Blades of Destiny Chapter 7


By Brenton Braswell

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In the last chapter, Selphie and her squad rushed to Trabia Garden to stop Diaz’s forces from wiping out all of Trabia Garden’s and its inhabitants. When they got there, it was another scene of horror. Trabia Garden was in worst shape than after the missile attack. Selphie and the others immediately went into action to save any survivors that were left. Once they were inside, they faced Kenoshi, Maximus, and Oriana. Xu battled Kenoshi, while Selphie, Yuffie, Barret, Zell, and Red XIII fought Maximus and Oriana. After a few minutes of battling, Kenoshi, Maximus, Oriana and Diaz’s troops disappeared suddenly. Thankfully, most of the cadets, and SeeDs along with the headmaster took refuge in the cafeteria. Elsewhere at Galbaldia Garden, Irvine’s team met up with an unexpected surprise. At the gate, they had to take cover because of snipers on the second floor. With quick thinking, the snipers were taken care of. Once all of the team was inside, they were confronted Diaz, Ultimecia, Naomi and some ninjas. Diaz revealed the attacks on Timber and Trabia garden was a diversion so he could take control of Galbaldia Garden. Ultimecia knocked out the cadets and SeeDs out with Hell’s Judgement. Cid, Irvine, Lisa, Dan, Quistis and Vincent were able to avoid the attack. The ninjas and Naomi attacked our heroes. Our heroes made short work of the ninjas and Diaz told Naomi to fall back. In an instant, the rest of Diaz’s elite six along with Sephiroth and the remaining soldiers of the Timber and Trabia Garden attack appeared. Diaz informed Irvine and the others that they were going to be fighting him and the others won’t interfere, they were just there to be the audience. In a couple of minutes, Dan and Lisa went down. Cid and Quistis soon followed after that. When it was Irvine’s turn he made a discovery that pulse ammo would be able to break Diaz’s shield. A discovery made too late when Diaz charged him and broke his arm. He was instantly knocked into unconsciousness. Vincent was the only one left and he transformed into Chaos and was in control. He fought Diaz for a little while but was soon overwhelmed by Diaz’s awesome power too. Things really didn’t look good. Meanwhile in Timber, Lensey, Cloud, Tifa, Squall, and Rinoa sensed the battle. Lensey knew she had to work fast if she were to save Irvine’s team and most of the Galbaldia gardens inhabitants. What she does will be revealed in the chapter.


Lensey really couldn’t believe Diaz’s main target was Galbaldia Garden. The attacks on Timber and Trabia Garden were just a diversion, but it was really going to set back the forces that they would gather for the final battle. (Once we have a big enough force and find out where Diaz’s castle is, that will be the end of his reign of terror through different dimensions and worlds.)

“Does anybody have an idea on how we get to Galbaldia Garden fast?” Asked Rinoa.

Everyone was silent and no one came up with an answer. Lensey thought long and hard about what she could do. (Maybe if I use the teleportation technique. I’ll be able to get Irvine’s team out and most of the cadets and SeeDs.)

“I have an idea on what we should do,” said Lensey.

“Okay, go ahead and explain it,” said Seifer.

“Right,” answer Lensey. “I could use a teleportation technique to take us into Galbaldia Garden to get us there. Once we’re inside, I’ll use it again to teleport us, Irvine’s team, and some of the cadets and SeeDs of Galbaldia Garden out of there.”

“That’s a good plan, ya know,” said Raijin.

“I wasn’t finished,” said Lensey. Raijin instantly closed his mouth. “Once we’re in there, it’ll probably take me a few minutes to concentrate and lock on as many people for the teleportation out of there. I plan on teleporting all of us back to Balamb Garden. You’ll have to keep Diaz and everybody else off of me for the following time. Will you be joining us Seifer, Raijin, and Fujin?”

“Yeah, I’ll join in the fun,” said Seifer. “What about you two?” He asked Fujin and Raijin.

“Of course we’ll join you Seifer,” said Raijin. “Were a posse after all, ya know. The posse got to stick together, ya know.”

“AFFIRMATIVE,” said Fujin while nodding.

“That’s good,” said Lensey. “Squall, you might want to call Balamb and tell them to expect us.”

“Right Lensey,” said Squall. Squall really thought about how quick of a plan she came up with and it was a good one. (Too bad she isn’t a SeeD. We could always use somebody with her skills and talents in Balamb Garden.) “I’ll call up Selphie as well and tell her to swing by Timber to pick up the cadets and SeeDs. I’ll remember to tell her not to go to Galbaldia Garden.” After saying that Squall went down the street in search of a videophone and Rinoa accompanied him.

“I can’t believe someone can cause all of this Squall,” Rinoa said with sadness in her voice. Squall looked at her and noticed that her eyes were watering. “So many innocent lives destroyed.”

Squall saw Rinoa about to break down and he grabbed and hugged her. She started to cry into the white ruffle of Squall’s leather jacket. “Don’t worry Rinoa, we’ll make Diaz pay for this and every other atrocity that he’s committed,” said Squall while stroking her hair as to soothe her. After a few minutes, Rinoa stopped crying and started to dry her eyes. “You should go find a bathroom to clean your face, we don’t want to give Diaz any pleasure in seeing the pain he’s putting us through.” Rinoa nodded and followed Squall down the street.

