sheets were rumpled, as if they were slept in.

“Sari…” he murmured groggily. He stood and left Lana to sleep away the morning. He buttoned up his wrinkled white shirt and went off in search of Sari.


“Layith, we meet again.”

Layith’s face took on an expression of amusement. She smiled as she examined a perfectly manicured fingernail.

Harry: It's 624! How does she get a freakin' manicure?!

“Well, well. I’m sure that you have no regrets NOW, do you?” she laughed. The figure in front of her stamped her foot.

“Layith, release me!” she screamed. Layith laughed again.

“Well… Sari, is it? You remember WHY you were punished, right?”

Laura: Ye... no.

Sari sighed. “Yes.”

“And that was…?”

“I fell in love with a human and thwarted an attack on his village. I then fought for the humans instead of against them,” Sari replied glumly.

Harry: We humans are irresistable.

Josh: (Austin Powers voice) You can't resist my mojo baby, yeah!

“And the punishment was…”

“After killing my love, you sentenced me to immortality.

Harry: That doesn't sound like much of a punishment, but okay.

Laura: You haven't known love.

Harry: Your point being...?

Laura: Love is like... it's so wonderf...

Nick: You're 15! I highly doubt YOU know love, too!

Laura: Nevermind. I forget you guys have a mental handicap.

Josh: And that is...?

Laura: The Y chromosome.

At first, I thought that it wasn’t much of a punishment, but when I hit sixty, I grew younger and younger, until I became nothingness. It was then that I was reborn to a human woman, to lose all of my memories until my adolescent sickness.”

Layith seemed to enjoy the confession. “And then…?”

“There was more to the curse than that. I was to have many social disadvantages. I would retain my Mystic way of thinking, and my wisdom over the years would stay with me forever. The first male I kissed would die.

Nick and Josh: Uh... what if... uhm...?

Laura: Eew!

If the male was going to die, it wouldn’t count. It was supposed to be a way of reminding me of my betrayal.”

Layith laughed gleefully. “Do you remember when you were sentenced?”

Sari scowled. “July 23, 545. Imagine.”

The Mystic giggled and clapped her hands. “Do you know why I’m still young?”

Harry: An apple a day?

Sari frowned. “You cast an age suspension spell. You will stay the same age and never die unless killed.”


“You know, you’re not totally immortal, yourself,”

Nick: But didn't you give her immortality? I'm confused.

Laura: Well, get used to it. You fell from the stupid tree and hit every branch coming down.

Layith stated. Sari nodded.

“If I am cut, I will bleed. If I fall, I will be crushed. I understand.”

“Then why haven’t you killed yourself?”

Laura: (Sari voice) Dr. Kevorkian is busy, what with prison and all...

Sari laughed bitterly. “And miss the neat scenes taking place in history? I think not!”


Stal turned a corner and raced down the long hall. His footsteps echoed throughout the corridor, and his desperate search for Sari was becoming feverish. Stal finally decided to head for the throne room. Perhaps Layith had some idea what was going on…

“What do you know about Lao?” he heard Layith question from a short distance away.

Laura: Laos... Laos... It's west of Vietnam...

Harry: I made that same joke.

Stal whirled around, and found that the throne room was just behind him.

“She’s a parasite,” he heard Sari answer. Stal sighed in relief, hearing Sari’s voice. It seemed that she was feeling much better, but there was a note of bitterness in her voice.

“Lao is not merely a parasite, but is our creator.

Harry: I thought that was Lavos. He got here first.

If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t be here. Life is funny that way, isn’t it?” Layith corrected. Stal stepped inside the doorway and Layith’s expression turned to hatred. “What are YOU doing here?”

Stal gasped. “I’m sorry… I was looking for Sari.”

Sari turned around. “What do you want?” The look of annoyance on her face surprised Stal. What was wrong with her?

“I was just making sure that you were feeling better…” he said softly. Sari nodded.

“Thank you. I’m fine. Good day.”

Josh: She's so rude, now that she's realized that she's Satan.

Stal sighed and slunk away. Sari then turned back to Layith.

“If you will excuse me, M’lady,”

Nick: Actually, I think that's "milady".

Harry: I'm not sure. Spell-check didn't register either.

