Final Judgement Chapter 1

By Cloud Strife

Crono glanced around the familiar setting of 600 A.D. There was a thick fog that restricted his view. He walked a few yards in one direction, and saw a small settlement of houses. Crono was suddenly startled as he began to think.

What the.... Crono realized. What am I doing here in 600? I...can't remember anything.

Crono walked towards the inn located to the west of him. He walked inside, and was even more confused than ever. He saw a small fireplace behind a counter, where a man was making drinks and giving them to customers. "Excuse me." Crono asked a customer. "But can you tell me what year it is?" The man turned his wrinkled, dark, and worn face toward Crono and stared at him for a few seconds. "Heh heh. You're kidding, right boy?" he finally answered. "Hey guys! This here kid wants to know what year it is!"

Crono's face turned red. He then drew his sword and placed the blade just inches from the man's throat!

Huh? Why did I just ask that? I KNOW I'm in 600 A.D!

"Ha ha ha...ulp!" the man stopped laughing. "Awright, kid. I didn't mean it! It's 600 A.D! Right, guys?"

The other men in the bar nodded and agreed nervously.
"600 it is!"
"Right he is!"
"None other than 600!"

Crono was worried. He still didn't remember anything. He turned toward the door and walked out.

Why does it feel like I've done this before? It's almost as if-


Crono was standing outside a majestic castle. It stretched what seemed like to the clouds, and it sported two large towers on each side. A thick fog lingered in the area. Crono turned around and noticed a deep forest behind him.

-time was repeating. Crono's thought finished in his new environment.

Crono walked inside. Immediately, he was stopped by two heavily armed soldiers. One pointed his spear in Crono's face. "What's a kid like you doing here?" he growled. "A spy from Magus?"

"Nah." the other soldier replied. "This kid? He would've never made the cut!" Crono ignored the soldiers and glanced over their shoulders. He saw an immense hallway, lined with a beautiful velvet carpet. At the top, he noticed two a man and a woman, sitting on two great thrones. Suddenly, the woman at the end of the hallway stood up, and walked in the soldier's direction.

"Hey kid-" the soldier started.

"I don't have no stamp collection. Just let me through." Crono finished.

The guard suddenly stepped back, bewildered. "What the... How'd you know...?" The woman reached the two guards, and glanced at Crono. "Leave him alone." she started.

"I'm a friend of hers." Crono finished. The woman stared at Crono for a moment, and finally ordered the guards to let him enter.

Yeah. Something's defiantly wrong here. Am I the only one in this time warp?


Crono was in Guardia Castle, 600 A.D. From his memory, he had just witnessed Marle/Leene disappearing inside her room. Crono sat down on her bed, and tried to make sense of the reoccurring events again. With no answers or even hunches, Crono walked over to a mirror and looked at himself. Crono was Crono. He didn't expect to see someone else, But at this point, he had expected anything. But nothing had changed. Crono still had his Iron Sword, with the spiky reddish-orangish hair, the green tunic and the kakhi pants. Crono shook his head, and walked back into the hallway.

And right about now I should see-

"Crono!" the genius Lucca saw Crono across the hallway and ran in his direction.

...Here we go again.


Yakkra, the demon responsible for the Queen Leene consipary, lifted his giant claws and swung at Frog! Frog immediately jumped the side, and countered with a crushing blow to Yakkra's head. Crono stood to the back and watched Frog's assault of Yakkra.

Frog seems normal. I wonder if he's having this experience too.

Frog was also exactly as he had remembered him. The amphibian appearance, with the same Bronze Edge, and the loose green tunic that seemed to sag on his small form. Lucca stood on the other side of the room, talking random potshots at Yakkra with her Air Gun. Suddenly, Yakkra fell down on his claws, and two cannon-like openings appeared on his back.

Uh oh.

"Everyone, watch the ceiling! Keep moving!" Crono called to his friends. Lucca stopped shooting at Yakkra and turned to Crono. "Now why would you say-" Lucca was cut off by a loud blast: the sound of Yakkra's needle cannon firing!

Crono dived to avoid a barrage of needles, and rolled towards Yakkra! Yakkra sensed a counterattack coming, so he turned and directed both cannons toward Crono! Crono immediately jumped over the first attack, But was blown down by the second on his landing! Yakkra aimed at the downed Crono and prepared to finish him off. Crono gritted his teeth and braced himself for the attack, But it never came.

Crono glanced towards Yakkra, who now had the Bronze Sword impaled in his back. Frog was standing over him, shaking his head. "Thou hast left thy guard down for too long..." said Frog as he removed the sword, and watched the green blood run down Yakkra's back.


Crono walked over the valley to Truce Mountain. Next to him walked Marle and Lucca. Suspecting that his friends were experiencing the same phenomenon, he asked them to sit down.

"What's wrong, Crono?" asked Marle. Crono then looked over Marle. From the expression on her face, it seemed as if she had no idea what was going on, either. Marle wore her usual white dress/tunic, with her blonde hair tied in a neat ponytail. A crossbow hung in a holster on her shoulder.

"Alright, I've kept this secret long enough." said Crono.

"Hmm? Is there something you haven't told us?" asked Lucca.

"Do any of you get the feeling that..." Crono started.

"What is it?" Marle questioned.

"Do any of you get the feeling that we've done this before?"

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" asked Lucca.

"Well, it feels like I've experienced this before. I can almost predict anything that happens." Crono finished.

"Like a large occurrence of de'ja vu?" asked Lucca.



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