After they walked for a minute, they came upon some videophones and some restrooms. Most of the phones were broken, but one looked intact. Rinoa went into the ladies restroom while Squall went to the phone. He dialed Balamb Garden’s number and put in the necessary extension to get the headmaster’s office. After a few rings, the headmaster’s face popped up on the screen. “Greeting, Squall,” said Headmaster Cid. “Is the situation under control in Timber?”

“Yes Headmaster,” answer Squall. “We have some unfortunate news though.”

“Well, go ahead,” said Cid patiently.

“We just found out that the attacks on Timber and Trabia Garden was just a diversion to split us up to take control of Galbaldia Garden,” Squall said. “We all sensed Diaz and his forces gathering at Galbaldia Garden. Irvine and the others are in trouble, but Lensey came up with a plan to get Irvine’s team and some of the cadets and SeeDs out of there. Have Doctor Kadowaki and some people out there with stretchers outside of Balamb Garden, that’s where Lensey will teleport all of us to. Oh yeah, Seifer, Raijin, and Fujin will be coming with us when we go to rescue the others.”

“Right, I’ll get on it right away,” said Cid.

“Tell Selphie to swing over to Timber before going back to Garden and tell her not to go to Galbaldia Garden,” said Squall. “She’ll pick up the cadets and SeeDs just outside of Timber.”

“Okay Squall, I wish you all Godspeed,” said Cid while saluting. Squall returned the salute and hung up the videophone. Once he hung it up, Rinoa came out of the restroom and looked okay, but still had that sad look on her face.

“Come on, let’s hurry up, we really don’t know what Diaz will do now,” Squall said. Both Squall and Rinoa ran back quickly to where the others was waiting. While they were running Squall pressed a button on his headset. “Come in all cadets and SeeDs. This is commander Leonhart, you’re to finish helping civilians and to wait at the entrance of Timber for the Ragnarok to come back. Is that clear?” Squall then got a cacophony of yes sirs in his headset. He really was going to have to do something about having everyone answering at the same time.

When they got back to everyone, Lensey asked, “Is everybody ready?” They all nodded. “I think you should all charge up before I do this. It’ll throw Diaz off once you attack him with the few seconds of surprise that we’ll get.”

“What do you mean by charge up?” Questioned Seifer.

“You’ll see,” answered Cloud.

Tifa, Cloud, Rinoa, and Squall instantly flared up with yellow and blue fires surrounding their beings. Seifer, Raijin, and Fujin looked surprised by seeing this by decided the time for questions would be later. Lensey put her hands together like she was praying. Her whole body took on a red glow as she cast her magic and in an instant they were gone.


After helping out the cadets and SeeDs of Trabia Garden, Selphie and her team boarded the Ragnarok. She was preparing for take off went she got a radio transmission from Balamb Garden.

“Selphie, are you there?” Headmaster’s Cid’s voice said.

“Yeah, I’m here,” said Selphie sadly. “The situation here has been taken care of. There weren’t too many causalities, but a few causalities are too many.”

“Well, I’m glad the situation is under control,” replied the Headmaster. “It seems that the attacks on Timber and Trabia Garden was just a diversion. Diaz’s main goal was to get Galbaldia Garden.”

Upon hearing this, Selphie paled a little. (Oh no! Irvine and the others went there.) “I’ve got to get there fast!”

“No, you don’t have to do that,” the Headmaster informed her. “Squall and Lensey have come up with a plan to get Irvine’s team and some of the cadets and SeeDs out of there. You’re to swing over to Timber and pick up the cadets and SeeDs of Squall’s team. Is that understood?”

As much as Selphie wanted to disagree, her gut told her to trust Squall and Lensey. “Yes Headmaster,” replied Selphie. She really hoped Squall and Lensey knew what they were doing. She also guessed the Headmaster was right about not going to Galbaldia Garden. She would probably put her squad in deep trouble and it would be hard to get out of it. She still couldn’t stop worrying about Irvine. Ever since they met again, Selphie and Irvine have gotten real close and Irvine doesn’t flirt as much as he used to. Selphie has to keep him in check and Irvine always says that Selphie is the only girl for him. She would have to put her trust in Lensey to get Irvine and the others out.


A few seconds after Lensey had teleported them away from Timber; Squall, Cloud, Tifa, Seifer, Rinoa, Raijin, and Fujin all found themselves in the main lobby of Galbaldia Garden. Squall, Cloud, Rinoa, and Tifa immediately spotted Diaz with his back facing them. Without hesitation, the four immediately fired ki blasts at Diaz. Cloud and Squall fired the blasts through their swords while Tifa and Rinoa fired the blast through their hands.

Diaz suddenly felt four powers come out of nowhere. As he was turning around, he was hit in the back by four ki blasts and was thrown forward. He hit the ground real hard, and was hurt by it. After a few moments, Diaz rolled over and got up slowly. (Hmmm. I would have never thought they would try anything like that.) “So, I wouldn’t have thought you’d resort to such tactics as that Kusanagi,” said Diaz.

“Well, at least it’s not like the tactics that you used to get this Garden,” said Lensey. Lensey then looked around and above her to see soldiers were above her and the others. Lensey then jumped over to were the unconscious SeeDs and Cadets were. “Okay guys, cover me, this might take some time.”

