The Absence of Friends Chapter 1

A Prologue

By Cloud Strife

The present day is known as the "Day of Lavos," 1999. A fierce battle is currently being waged, which will determine the fate of everyone's future.


The "crying heaven's" attack of the Lavos Core lit up the inside shell of Lavos. Crono dived to avoid the attack, and unleashed a lunamarine attack! The attack blinded Lavos with a flash of light, and Lavos was distracted! Lucca fired the wondershot, But couldn't seem to do any major damage to the core. Marle supported the rest of the group with healing spells. The seven time-travelers struggled together against the final stand of Lavos. Suddenly, Crono was caught off guard when the two bits on the sides of Lavos used their own version of an "X Strike." Crono was smashed twice on each side! He was stunned for a second, But was even more hurt after Lavos raised his giant hands and slammed Crono to the ground! Lucca, ran over to Crono as he began to lose consciousness.

"Crono! Stay awake!! We need you here!!" She called.

Her voice echoed in his mind. "Crono! Wake up!"

"Crono...Wake up!....."




The battle was over since a year ago. Crono was lying awake in his bed, rubbing his eyes. Then he realized that he only had a dream of that horrible battle. Lucca was standing over him. As usual, she wore the same green and orange tunic, her leather boots, the thick glasses, (Which Crono had to hold himself back from making fun of them.) and the Wondershot, which she kept in a holster by her side.

"OKAY! OKAY! I'm up!!" He yelled back. "What could possibly be so important that you had to wake me up screaming?!"

"Thank god. Something's HORRIBLY wrong. Come with me. I can't quite explain now."

"What?" He asked.

"I can't explain right now! There's no time!! Let's go....NOW!!" She demanded.

Before he left, he took a good look at himself in his mirror beside his bed. He hadn't changed since a year ago. He still had the reddish, orangish, spiky hair, and the same green tunic and leather boots. (Which still fit him.) He still wore a white bandanna around his forehead, and carried the Rainbow Sword in a sheath that hung on his belt. Crono followed Lucca to the Epoch, which was repaired and outside his house!

"You...repaired the Epoch?" he asked. "Is it THAT serious?"

"I'll explain once we're off." she said as she started the ignition.

And the Epoch, for the first time in an entire year, shot off the ground, and into the sky.

"We'll pick up Marle first. Then, we'll travel through time to find the others." Lucca said.

"This must be pretty serious." Crono noted.

"It is...."

She flew toward Guardia castle. As she flew, she began to explain, "I discovered this as I was searching for a missing part to an invention that I was constructing. Then, all of a sudden...."

Her voice trailed off. Crono's attention was directed toward the window, but he realized that Lucca's voice had just disappeared. He glanced toward the controls, and gasped in horror.

....Lucca, who had been previously sitting at the controls, had completely vanished.


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