Live After Lavos Part 1

Immediate Fame

By Cadet McNally

"Oh, s***!" screamed Crono, noticing that Lavos was a wee bit tougher than he expected. After about half an hour (real time, not game time) of fierce fighting, Lavos was down to his humanoid core, with just the "bit" (but really the core, right? Hmm...) on the right remaining.

"Crono no give up!" yelled Ayla, seeing Crono in dismay. She tries to bolster his morale. "Run away, worse than death! Crono run away, Ayla kill Crono!" Maybe a little harsh, but it worked.

"Would you guys mind not talking and concentrate on killing him?" asked Lucca. "I'm trying to save the world here, you know!"

"Yeah, yeah! Okay, let's try... uh... Gatling Kick. Everyone get ready!" Since Ayla doesn't use magic, she was ready almost at once. Once Lucca and Crono were ready, she leaped into the air and started Triple Kick. Crono and Lucca mixed Lighting 2 and Fire 2 together and charged Ayla with it. The Lavos Core... Bit... whatever... exploded with a final shriek. Ayla landed a bit winded. "We strong. Lavos, not as strong. Lavos dead. Ayla kill Lavos!" Crono, Ayla, and Lucca were hurtled forward(?) in time to the End of Time. The group (including Magus) shared one victorious hug.

"Well, gang. We did it. It took a few... uh... aeons, but we did it!" Crono said after the wild and totally out of control whoop of glee let out of everyone (with a couple of exceptions). "Hey, Gaspar. Would you like to visit Melchior? Lament about old times, and all that?"

"Me? No, I couldn't. As The Old Man of the End of Time, I am not allowed to leave my post until nine A.M. Wednesday, February 29, 47038432509234 AD," said Gaspar.

"Sheesh. Sorry I asked." Crono walked in the general direction of the Epoch. "Ladies and Gentlemen, and you, Magus..."

Magus interrupted. "Very funny. How would you like to be prepared? Would you like to be regular, or extra crispy?" Magus prepared (or pretended to) Fire2. Crono chuckled.

"As I was saying, the party is at Leene's Square. Two people come with me, the rest, file into the Gate Room." Crono, Marle, and Lucca went into the Epoch. Robo, Ayla, Frog, and Magus went into the Gate Room. The Epoch sped off. Magus led the group going to the Gate Room, and Robo decided to follow on his own.

"Besides," he said. "Only three can travel at once, remember?" Arriving at Leene Square, Crono, Marle and Lucca walked toward the Telepod and waited. However, Magus got lost and took the group to the Day of Lavos (which, fortunately didn't occur) and landed head first on a rock.


Part 1 and a half: When Harry met Magus

"Oww... someone give me a tonic." He tried to stand. "Better make that a Mid Tonic." He looked up and saw a few dozen unfamiliar faces. One of them spoke.

"Who are you?" he asked. He wore blue wool slacks, a light blue dress T-shirt with epaulets, and extremely shiny shoes. On his left collar was a metal "CAP," and on his right, a strange looking device with a shield and two blue and silver stripes coming out of each side. Over his left shirt pocket, there were five pieces of colorful ribbon set in a pattern: two on top, three on bottom. Over his right shirt pocket was a piece of plastic that said something in small letters, and "McNALLY" written in big letters. Oh his head was a blue wool cap that ended in a peak (so I gave myself a cameo. So what?).

"I am Magus. Who are YOU?" he asked, searching himself for a Mid Tonic. Finding one, he drank it and his headache disappeared.

"I'm Harry McNally. I'm the writer of this story." I said (Don't worry, I'll write myself out soon. This is merely for comic effect.).

"You're WHAT?!" yelled Magus. He was getting very impatient with the oddly dressed young man. He was obviously some kind of clown.

"I saw that!!" I yelled. I'm changing it! And I'm changing you, too!" With that, something changed. Magus was getting very impatient with the properly dressed young man. He was obviously some sort of god. Magus, now a sheep, was making a comment about his situation.