Diaz then looked at her and saw that she was concentrating and a red glow surrounded her body. (She’s up to something, but what is it?) The idea hit him immediately. “So trying to use the teleport technique are you?” Diaz asked with a smile. “Well, you can just forget about that.” He then gestured up to some soldiers on the second floor that were looking down.

About eight soldiers jumped from the second floor and didn’t look the least bit hurt after the jump. They all unsheathed his or her weapons and were about to rush toward Lensey when Cloud, Squall, Tifa, Seifer, Raijin and Fujin stepped in front of Lensey. They blocked the soldiers’ line of sight of their intended target but that didn’t bother them in the least bit.

Both groups rushed forward and fighting suddenly broke out. The six immediately scattered the soldiers and were fighting them away from Lensey. Cloud took two soldiers on and has been on the defensive since they started fighting. He parried both soldiers’ swords and made a few offensive moves against them but was immediately put on the defensive again. (Enough of this!) Cloud swung his sword hard and fast at one soldier and was blocked. When it was blocked, the desired effect that he was looking for happened when he knocked the soldier off balance. He turned a thrust his blade into the gut of the other soldier who was trying to catch him off guard with an overhead swing. Cloud pulled out his huge sword and blocked the other soldier’s sword. The soldier pushed the sword down at him but was really caught off guard when Cloud showed surprising strength and pushed the sword up. The soldier was thrown off balance again and was sliced with a horizontal slash to his abdomen. The cut was so deep; the soldier fell to the ground with a shocked look and died.

Seifer took on two soldiers as well. The soldiers were caught off guard at the ferocity and skill that Seifer showed. He blocked the sword of one of the soldiers’ while the one with the spear took a poke at him. He jumped back and avoided it. The one with the sword slashed at him again and was blocked again and got into a sword lock with Seifer. Seifer immediately pushed the sword away and slashed in two diagonal motions of his gunblade cutting the soldier down. The one with the spear thrust it at Seifer again. Seifer was ready this time and sidestepped the strike. While the spear was still out, Seifer cut the wood with a powerful slash. The bladed part fell off and Seifer then cut down the soldier. He then looked at everyone else to see they had finished the soldier’s facing them.

Seifer then looked over a Diaz and the people standing behind him. He was shocked when his eyes fell on one figure. (What the Hell? I thought she was dead.) He didn’t want believe his eyes, but she was right there. The one who manipulated and deceived Seifer over six months ago. (Ultimecia.) That name was like a curse to him.

Ultimecia then noticed that Seifer was looking at her. She took a few steps away from the group. “So Seifer, my knight, you’re alive,” Ultimecia said addressing Seifer. “Now that I’m back, why don’t you return to my side and join me as my knight once again?”

Seifer really couldn’t believe his ears. “Why the @#$% would I want to be your lapdog any more?!!?!!” Said Seifer with a look of hatred on his face. “You used me so you could destroy time and space. You were planning on destroying me too, for what? To be the only one that can exist in this universe?” Seifer then looked to his left and right to see that Raijin and Fujin stepped up to his sides. He looked back to Ultimecia. “You can just kiss my ass for all that I care!”

This reply got annoyed look from Ultimecia. “Very well,” said the Sorceress. “You can just die with the rest of these insects. You could have had power and you refuse it. Foolish boy!” She gestured her hand in their direction.

Immediately an Ultima spell was gathering fast in front of Seifer, Fujin and Raijin. I was gathering faster than they had seen. As soon as they saw this they turned around ran in the opposite direction. Suddenly a green explosion threw them forward in the air and they landed very hard on the ground.

Rinoa rushed over to them and cast curaga on all three of them. “I guess she got used to her powers faster than we would have though,” Rinoa commented.

“Powers?” Questioned Seifer. “Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

“We’ll tell you this when we get out of here,” said Cloud while helping Seifer up. Cloud then looked over at Lensey to see she was engulfed in a red fire and was concentrating hard. He then turned his attention toward Diaz and his group. He then got a message from Lensey through telepathy. (Eveyone, get over here quick. I’m ready!) Cloud got the message and saw that the others got the message as well and they all rushed over to Lensey.

Diaz saw this and held his hand out concentrating his energy into it. When he felt he had enough energy to finish off everybody by Lensey Kusanagi. He fired a big ball of energy at the group.

Everybody by Lensey saw this and most of their eyes widened. When it was close enough, they all vanished in a flash of light. The blast exploded where they just were and left big crater in its wake. Diaz guestered his hand toward the crater and it disappeared and replaced the ground that was blown up.

Diaz also saw that they vanished as well as the cadets, SeeDs and the six he defeated earlier. He then felt that some of the Galbaldia Garden’s cadets and SeeDs were gone as well. “So this was her plan.” Observed Diaz. “Well they can retreat and regroup for now.”

“Isn’t that a foolish move master?” Question Maximus.

“No,” answered Diaz. “They may regroup, but it won’t be enough to defeat us,” Diaz said while sheathing his broadsword and walking down the hall. “You may explore this place to become familiar with it. Krelnar, take some men and interrogate the SeeDs and headmaster. Figure out how to get this Garden mobile from them and activate it. Once it gets mobile, I’ll cast my magic and make it invisible to Lensey Kusanagi’s senses.

