Bane Nathos

Greetings! I am Bane Nathos, a 14 year old male from Alaska. I love games(mainly computers) and I love sharing my knowledge about them. I am in 8th grade, and am very bright in academics.

With gaming, I am fairly skilled. I like RPG's. My favorite is Final Fantasy 6. My favorite type of game though is strategy games. Real Time and Turn Based, I love them all. I find strategy games very mind consuming and intriguing with how you have to use you mind to it's highest potential to figure out strategies to win them. Other types of games I like are arcade and first person shooters.

Favorite Game of All Time: Star Wars Rebellion
Favorite Game Series: Age of Empires-King and Conquerors
Favorite Food: Chicken
Hobbies: Reading, Playing Computer Games, and doing Internet stuff.
School: Teeland Middle School, soon Wasilla High School
Current Interests: Technical Drafting and Webmastering
Favorite Shows: Jackie Chan Adventures and Record of Lodoss War

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
A Shadow of Hope

Part 1
- May 20th, 2002
Chapter 1 - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 2 - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 3 - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 4 - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 5 - August 13th, 2002
Chapter 6 - August 13th, 2002

Legend of Zelda Fanfic