The Absence of Friends Chapter 3

A New Threat

By Cloud Strife

The Epoch traveled through time, and arrived at the year 601 AD. He took a good look at the ancient, medieval world. From the sky, he could see Guardia castle, even through the usual fog that drifted almost permanently in the area. Crono spotted the majestic Truce Mountains, which was surrounded by the Truce settlement. He landed near the castle, and realized that the glow of the engines from the Epoch attracted a few people around the castle entrance. Among them was Frog, with three other soldiers. As he stepped outside the Epoch, he greeted Frog. He was very easily noticeable, because of the amphibian- like traits that he was cursed with. Along with this, he wore the hero medal and carried the Masamune at his side.

"Greetings, Crono!" he said. "What might thee need from us?"

But as soon as the conversation started, something appeared wrong. A dark shadow seemed to float around the group!

"What might this be?!" Frog questioned.

"I..don't..know." he replied. "It seems...almost...familiar."


Crono felt a sense of danger, so he drew the Rainbow. Frog drew the Masamune. The shadow floated around, first in front of Frog, and then Crono. Finally, it placed itself in front of the entire group. The shadow began to take....a human form. Frog and Crono recognized the fiend from previous battles.

Flea, the feminine looking, but male sorcerer stood in front of the group. He wore his usual white cape, along with the notable ponytail that hung past his shoulders. Then, he began to speak. "My, my. Aren't you a little out of place, Crono? What are YOU doing here? ......Looking for your friends?"

Crono was taken off guard. Flea knew something, and he was determined to find out.

"Tell me everything you know." Crono demanded.

"Or else what?" she shot back.

"Don't give me that! WHERE ARE THEY?!" he yelled.

"Hee hee hee... Why ruin the fun? You've got all the company you need right now..." said Flea.

Flea took a fighting stance. Frog ordered the soldiers next to them to retreat inside. Crono was prepared. He already knew what Flea was capable of. He mostly used attacks that induced sleep, poison, and others. He also remembered the horrible "stare" attack, which had the ability to hurt anyone near him. Frog joined Crono next to him, and they began to start an "X Strike" attack, when suddenly, Flea disappeared!

Crono was puzzled for a moment. "Wh...Where'd she go?" he said. Frog noticed what happened. "Crono, look!" he shouted. The shadow of Flea loomed to the side of Crono and Frog. The shadow took human form once again.

" you see what I am capable of now?" she asked. "Teleportation!! And I'll have you so confused that you'll be stabbing each other! Just you wait!"

Crono gritted his teeth, and quickly charged at Flea, but he was too quick. Flea dodged, And Crono's "spincut" attack missed, and his sword struck only air. Flea was now standing in the middle of the two warriors. Crono winked at Frog, as if to signal him. Frog understood, and charged at Flea to attempt another "X Strike." But Flea teleported to safety, and the two slashed each other instead!

"kya ha ha!!" Flea laughed. "You're no match for me! I'm wayyyyyy too quick for you!"

Crono put pressure on a small cut on his chest that was bleeding. He was stumped. Not knowing what to do, he remembered his "lightning 2" attack. Crono took a chance, and summoned energy from the skies. He raised his hands, and brought down a large volley of thunder upon the entire battlefield! Flea teleported, but when Crono kept the storm going, Flea was shocked badly as he reappeared at the wrong time!

Stunned, Flea cursed, and attempted a "stare" attack, But Crono and Frog had already tried a "Spire!" Frog impaled his sword into Flea, while Crono used the sword as a lightning rod! A great flash of light struck the sword, engulfed the surrounding area, and Flea was gone.

* * *

Crono sat inside the old medieval castle of Guardia. He was in the kitchen, relaxing and drinking tea. The King, the Chancellor, and Frog, were all listening to his story.

"....So when I went to Marle, I told her, and seconds later, she was gone!"

"....That's horrible!" said the Chancellor.

"And also..." Crono started to say, But he noticed something wrong. "Uh....Where's Queen Leene?"

Everyone fell silent. Crono was puzzled, and he asked, "What? Where is she?"

The king began to say, "Sir Crono....Let me explain. ...One evening at dinner, Leene began to complain that she felt light-headed. We took her to the infirmary, and as the doctor was examining her, she......"

"What? What happened?" Crono asked.

"She...disappeared. Right in front of me! I saw it with my own eyes!"

Crono realized what had happened. "So that's why Marle is gone." he said, sadly.

"Something must have happened to Leene's descendants..." said Crono.

"But what hath become of Lucca? She is not a descendant of the Queen!" Frog added.

There were many questions asked, But none were answered. Crono stayed at the castle until nightfall. He decided to sleep over, and continue his search for his friends. The next morning, Crono was woken up by a frantic Chancellor!

"S...Sir Crono!!" he started. "Sir Frog!"

Without a word, Crono calmly walked out of Guardia. He jumped into the Epoch, and turned the dial to 65,000,001 B.C.


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