“Yes my liege,” said Krelnar while bowing.

Diaz then walked up to the second floor and took the elevator to the third floor to the Heamaster’s office. It had a lot of space with light coming in from a large window behind the desk. He then walked behind the desk and sat down in a plush red chair. Once he was behind the desk he noticed a monitor with buttons that were marked. He pushed the one marked auditorium and saw that nearly half of the people in there had disappeared. He also saw that his soldiers in there had probably restored order. He pushed some more buttons and saw different areas of the Garden. (The headmaster probably installed this to catch any troublemakers.) He then saw the intercom button and microphone. He decided not to mess with it just yet. Diaz put his legs up on the desk and reclined back in the chair. (Not my throne, but it’ll do.) He then closed his eyes to catch a nice nap. Before he went to sleep, one thought was in his mind. (Damn that woman, Lensey Kusanagi. You’ll die this time.) He then drifted off to sleep while Krelnar and everyone else worked on getting the Garden mobile.


In a flash, everyone appeared just outside of Balamb Garden. Seifer looked around him and saw all the people that were with him before they disappeared. Plus he saw about thirty or forty cadets and SeeDs of Galbaldia Garden. By their looks, they all looked confused. He then looked over to Lensey and saw that she was on her hand and knees panting and sweating.

Seifer immediately went to her side and let her use him as crutch in standing up. “Here, drink this,” said Seifer while taking out a tube with blue liquid in it. He handed it to Lensey and she read the label that said Elixir. “Go ahead, it’ll restore your strength.” Lensey eyed the small tube with suspicion and reluctantly drunk it. In a few seconds, she started to feel her strength and magic coming back to her. She stopped leaning on Seifer and was able to stand with her own strength.

“Thanks, I needed that,” Lensey said. “I really need to stop overexerting myself.” Lensey then looked toward the garden to see doctor Kadowaki and some cadets and SeeDs with stretchers rushing toward them.

Rinoa immediately cast curaga on all of the SeeDs and cadets that were on Irvine’s squad. She saw that most of them get up and they looked real groggy and tired. She then cast curaga on Dan, Lisa, Cid, Irvine, Quistis, and Vincent. The magic worked on them, but it barely had an effect. It woke them up and did little to heal them.

Doctor Kadowaki and the cadets and SeeDs instantly rushed over to them. She stopped by Irvine and saw that he was holding his right arm. “I think it’s broken doc,” Irvine said with much pain.

“Now tell me if this hurt,” said Doctor Kadowaki while touching the part of the arm that Irvine was holding. Irvine closed his eyes and winced in pain. “Okay, take them to the infirmary,” the doc said to the cadets and SeeDs. The cadets and SeeDs along with Tifa, Rinoa, and Raijin went to help carry the injured six.

Squall looked at all the Galbaldian SeeDs and Cadets and waited for them to quiet down so he can explain to them why they were here. When they all quieted down Squall spoke. “I know this is confusing to all of you,” Squall said while trying to think up what else to say. “You were just teleported from Galbaldia Garden by teleportion magic.”

“Whose army did all those soldiers belong to?” Asked a female SeeD from the crowd. “They don’t wear any type of uniform I’ve ever saw.”

Squall looked to Lensey. Lensey took this as time to explain some things. “That army belongs to a man named Diaz Marquis,” Lensey explained. “He’s a man with tremendous power. He conquered other worlds and dimensions and now he set his sights on this world. His first goal in conquering this world is getting rid of SeeD, the Galbaldian military, and the Esthar military. He believes that these three groups are his biggest threat in his plan of dominating this world and right now he’s trying to get rid of SeeD and the Gardens.”

After saying all of this, there were murmurs and whispering from the group. When they all quieted down a male SeeD asked, “Why the hell does this world seem so interesting to him?”

“I guess he finds it challenging in fighting a skilled army such as SeeD,” Lensey answered. “You’re probably wondering who I am? My name is Lensey Kusanagi and I’m not from this world.” Now this news really had all of the people from Galbaldia Garden talking. Once they saw the annoyed look on Lensey’s face, they quieted down once more. “I’m here to help this world fight and defeat Diaz and his army before anymore damage is done.”

“Anymore damage done?” Asked a cadet.

“Yes, before you were all teleported out of Galbaldia Garden, he attacked Trabia Garden and Timber at the same time to split up the groups going to Galbaldia Garden. I’m sorry that I couldn’t teleport everybody out of Galbaldia Garden,” Lensey said while looking down at the ground. Once she looked back up she said, “Now you’ve been recruited to help join the fight against this evil that is threatening to engulf this world. Are you with me?”

The cadets and SeeDs of G-Garden were really talking among themselves. It wasn’t until one SeeD stepped forward that they stopped talking. “I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m with you. I won’t stand by and watch as some evil tyrant tries to take over my world.” After saying this, many more stepped forward and said something similar or didn’t say anything.