"This is very baaaaa-d," he said. I giggled. Suddenly, Crono, Lucca, and Marle appeared.

"What in the name of *bleep* is going on here?!" asked Mr. Pottymouth.

"That's it. I'm changing things back! This is ridiculous. Besides, M*A*S*H is on..." I stormed off and everyone was sent to Leene Square.

"Uh, Harry? Magus is still a sheep," said Crono. With a loud "Poof" Magus was back to his original form, on his hands and knees.



Part One (again): Instant Fame

Magus and company came in through the Gate. They were soon followed by Robo. Crono leapt onto the table.

"Now that everyone's here, we can start the festivities!" he yelled. Everyone (except Magus) cheered. Beverages flowed like rivers, food was being shoved into mouths. Crono was relieving himself on a tree. Even Magus was effected by the cheerfulness. He was on the table singing an old Zealian drinking song and chugging down ale. Marle giggled.

"Gee, Magus! I didn't know you had it in you!" Magus stopped for a moment. He looked puzzled.

"Neither did I." He sat down and started to think. "All this time, I was obsessed with destroying Lavos. Now that he's gone, I guess "Magus" is disappearing." Magus looked up. "I guess I'm becoming a cheerful version of Janus. Janus as he should have been." He smiled for a second. "A part of me has been filled." His smile vanished as fast as it had appeared. "There's still something missing, though. After the goodbyes tomorrow, I'm returning to 12000 B.C."

"Searching for Schala?" asked Crono. Magus nodded. Crono threw something at him and Magus caught it. It was the key to the Epoch. "Merry Christmas."

They continued with the party. Magus attempted to join the celebration, and almost got his spirits lifted, but thoughts of Schala kept nagging in his mind. The party ended with Crono and Marle making out in a corner, Ayla and Frog having a drinking contest, Lucca taking notes for an idea she had, and Magus and Robo discussing philosophy.

Crono, naturally, slept in his bed. Robo stayed with Lucca. Marle, Frog, and Ayla slept in Guardia Castle. Magus slept in Crono's room, standing in the corner. They all woke up early. A crowd had gathered outside of Crono's house. In Guardia Castle, the guards were having difficulty holding in the large mass of people trying to enter. Crono walked out and was swarmed by a mass of fans, not to mention teenaged girls, asking for autographs, requests ("Could you fry this for me...?" and "Are you busy Friday night?") and correspondence. Crono signed all the notebooks, papers, and other objects with a little bit of confusion. Magus walked out and was greeted with the same crowd. "What in the name of He...llo everyone!" He had the same requests, minus the dates (he looks like a vampire in dire need of a nose job! Do you blame 'em?). Meanwhile, at Guardia Castle, Marle, Frog and Ayla walked into the entrance hall on the way to breakfast when they noticed the crowd.

"It's them!!" someone yelled. The guards started to be overwhelmed by the ocean of fans. Marle looked shocked. "Good God..." At that moment, they all realized that their lives were drastically changed. Naturally, they signed everything. Ayla and Marle turned down dates and marriage proposals. Frog chuckled.

"Thou art famous. Thou must get used to it if you wish to stay sane." Ayla spoke up.

"Ayla no have this problem! Ayla already famous in her time!" They walked out and met Crono and Magus near Lucca's house. Crono and Magus were laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Marle. Crono pointed to Lucca's house. The crowd that had been at the castle and already gone through Crono and Magus (slowly) and had massed outside Lucca's house. Lucca was screaming. Marle started to giggle. Ayla laughed uproariously. Frog chuckled.

"Ahhhhh!!! One at a time!!" screamed Lucca. The crowd continued to push and yell. Lucca got angry. "ONE AT A FREAKIN' TIME!!!" The crowd formed a single file line. Lucca signed everything. Robo came out. The line dissipated and they became a loud mob again. "SAME RULES APPLY!!!" screamed Lucca. The line formed again. Robo signed everything gladly. Everyone left for Leene Square.

"It appears we are all famous," said Robo. Magus snorted.

"I could have told you that..."

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