Sari murmured, “I’m going for a walk.”


The sun seemed to kindly shine upon Sari’s bare shoulders

Nick: Uh... nevermind.

as she strolled through a wide field of flowers. She frowned and attempted to straighten her cranberry off-the-shoulder gown

Nick: Oooh...

that Layith had kindly

All: Hah!

provided, and kept walking. Her short brown hair blew in the warm breeze, and her heightened Mystic senses took in every detail. Suddenly, she spotted a figure clad in a similar purple gown. Sari thought for a while, and then gasped.

“I remember this moment…” she murmured. She ran up to the Mystic woman, and checked for a gigantic sword. Upon finding one, she lightly tapped the woman on the shoulder.

“Eh?!?” she screamed, reaching back, and in a single fluid motion, drew her sword and turned to face Sari.

Sari raised her arms to show she was unarmed. “Hey, I’m not gonna hurt you!”

Harry: Is what Sari said after cutting off her arm.

The woman brushed her long dark brown hair over her shoulder and breathed heavily. The gold trim on the sleeves of the gown signified nobility, and Sari smiled, recognizing the woman. “Hello, Mio.”

The woman raised her sword once more. “Who are you?”

Sari laughed. “I’m Sari. You don’t know me, but I know you. Trust me, we have a lot more in common than you think.”

Mio raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. “And why is that?”

Laura: (Sari voice) I'm you, dammit.

Sari smiled as she recalled one of her memories. “June 3, 540. You were knocked unconscious, and when you came to, you found three people- their names were Crono, Lucca, and Schala. You befriended the trio, and joined them on their quest to search for Schala’s younger brother.”

Mio snorted. “Anyone could’ve figured that out.”

Sari glared at Mio in reply. “I would agree with you, except you told no one.”

Mio’s eyes grew wide. “Then how did you find out?”

“I am you. I am one of your future lives,” Sari answered.

Mio buried her face in her hands.

Harry: That must hurt.

“Then you know how horrible it is to just get younger…”

“It’s not that bad. I got used to it. It’s actually kind of fun to be able to witness so many historical events! I was there when Shakespeare wrote his first plays. I was there to see man walk on the moon.

Harry: Now, how did she see this? Wasn't it OUR planet?

I was there to see the first Mystic in space. It was wonderful!”

Mio sighed. “How many wars did you see?”

Josh: Let's see... there was the Revolution, 1812, Spanish, Civil War, Mexican, World War I, World War II, Korea, 'Nam, and the Gulf. We kicked ass in all of them, except 'Nam. That one was political.

Sari plopped down into the bright red flowers, sending up a spray of pollen. She promptly sneezed. “Enough to make me think that not only is the human race a bunch of ninnies, the Mystics are, too.”

Mio sat next to Sari. “That many, huh?”

Sari laughed bitterly. “More than you think.” Mio laughed in reply and hugged a knee to her chest.

“Will I have the sickness when I return to the age of fifteen?”

Harry: (Sari voice) Hmm... Let's see... No. You get Ebola Zaire when you return to the age of 16.

Sari smiled. “No. That’s the beauty of it all. You only get it once per lifetime.”

“Okay… here’s a good question. Do I meet any GOOD men?” Mio shot back.

Sari giggled. “There was this one guy back in the eleventh century. He was a winner! In fact, he’s accompanying me on a journey. My life back then is here, too.”

All: Lana.

Harry: Winner? I think she meant "weiner"

Mio frowned. “Is he going to die?”

Sari sighed. “She got lucky. When she was twelve, a maniac tried to rape her.

Laura: Lucky coincidence.

He kissed her, and almost instantly died. She did a good job of forgetting with one of her mother’s inventions.”

Mio laughed loudly. “Sounds peachy!”

Nick: (Sari) If you think THAT'S peachy, you should see my house...

Sari laughed in reply. “Yep. That was the only lifetime where my first love didn’t die. I rather liked that one…”

“Do you remember meeting you?” Mio questioned softly.

Sari smiled. “What do you mean?”

“You know… do you remember meeting yourself as you are now when you were that girl?”

“Yes… and at the end of this journey, I’m going to die.”

All: YAAAAY!!!


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