Having accomplished this Lensey looked back over at Squall, “Thanks Lensey.” He then looked at all of the SeeDs and cadets. “I’m commander Squall Leonhart.” After saying this, Squall saw the looks that most of them were giving him. Most of those looks were ones of wonder. “As you just heard the situation from Miss Kusanagi, we’ll need all of your help. We’ll supply room and board and supply you with any necessary weapons that you may need. I’m saying that because I can imagine you had you weapons confiscated when Diaz took over Galbaldia Garden. Well, let’s go get you all settled in.” He said this while turning and walking toward the gates. Everyone followed him and he stopped and got clearance at the gate by calling Headmaster Cid.

Thankfully, they had enough empty dorms and rooms to accommodate all of the people from Galbaldia Garden. Even though they had to double and triple up in them. Cloud, Squall, Seifer and Fujin immediately rushed over to the infirmary. Squall sure was glad that they had the size of it increased.

Once they were in, they saw that Irvine had a cast put on him and his right arm was in a sling. “How bad is it doc?” Asked Squall.

“It’s real bad Squall,” answered Doctor Kadowaki. “He won’t be fighting any time soon. With the help of a few curaga spells from time to time and rest, I’d say that his arm would heal in about four months.” This was bad news for their side.

“What about the others?” Questioned Cloud. “How soon will it be before they are back in tip top fighting condition?”

“They’re going to be fine with rest for the rest of the day and tomorrow,” answered the woman. “Their injuries weren’t as serious as Irvine’s.”

“That’s good, ya know!” Said Raijin.

Seifer then walked over to a battered and exhausted Quistis. She was conscious at the time and looked very weak. “How are you instructor?” Asked Seifer while moving a little of her hair that was in her face.

“Seifer… What are you doing here?” Asked Quistis in a weakened voice.

“I’m here to help out with the fight against Diaz and his army,” answered Seifer. At this answer, Seifer got a slight smile from Quistis. “Rest now, you’ve had a very long day.” Without saying anything else, Quistis dozed off into a light slumber.

Suddenly, Selphie burst into the room with a worried look on her face. When she spotted Irvine she instantly went over to him and hugged him. “Ow!” Exclaimed Irvine.

“Sorry about that Irvy,” said Selphie. “Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry Selphie,” Said Irvine to Selphie.

“What happened in there?” Question Squall.

Irvine took a deep breath and said, “A lot happened when we got there. It was a trap from when we came to the gates. We had to take out these snipers and we did. Once we were in, Diaz revealed himself along with Ultimecia, Naomi and some guys in ninja outfits. Ultimecia cast a version of Hell’s Judgment on that looked enhanced on the cadets and SeeDs. They were immediately knocked out of the fight. The rest of Diaz's elite six, Sephiroth, and a lot of soldiers appeared out of nowhere. We all thought we were going to fight them but Diaz said they were just there to watch.” Irvine then stopped and looked down. “Diaz’s power and skill was tremendous. We couldn’t beat him and well, you know the outcome.” Irvine was finished and lied down on the cot.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give him a good one for you,” said Squall. Now this really surprised Irvine, Selphie and Rinoa. Never in the past six months had Squall talked this freely to them. Squall also knew that him and the headmaster were going to have give evaluation reports on the SeeD exam and it wasn’t going to be easy. All of the cadets fought his or her hardest and accomplished the mission. He really felt sorry for the cadets that went to Galbaldia Garden. He really hoped that this wasn’t the last chance they could take their SeeD exam. “Get some rest Irvine,” Squall said while walking out.

Selphie followed him and asked, “Are you and the Headmaster going to give evaluations soon?”

“Yeah, is there any certain cadets that were on your team that you think deserve to be SeeDs?” Asked Squall.

“Yeah, Sire, Brown, and Downing,” answered Selphie. “I kind of acted on the spur of the moment and guaranteed them they could be SeeDs if they followed my orders which included; protecting my friend, eliminating any soldiers they come across, and helping any survivors.”

“I’ll greatly consider them when giving the evaluations and deciding who passed,” said Squall.

“Okay, thanks!” Exclaimed Selphie loudly while waving and rushing back into the infirmary.

Squall went to the elevator and took it to the third floor. While going up there, Squall knew he and Cid would have a hard time with the evaluations. This had to be one of the biggest SeeD exams that were ever given in garden. They were really going to have to give most of the cadets the benefit of the doubt, because they really needed more SeeDs and the ones in Garden probably weren’t enough to take on Diaz’s whole army by themselves.

Meanwhile, just outside the infirmary, Cloud and Tifa were just walking out after seeing that Vincent, Cid, Dan, Lisa, and Irvine were okay. As they were walking back to their dorms, the PA system chimed. Everybody stopped to listen to what Headmaster Cid was about to say. “Will all of the cadets who participated in today’s SeeD exam please report to the Second floor hallway outside of the classrooms. The results of the exam will be given shortly.”

After that announcement was finished, Cloud and Tifa got out of the way of a few cadets who were running toward the elevator. They continued to their rooms they were given the previous day and Cloud saw Tifa to her dorm. After doing that he went to the dorm he was given. When he was in there, he noticed two neatly folded uniforms on his bed along with a letter. He recognized one of them to be the cadet training uniform. The other was the uniform that SeeD member were given. Cloud opened the letter and read it. ‘To Cloud, it seems that Edea has convinced me to give you temporary SeeD status. I was a little bit reluctant. But after watching your footage from your headset, I was really convinced that you deserved it. I gave you a cadet uniform also; I hope I got your size right. If I didn’t, just inform me and I’ll issue you another uniform. All the other Avalanche members were given similar letters and SeeD and cadet uniforms also, except Mr. Wallace and Red XIII. I knew Red XIII would look silly in the uniform. We didn’t have any uniforms in his Barret’s size. You’ll have this SeeD status as long as this conflict takes to finish. We’re having an inauguration ball tonight for all of the new SeeD members and it would delight Edea and myself if you could come to it in your SeeD uniform. With Best Regards, Headmaster Cid Kramer.’

Now this really surprised Cloud and he was in a hurry to try out his SeeD uniform.

Meanwhile in Tifa’s dorm she found a letter similar to it. It said something similar but said her skirt of the uniform is shorter and more looser because she does martial arts and he thought it would really help. Edea included a part in the letter saying, ‘you and the rest of Avalanche are invited to the inauguration ball for the new SeeDs. You can either go in your SeeD uniform or go in the dress that I’ve laid out for you. I hope you like it and I hope it fits. With Best Wishes, Headmistress Edea Kramer.’ Tifa then noticed the beautiful long blue dress and long blue gloves meant to go on her arms. She picked it up and held it close to her body just to imagine how it would fit. I looked like it would fit, but she would have to get in it to see that it fit.

Suddenly, the phone on the dresser rang. Tifa answered it, “Hello, Tifa Lockhart speaking.”

“Good evening Tifa, this is Edea,” said Edea on the other end.

“Good evening Edea,” replied Tifa. “I got the letter, uniforms and dress that you laid out for me.”

“Good, are you going to the ball tonight?” Asked Edea.

“Yes, and I’m going in this beautiful dress that you laid out,” Tifa replied.

“That’s excellent,” Edea said with happiness in her voice. “If you want me to, I’ll come down and put you hair in a braid.”

“Thank you Headmistress Edea,” said Tifa. “You can come down and put my hair in a braid.”

“Okay, I’ll be down in a few minutes,” Edea said while hanging up the phone.


Later that night, Cloud was at the ball when it first started. It’s been almost thirty minutes since it started and he hadn’t seen Tifa all night. He was impressed with all the attention that the new SeeDs got. (When they graduated to being SeeDs, the cadets get a ball. Man, I wish this were around when I was younger. I could have made it too seeing how they train you here.) Cloud thought. Also, in the thirty minutes that Cloud waited he was asked by two different girls at two separate times to dance with him. Being the gentleman he was, Cloud happily obliged and danced with them.

Cloud stood by the wall with his back to the wall looking bored. Cloud didn’t want to wait any longer and decided to look for her and make sure she was all right. When he was close to the door, he saw a heavenly sight. Standing before him was Tifa in a long blue dress that looked good on her with blue matching gloves that covered most of her arms. She had a touch of makeup and lipstick on. He also noticed that her dark hair was in a long braid. Cloud quickly hurried over to her before anybody else saw and asked her to dance before he got there. When he got to her, he saw that she looking for him too. She was a sight to behold. “Wow Tifa,” Cloud said. “You look really beautiful, not that you don’t look beautiful all the time. You look really beautiful now.”

“Thanks Cloud,” said Tifa with a smile. “You look really handsome in your SeeD uniform. You’re probably the best looking guy here.” Cloud just smiled at her. Tifa and Cloud heard the beginning music to a song and saw that all the couples got real close together. She hooked her arm under Cloud’s and said, “Let’s go Cloud.” Cloud simply obliged. When they were close to the middle of the dance floor and had room they stopped. Cloud put his hands around Tifa’s waist while Tifa put her arms around Cloud’s shoulders and neck. They finally heard the lyrics to the song.

‘Whenever sang my songs’

‘On the stage, on my own.’

‘Whenever said my words’

‘Wishing they would be heard’

‘I saw you smiling at me’

‘Was it real or just my fantasy?’

‘You’d always be there in the corner’

‘Of this tiny little bar’

They heard these lyrics before they were caught up in each other’s eyes. They swayed just a little bit to make it look like they were dancing. Somewhere toward the end, the lights were dimmed and Fireworks illuminated the outside sky and shown thru the ceiling windows. Both Cloud and Tifa turned to watch this spectacle and when they turned back to each other, they were once again lost in each other’s eyes. By the end of the song, they were both locked in a passionate kiss and stayed that way for about a minute.

Across the room, Rinoa and Squall watched this with interest. “Look Squall, doesn’t that look romantic,” said Rinoa.

“I guess,” replied Squall.

“I guess?” Repeated Rinoa. “What kind of answer is that?”

Squall just shrugged. “Well, too bad my SeeD inauguration ball didn’t end like that,” said Squall while looking at Rinoa.

“Well, why can’t it end like that right now,” said Rinoa with a seductive smile. Squall and Rinoa was also locked in a passionate kiss in moment after saying that.

Things really looked like they were going well as Cid and Edea Kramer observed all that went on around them. (It seems as though Cloud and Tifa are in love or have something special. Well, everybody enjoy this night. The hard part has yet to come.) Thought Headmaster Cid.


Elsewhere in the world, Galbaldia Garden was traveling across the ocean to Diaz’s castle through the night. Sephiroth sat outside looking at the murky waters and the full moon that shined in the sky. (Diaz has so much power. I really don’t think I’ll be able to defeat Diaz when the time comes.) Sephiroth knew he shouldn’t doubt himself, but it the truth showed itself when he defeated part of Avalanche and the SeeDs without too much trouble. (I guess I’ll really have to hold off on my plan to fight Diaz until I get much stronger.) He then felt and heard somebody walking up behind him. He turned his head and saw that it was Ultimecia. He turned his head back to the sight he was looking at.

Ultimecia walked over by Sephiroth and sat down beside him. “Look how beautiful the moon is,” Ultimecia commented. “Looking at it from here, you would never know it is a world filled with monsters.”

At this Sephiroth turned and looked at her. Now this was really a revelation. “I wanted to ask you what you meant when you talked to that young man in the white trench coat,” said Sephiroth. “You said he was your knight.”

“Yes,” said the sorceress. “He was my former knight. I had to manipulate him to get him to follow me and carry out my plans. I guess I don’t have a knight now.”

“Knight?” Asked Sephiroth. “Are you saying that all sorceresses have knights?” Ultimecia nodded. They both turned and looked back toward the moon.

“I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday in the castle,” said Ultimecia. Sephiroth and Ultimecia locked eyes once again. “I feel a little bit awkward because I’ve never felt that way or reacted in that way.”

“Same here,” said Sephiroth. “Somehow, when I’m near you, I feel a kind of attraction to you.”

“Yes, it’s the same for me,” replied Ultimecia. “We both tried to destroy the world in some kind of way and we both failed.”

“That doesn’t bother me right now,” said Sephiroth. “I learned to live in the moment of things.” Without warning both of their faces inched toward each other and once again they were locked in a passionate kiss. Right now, anything in the world didn’t matter to either Sephiroth or Ultimecia. Both were too caught up in the moment to care. They also didn’t mind if anybody walked outside and caught them doing this.

Diaz watched this with interest in the Headmaster’s office. (Who would have known those two would get together?) He knows he shouldn’t spy on them, but the camera was just there. (I really hope this doesn’t affect their ability to fight in the upcoming battles.) Diaz knows that love and romance are powerful things. They can either have a negative affect on a person or a positive one. He never bothered with it because of the uncertainty of it. He clicked off the screen and waited until they were at his castle.


In the morning, Lensey decided to try out the SeeD uniform that Headmaster Cid issued her. She had to say that is was very stylish and silently thanked the Headmaster for making the skirt part a little bit shorter and looser. This will be very handy if she had to fight in this uniform, the loose skirt will give her the mobility she needed if she had to do martial arts.

Once Lensey got to the cafeteria, she immediately got her food and sat down by the tables they sat at yesterday. There was a few people missing, but that wasn’t too bad. There was a little conversion among the ones that sat at the table.

“Lensey?” Asked Barret. “I was wondering could you do Cid and I a favor?”

“Yeah, what is it?” Replied Lensey.

“Well, We were wondering could you go back to the past and tell some people a few things?” Asked Barret.

“Yeah, who is it and were are they?” Said Lensey.

“Well, I want you to tell Elmyra and Marlene not to worry about me,” said Barret. “They’re in Corel, Here’s a map of the world in the past if this helps.” He handed a map to Lensey. “Also, I want you to tell Reeve that we’re okay and don’t send anybody to come search for us. Cid wants you to tell the Highwind crew not to leave the crater and to stay there. He also wants you to tell his fiancée in rocket town, Shera, not to worry about him.”

“I could do that in a short amount of time,” Lensey answered. “All I just need you to do is show me where the portal was before it disappeared.” Barret nodded. After Cloud, Lensey, and Barret were finished eating, the three informed the Headmaster about what they were going to do. She told the Headmaster that it should take her less than an hour to get this accomplished. The headmaster approved. He said he would hold off on any plans that they had for today until she got back. Cloud and Barret took Lensey to the place where the portal that brought them to this future was.

Without too much effort, Lensey opened the portal with magic. She turned toward Barret and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll give them the message.” Barret nodded. She then turned to the portal and walked in.

After going through what was a dazzling display of light that looked like a tunnel, Lensey found herself in a chamber. She looked around and saw that the portal still worked and it still was there. She then activated her teleportion magic.

In a few seconds, Lensey found herself at the top of the crater. She was right beside the Highwind II. Lensey climbed up the rope ladder and went through the door. She was impressed when she saw the inside of the airship. She looked around and saw that no one was in her immediate line of sight, so she walked down some stairs to a door marked, Conference Room.

She opened it and saw four men in flight uniforms playing a card game. When one of the men noticed her, he was surprised and unholstered a pistol. “There’s no need for that,” said Lensey. “I mean you no harm.”

The one with the pistol said, “How do we know that?”

“You can believe what you want, but I have a message to deliver to you from the captain,” at this news, all of the flight crew was surprised and the man with the gun immediately holstered it.

“You mean the captain is alive?” Another man asked. Lensey nodded. “I knew Cid Highwind wouldn’t die that easily, but where has he been? He and the rest of Avalanche have been gone for over two days.”

Lensey explained most of what is happening and left out the part about Cid and the rest of Avalanche going to the future. “That’s about all I could tell you.”

“Okay, now we don’t have to call Reeve and give him some bad news,” said the man that tended to the chocobo stable in the Highwind II. “You won’t tell Cid about us slacking off and playing card games will you?”

“Nah,” answered Lensey. “He would probably expect that, but I wouldn’t let Cid catch you when he gets back in a few days. Well, I’m off to Rocket town now.”

“Your not walking and taking a boat, are you?” Asked one of the flight crew. “We could give you a ride you know.”

“I don’t need it, I’ve got a faster way to travel there,” Lensey said with a smile on her face. She then cast her teleportation magic and was gone in a flash of white light.

The four men in the room were shocked and one man pinched another. “Ow, what did you do that for?”

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,” said the man who pinched the pilot. “It’s not everyday that a beautiful woman comes out of nowhere and tell you what she just told us. Also, on top of that, she disappeared in a flash of light.” The others nodded and agreed.


After leaving the Highwind crew, Lensey teleported to rocket town. She appeared just outside of Rocket town. She really didn’t want to spook the locals. Once she walked into the quaint little town, she noticed that there was a rocket being built. She asked the first person where she saw where she could find Shera. The man pointed at a house and Lensey thanked him. As she walked through the town, she noticed that people were giving her strange looks. (I guess it must be this SeeD uniform.)

When she got to Cid’s house, she knocked on the door. In a few seconds, a beautiful brunette with her hair in a ponytail and glasses in a dress answered the door.

“Yes, Can I help you?” Asked Shera.

“Yes, I was wondering, are you Shera?” Lensey asked. Shera nodded. “Good, I have a message from Cid.”

Shera immediately looked surprised and invited her in and fixed her a cup of tea. “What was the message that you wanted to deliver?” Shera asked.

“Cid wanted to tell you that he was all right and not to worry about him,” Lensey answered. Lensey then told Shera a different version of the story that she told the Highwind II crew. She knew she should have left out the part about Cid getting hurt. She saw the worried look on Shera’s face “Don’t worry, Cid will be all right with a little rest.” She also left out the part about Avalanche going to the future once again.

“Thank you for telling me that,” She said with relief. “I would have worried myself to death before he would have came back.”

Lensey then nodded and disappeared in a flash again. She knew she was really going to have to stop doing that.


When Lensey reappeared, she found that she was in an alley. She walked out of it and saw that she was close to where she wanted to be. She walked into an office and went over to the receptionist. The receptionist looked at her and asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes, I need to talk to President Reeve,” Lensey answered.

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asked.

“No, but this is very important, it pertains to Avalanche,” Lensey said.

“I’m sorry, if you don’t have an appointment, you’ll have to make one, the president is meeting with two important people right now,” the receptionist. This answer got a frown. With much argument, and numerours threats about calling the guards, the Receptionist relented and called up to Reeve’s office. Reeve said he was talking to two important people and can’t be disturbed. When the receptionist mentioned that Lensey said something about Avalanche. Reeve immediately told her to call somebody and escort her up to the office.

In two minutes, somebody escorted Lensey to Reeve’s office and opened the door for her. She thanked the person and went in. When she was in she saw a man in a gray business suit with black hair and a little goatee on his chin. She also noticed an older woman in a green dress and her hair up in a bun. She looked like she was crying just before she came. The last person she saw was a cute little brown-haired girl in a pretty pink dress. “Hi, I’m Lensey Kusanagi and I have a message from Barret.”

At hearing this Reeve and Elmyra’s eyes looked like they were filled with joy. “Okay, I’m Reeve, this is Elmyra, and this cute little girl is Marlene,” said Reeve. At hearing her name, Marlene smiled and waved. Lensey went and shook their hands.

“Okay go ahead with your message Lensey,” said Elmyra. Lensey then told them where Barret was; she left out the future part again. She also told them what happened over the last two days. Elmyra looked relieved. “Well, thank you for telling us all of this.”

“Oh yeah, Reeve, Barret said don’t send anybody like the Turks looking for him,” said Lensey.

“I won’t,” said Reeve. “Knowing that he’s safe is enough for me.” She gave her goodbyes.

Lensey started to walk out when she felt a tug on her skirt. She looked down and saw that it was Marlene. She then knelt down so she could be at Marlene’s eye level. “Yes sweetie?”

“Are you going to make sure my papa is going to come back to us?” Asked Marlene.

“Yeah, I’ll see to it personally,” promised Lensey. Marlene gave Lensey a hug. She then remembered the little package Barret gave her. He unhooked it from off her katana sheath. She then gave it to Marlene and watched her open it. Inside of it was a moomba doll.

“What is it?” Marlene asked while picking it up and hugging it.

“It’s a moomba doll,” Lensey answered. “I’ll tell your daddy to explain about it when he gets back.” Marlene then gave Lensey another hug.

“Thank you!” Marlene said with joy. “Goodbye!”

“Bye Marlene,” Lensey said. Lensey couldn’t wait until all of this was over. She wanted to settle down and have children of her own. Being with Marlene only strengthened her resolve to rid of Diaz and free all the worlds that he has enslaved.

Once she was outside the office, she took the way that she went up to Reeve’s office back down and exited the building. She went to the same alley and made sure nobody could see her. She then worked her teleportation magic and appeared in the chamber where the portal was. She then walked in it to go back to the future where the true enemy of all worlds and dimensions resided.


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